Set Buildings

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Set Buildings

Returning this event, we have “Set Buildings.”

Set buildings are buildings which link together for a greater benefit. With set buildings, only one building in the set needs a road connection; the rest only need to touch any of the rest of the set.

For this event, all 3 of the Grand Prizes are set buildings:

VIP Lounge VIP Lounge 2×2
Lindworm Area Lindworm Area 3×1
Main Stage Main Stage 3×4

There are also 2 set buildings which will appear as daily exclusive prizes:

Mosh Pit Mosh Pit 2×3
Dancing Area Dancing Area 3×3

Each will appear twice, so you will have adequate chance to save up your tickets to cash in on these days!

Set Buildings


With set buildings, only one needs to be connected to the Main Hall; the rest simply need to be connected together. Each unique building from the same set that makes contact with the building activates a link bonus.

To get the maximum bonus, a set building must touch at least 4 other unique buildings.


The bonus earned is given on top of any previous bonuses earned.

Without duplicates of some of the daily exclusives, it will not be possible to get more than one of the set buildings to the maximum number of link bonuses.

You can choose which building gets the maximum bonus by the way you choose to arrange the buildings.

Note a suggested layout above.

The layout above is an optimal layout with all 5 buildings, but not necessarily the only or the most optimal. With the layout shown above:

  • One building will achieve all 4 link bonuses
  • Two buildings will achieve 3 link bonuses
  • Two buildings will achieve 2 link bonses

The above picture is displayed in-game in the information screen for the set. While attractive, it is NOT the most optimal layout for activating link bonuses.

  • The Main Stage will only have one link bonus activated.
  • The Lindworm Area will have three link bonuses activated.
  • The VIP Stage will have two link bonuses activated.
  • The Mosh Pit will have two link bonuses activated.
  • The Dancing area will have three link bonuses activated.
  • No buildings have achieved all 4 link bonuses.

Keep this in mind when designing your set layout!


For more details about how set buildings work, check out set building pages from previous events:

  • Phoenix Cult building set
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Refer to the following charts to see the benefits provided by the set buildings from this event

VIP Lounge

Lindworm Area