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The quest series is running on Beta Monday, June 18 through July 16.

It runs on live servers from Monday, July 9th through August 6th.


Check out this page for more tips and tricks:


As you have already learned from the “Days of Music” Questline Event, Woodelvenstock comes to your city! Music sounds from near and far as stages are built and the most famous bands from all over Elvenar arrive with their entourage. Fans queue up to get a blink at their favourite celebrities. Grumpy Orcs wait for the mosh pit to be opened and Elves look for alternative beats, while the dwarven security takes care of the safety. Everyone stays in their lane.

Complete the quests and search your city to find tickets for the Festival Theatre. This magic automation entertains young and old. Displaying the animated history of Elvarian music, it also releases precious rewards with every inch, while the puppets move. Win daily exclusives and beautiful grand prizes, to complete your Woodelvenstock Set.

These tickets can be used to open up chests, containing valuable prizes! You can choose from 3 chests at a time, but the chests will rotate every time you open one, so keep checking their information screens to know what’s inside and how much chance you have for which prize! Opening the chests also rewards you with Magic Goo, which counts towards your progress bar for the grand prizes and the intermediate rewards that are in between them. Combine all the grand prizes to get the complete reward Set Building: The Main Stage.


“Woodelvenstock” quest event is unlike any we’ve had before!

It is similar to events of the past, but with several twists.


1. We still have two quest lines which function basically the same as in previous large events:


The first we progress through as we can – we will earn coins, supplies, and Tickets for completing the quests. (Not available on beta) See the full list here

The second, we get a new quest each day. If we get behind, we do not lose out, but we can’t get them any faster than 1 new quest each day. Each rewards 20 Tickets See the full list here


2. We can still collect additional event currency from around the city. We can earn 1, 2, or 3 additional tickets for each one we click. (Higher amounts are available in the beta version of the event currently running.)

Tickets can be found around your city in the same locations that Neighborly Help Reward Chests appear.

The following map from Mykan’s guide shows the possible locations where they can appear:

3. We spend tickets by investing them into chests for a chance of one of several prizes, plus some of the 2nd event currency type, in this event, “Goo,” which helps us earn grand prizes.


1.  There are more than 3 chests.  Each time you open a chest, they spin, and 3 new chests are presented, and each may contain a different set of prizes:

2.  There is not a set ratio of tickets to goo; each chest gives a different amount of Goo per Tickets.


This means we will need to make choices as we go as to which is more important to us – do we want the daily exclusive prize?  Or do we want a better chance at the grand prizes?

Some pay very good Goo per Tickets, some do not, but offer higher chances at other great prizes.

Update 7/10: Chest values on live have changed from Beta.  The ticket costs and goo values have changed, as have odds of tickets offered as prizes.

The images and details below have been changed since the original publication to reflect the new values.


  • Good choice for daily exclusive – 25%
  • Worst for Goo; avoid if goal is grand prizes
  • May contain enchantments or small time boosters


  • Worst chance for daily exclusive – 10%
  • 2nd best for Goo; choose often if goal is grand prizes
  • 30% chance for each 5% coin refill instant, 2 Power of Provision enchantments, or 1 Rune Shard


  • Worst chance for daily exclusive – 10%
  • 2nd best for Goo; choose often if goal is grand prizes (the ticket per goo ratio is the highest of any other chest, but when compared against chests with similar ratios but higher ticket chances, it is still only 2nd best overall.)
  • 30% chance for each: 5% supply refill, 2 Power of Provision enchantments, or 10 Ancient Knowledge instant.


  • Worst chance for daily exclusive – 10%
  • Best choice if goal is grand prizes; High goo per tickets, plus it’s the best chance for more tickets – 15% chance for 100, or 45% chance for 30
  • 30% chance for a 10% coin refill instant.


  • Better chance for daily exclusive – 20%
  • Poor for Goo; avoid if goal is grand prizes
  • 20% chance for 25% coin refill, 30% chance for each 10 or 15 Ancient Knowledge instant.


  • Poor chance for daily exclusive – 12%
  • Good choice for Goo; not the best, but one of the best!  Choose if goal is grand prizes, and better options for grand prizes (small charming, small magical, or  chests) are not offered.
  • 28% chance for 15 Ancient Knowledge instant, 30% chance for each 5h or 8h time booster.


  • Low chance for daily exclusive prize – 15%
  • Poor for Goo; avoid if goal is grand prizes
  • 25% chance for 20 Ancient Knowledge instant, 30% chance for each 8h time booster or 25% supply refill instant.


  • Worst chance towards daily exclusive – 10%
  • 2nd best for Goo; choose often if goal is grand prizes
  • 30% chance for each 3 Rune Shards, 40h time booster, or 5 Magical Manufactoring enchantments


  • Best chance for daily exclusive – 30%
  • Worst for Goo; avoid if goal is grand prizes.
  • 30% chance for 30 Ancient Knowledge instant, or 20% chance for each 14h time booster or 20 Ancient Knowledge instant.

More prizes!  As you open chests, the merry band continues on its journey and can earn extra rewards such as enchantments or instants.


Listed below are each of the other buildings that are available throughout the event as daily exclusive prizes.

It is also possible we may see some repeats from previous events, as this is not uncommon, but included here are only those buildings introduced for the first time for this event.




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