Wishing Well

Wishing Wells are a special kind of building that you can win for your city!

Why would I want one?

Wishing Wells will produce one of several possible lucrative prizes every 12 hours. The most lucrative – diamonds! You can win 25 diamonds on some tries. They also provide a decent amount of culture.

Elvenar Wishing Well
Several wishing well collections over several days’ time compiled into a single .gif!

How to win one

Wishing Wells are available to be won from time to time, usually from special events. They are often available in a rotation of grand prizes for large events, and they have also been available in the past as a Fellowship Adventures prize or large event daily exclusive prize.

You can win one or more Wishing Wells in the upcoming Summer Solstice event!

Are they really worth it for Diamonds?

Well, this is of course subjective, and the answer may vary from player to player, but they can be a relatively decent source of free diamonds.

The average Wishing Well will pay out around 400 diamonds during its 100-day lifespan if it’s collected from at least once a day. (This is based on tracked data across several players and over 200 wishing wells over 100 days.) Of course, depending on your luck and frequency of collection, you could gain greater or fewer than this.

Some players will prioritize this building if it is offered as a daily reward during special events, and may end up with several. These players really like their wishing wells!

Diamonds are the only game resource shared across all your worlds; even if you win Diamonds in one world, you can still spend them in another!

Elvenar Wishing Wells