Winter Magic 2021

Elvenar Winter Magic 2021 Elvenar Winter Magic 2021 Elvenar Winter Magic 2021 Elvenar Winter Magic 2021 Elvenar Winter Magic 2021 Elvenar Winter Magic 2021
Overview Presents Evolving Building Quests Grand Prizes Daily Prizes

All About
Winter Magic

The Elvenar event, “Winter” began on beta November 10, 2021 and will continue through December 10, 2021.

It has not yet been announced for live worlds.

Please keep in mind that there can always be differences in event layouts, balancing and prizes between Beta and Live release.



Dear Humans and Elves,

As the winter starts and the snow spreads over Elvenar, a dreamy and skillful goblin called Boblin wanders over the continent looking for the perfect spot to realize his most ambitious dream. After finding a nice entry point to the underground of the continent, Boblin finds a network of natural tunnels that expands further than his little eyes can reach. The little goblin’s eyes shine with happiness. This is it! The place where he will start bringing his plans to life to construct his own package distribution network. His ambition and dedication attracts Elves, Humans and other Goblins to work on the huge project.

As the construction progresses, the sounds of the happy workers, whizzing snow sleds and all the machinery being built attracts the attention of a very curious young owl, Uli. Uli is the new delivery trainee in the postal service and is amazed by all the colors, movements and the shinning metal parts from Boblin’s distribution center. Her Trainer, Inuma, starts to feel that Uli is absent from service quite often and follows her into the snowy fields to find the beautiful village built by the different races. Funny as it can be, she discovers that Uli built her nest in a huge and curious structure that looks a lot like her own post office.

Exploring the area, Inuma discovers the great network built in the underground and realizes that a partnership between the postal service and the letter delivery service is a great opportunity to ensure that more and more villages are supplied with all the gifts, even during the strongest of storms. Of course, your help would be very important to support Boblin and Inuma into building the biggest distribution network seen in the continent and deliver the winter spirit to all the inhabitants of Elvenar.


This event uses the familiar “shuffle” mechanic we saw in Winter Magic 2019, and offers an evolving building for a prize.

  1. Collect Postal Keys by completing quests and finding them around your city.
  2. Open Postal Boxes with Postal Keys. Postal Boxes contain a variety of rewards.
    • You can use Postal Keys to purchase Reshuffle
  3. Collect Postal Star from the Postal Boxes you open.
    • Collect enough to use Reveal Two and/ or Double Reward.
  4. Earn Winter Gifts from the Postal Boxes you open.
  5. Add Winter Gifts to the house to earn 1-3 Travel Distance.
  6. Each 20 Travel Distance complete the journey and unlock the next Grand Prize.

Winter Magic 2021


Most events include an offer early on to purchase a special building that will add 1 extra event currency for each time you collect one from around the city.

Stash Outpost - 2x2
Chapter / Other
TotalPer Tile
1 22055+1 Event Currency
with each collection
from around the city
2 25063
3 31078
4 35088
5 400100
6 500125
7 630158
8 760190
9 1440360
10 1,760440
11 2,200550
12 2,600650
13 3,200800
14 3,900975
15 4,5001,125
16 5,6001,400
17 6,5001,625
18 7,7001,925

Elvenar Phoenix 2020

Opening Postal Boxes

Each day there is a new set of 16 Postal Boxes to open. The Postal Boxes contain several rewards including one Daily Exclusive from a collection of new and returning rewards.

Open a Postal Box to receive the item inside and Postal Star.

Collect enough Postal Star to gain special effects:

  • “Double Reward” – doubles the reward contained in the next Postal Box you open. You earn after collecting 15 Postal Star.
  • “Reveal Two” – This item lets you preview what’s inside 2 unopened Postal Boxes before opening them. You earn after collecting 17 Postal Star.

Additionally, you can purchase a special effect:

  • “Reshuffle” – All 16 Postal Boxes are reshuffledYou can purchase with 45 Postal Keys.

Use Postal Keys to acquire Witner Gifts towards the Grand Prizes. 1 Postal Key can add 1, 2, or 3 Winter Gifts. 20 Winter Gifts complete Owl Olla journey, unlocking the next Grand Prize.

Check out the Postal Boxes page for more details!




Daily Prize Shuffle

Returning this event is the daily shuffle, previously introduced in Misty Forest 2021. It gives the ability to shuffle your daily prize for a new one!

For every 5 Friendly Spirits you collect, you will gain a Reroll charge. To change the Daily Prize, simply press the “Reroll button”, and once you confirm your choice, you will see your Daily Prize Change for the day. The great news is, using the Friendly Spirits to re-rol your Daily prize does not consume any of your Friendly Spirits, they will still count towards your league placement and prize progress.

It is important to know that the Reroll charges resets by the end of the day, meaning, you cannot save a reroll to use the following day. If the Daily prize resets for the daily, you will have to gain 5 new Friendly Spirits in order to gain the ability to re-roll once again.

Misty Forest

Past Daily Exclusives

Previous daily exclusives from the Winter Magic 2018, Winter Magic 2019 and Winter Magic 2020, may make cameos. Make sure to check them out!

Elvenar Winter Magic 2020 Elvenar Winter Magic 2020 Elvenar Winter Magic 2020 Elvenar Winter Magic 2020 Elvenar Winter Magic 2020 Elvenar Winter Magic 2020
Overview Presents Evolving Building Quests Grand Prizes Daily Prizes
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