Wandering Moon Quests

Overview Quest List Quest Amounts By Chapter Prize Information


Check out this page to find general tips and tricks for completing event quests.

1Gain a tiny amount of Coins  1 Time Instant: 3 min
2Gain a tiny amount of Supplies  1 Relic: Planks
3Recruit a tiny amount of Units  1 Relic: Marble
4Start BeveragesWorkshop 5 min1 Relic: Steel
5Spend 1 Knowledge Point  2,000 Coins
6Buy 2 Knowledge Points  1,000 Supplies
7Move 1 building  1 Relic: Magic Dust
8Accept 2 trade offers OR
Place 2 Trade offers
  1 Relic: Elixir
9Gain Ensorcelled Endowment Enchantment 1 time OR
Use Ensorcelled Endowment Enchantment 1 time
  1 Relic: Gems
10Give Neighborly Help 3 times  1 Knowledge Point,
2 Time Instants: 3 min,
1 Building: Dark Signpost
11Solve 3 Encounters  5% Coin Instant
12Gain 6 Relic  5% Supply Instant
13Produce Simple Tools 10 timesWorkshop15 min1 Relic: Silk
14Produce Bread 7 timesWorkshop1 hr1 Relic: Crystal
15Produce Basket of Groceries 5 timesWorkshop9 hrs1 Relic: Scrolls
16Spend 5 Knowledge Points  10,000 Coins
17Buy 7 Knowledge Points  4,000 Supplies
18Recruit a good amount of Units  1 Broken Shard
19Gain 100 Culture OR
gain 100 Population
  3 Knowledge Points
20Produce [T1 Boost] [9hr] 2 timesT1 Boost9 hrs3 Time Instants: 7 min
21Produce [T1 Boost] [3 hr] 3 timesT1 Boost3 hrs3 Time Instants: 15 min
22Produce [T1 Boost] [1day] 1 timeT1 Boost1 day3 Time Instants: 30 min
23Solve 7 Encounters  3 Time Instants: 1 hr
24Gain 9 Relics  3 Time Instants: 2 hr
25Give Neighborly Help 5 times  2 Knowledge Points,
1 Building: Stone of the Stars,
26Produce Basket of Groceries 8 timesWorkshop9 hrs10% Coin Instant
27Produce Toolbox 6 timesWorkshop1 day10% Supply Instant
28Produce Advanced Tools 9 timesWorkshop3 hrs20,000 coins
29Upgrade 4 buildings to level 4 or higher OR
Upgrade 1 building to level 15 or higher
  3 KP Instant
30Recruit a huge amount of Units  None?
31Gain a small amount of Marble,
Gain a small amount of Steel,
Gain a small amount of Planks
  1 Relic: Marble,
1 Relic: Steel,
1 Relic: Planks
32Solve 11 Encounters  1 Relic: Silk,
1 Relic: Crystal,
1 Relic: Scrolls
33Gain 13 Relics  1 Relic: Magic Dust,
1 Relic: Elixir,
1 Relic: Gems
34Scout 1 Province OR
upgrade 1 Building to level 15 or higher
  10% Coin Instant
10% Supply Instant
35Produce [T1 Boost] [9 hr] 4 timesT1 Boost9hrs1 Broken Shard
36Produce [T1 Boost] [1 day] 2 timesT1 Boost1 day7 KP Instant