The Elvenar: Preview

The Elvenar chapter

The Elvenar have arrived!

Read below for a preview/summary of everything we can see about The Elvenar so far with just the beginning pieces of research completed.

Check back often for updates! We will continue to add more details as we play through the chapter and gather more players’ feedback.



Once you complete the first research of the chapter, “Advanced Scouts,” you will get two pop-up windows.

The first shows you the benefit gained from unlocking the research, and the second officially welcomes you to the chapter, presenting 4 new portrait options.


Finally, after years of separation and with help of the Constructs, Elves and Humans team up to work on a new structure, a building designed as a tribute to the High Men. Right after finishing the construction, a beacon of light magically activates from within the structure. Ethereal shapes begin to dance around the light, slowly forming bigger figures. Finally, all the shapes pull back into the beacon of light and a second goes by where time seems to stand still. Suddenly, radiant and ancient beings can be observed stepping out of the pulsing beam. The arrival of the Elvenar has finally come.

To welcome your ancestors and follow their path of wisdom and unity with nature, it’s important that Humans and Elves put aside former disagreements and start working together again. Only by sharing their knowledge will they be able to get enlightened enough to properly handle the Elvenar.

Send your citizens to become scholars, create fine arts, develop your agriculture and work out construction plans. You will be able to bring all these elements together with Sentient Goods in your Vault of Wisdom to create Manifests and Collections. Since Humans and Elves each have their particular experiences and different ways of production, these Manifests and Collections will be different per race. Only with additional work and some costs will each race be able to recreate what the other produces, enabling them to acquire the full spectrum, allowing unlocking all the of the Elvenar’s technologies.

Check out this video from Elvenar all about the Elvenar chapter:


The settlement for the Elvenar chapter includes:

  • Portal: Council Hall – 8×8 (does not grow as it is upgraded)
  • Must make contact with Council Hall:
    • Academy – 5×5
  • Must make contact with Academy:
    • Atelier – 4×7
    • Agriculture – 4×7
    • Factory – 4×7
  • Must make contact with all 3 of Atelier, Agriculture, Factory:
    • Vault of Wisdom – 6×4


You will need some Sentient tier 1 (S1) and Sentient tier 3 (S3) goods to build the portal.

Upgrade it as quickly as you can after building it to take advantage of the higher production bonus as soon as possible; it only costs Sentient goods; no settlement goods are required.

Upgrading the portal will add a production bonus to the settlement production buildings and increase capacity for the capped goods of Collections and Manifests.

Settlement Buildings

The production buildings can be built once they are unlocked in research. Each building requires different advanced resources such as orcs, mana, or sentient goods. Some may also require a large quantity of basic goods, coins and/or supplies.

There are no roads to connect buildings to the Portal; you connect them simply by placing them so that they make contact with other settlement buildings.

Academies must connect to the Council Hall. The Atelier, Agriculture, and Factory must connect to any Academy. Lastly, the Vault of Wisdom must make contact with an Atelier, an Agriculture, and a Factory.


The goods production for this chapter is very complex. It involves 2 sets of 3 layers of goods. A further step of production is required to convert Elven resources to Human, or vice versa, as each are the only ones who can produce some of the goods.

The Elvenar Goods Production
3h or 7h productions3h or 7h productions
Made with IdeasMade with Workforce
Living Paintings
7h or 21h productions 7h or 21h productions
Crystal Balls
7h or 21h productions7h or 21h productions
7h or 21h productions7h or 21h productions
Vault of Wisdom
6h or 15h productions6h or 15h productions
Level 2 RequiredLevel 2 Required
Human Elven Human Elven
Elven Human Elven Human
12h Productions12h Productions

The first step in the production chain is to produce Ideas and Workforce in the Academies.

Next, Ideas are required in order to produce Living Paintings, Crystal Balls and Designs in the Atelier, Agrictulture, and Factory buildings.

Workforce are required in order to produce Sculptures, Plants and Constructs, also using the Atelier, Agrictulture, and Factory buildings.

The final step in the production chain is performed within the Vault of Wisdom. This is where the living paintings, crystal balls and designs or sculptures, plants and constructs are used to create the capped guest race goods of Manifests and Collections.

Once produced, Manifests and Collections can be converted to the equivalent from the other race by using an exchange production. This exchange production is not available until it is unlocked by upgrading the Vault of Wisdom to level 2.


Settlement layout options are limited due to the requirement for the Vault of Wisdom to make contact with each the Atelier, Agriculture, and Factory.


Academies must make direct contact with the Council Hall.

When starting, it will be important to build and upgrade as many Academies as possible in order to produce the Ideas and Workforce needed to unlock the next three production buildings.

A maximum of 8 can fit around the Council Hall.

The Academies can be upgraded without any other settlement goods; upgrade them as soon as possible to take advantage of the higher production.

It will take a lot of ideas and workforce to unlock the next buildings. The more Academies you can build, the better.

A total of 265,000 Ideas and 265,000 Workforce will be required to unlock the next three production buildings.

Per Production (Ideas or Workforce) # Productions Required (Ideas and Workforce)
Time Academy Portal Time Academy Portal
Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 1 Lvl 2
3 hr Lvl 1 500 600 3 hr Lvl 1 1060 883
Lvl 2 750 900 Lvl 2 707 589
7 hr Lvl 1 775 930 7 hr Lvl 1 684 570
Lvl 2 1150 1380 Lvl 2 461 384

It could take several days if not weeks to produce them all depending on how many Academies you build.

Hrs Aca-
1 Academy 4 Academies 8 Academies
Portal Portal Portal Portal Portal Portal
Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 1 Lvl 2
In Hours In Days In Hours In Days In Hours In Days
3 hr Lvl 1 3180 2650 133 110 795 663 33 28 398 331 17 14
Lvl 2 2120 1767 88 74 530 442 22 18 265 221 11 9
7 hr Lvl 1 4787 3989 199 166 1197 997 50 42 598 499 25 21
Lvl 2 3226 2688 134 112 807 672 34 28 403 336 17 14

If you have 4 Academies at level 1 with a level 1 portal, it will take 795 – 1197 hours to produce the required number of productions to get all of the Ideas and Workforce required (265,000 of each), depending on the mix of 3hr and 7hr productions, which is 33-50 days.

If you have 8 Academies at level 2 with a level 2 portal, it will take 221-336 hours to produce the required number of productions, depending on the mix of 3hr and 7hr productions, which is 9-14 days.



full settlement

Next, the Atelier, Agriculture, and Factory are unlocked. These must make direct contact with an Academy.

Last, the Vault of Wisdom is unlocked. The Vault of Wisdom must make contact with each of the 3 previous buildings.

one set

In order to satisfy the chapter quests, you only need one set of buildings.(8-13% of total city space, depending on number of Academies built and total expansions.

Smallest possible – Fits in just over 2×5; minimum Academies

Fits in less than 3×5; fewer Academies

Fits in less than 4×6; maximum Academies (8)

two sets

Two sets can be fit in less than the typical settlement size (13-17% of total city space, depending on number of Academies and total expansions.)

Long layout; just over 3×8; maximum Academies (8)

Square layout – 4×5; fewer Academies

Square layout – 4×6; near maximum Academies (7).

three sets

Three sets can fit in less than 5×6; takes 20-22% of a well expanded city (~140 expansions.)


Each of these layouts were created with Elven Architect. Use it to plan your own layout in your own city!

If you’d like a copy of your own city, don’t forget you can create one with the Magic Button!



After unlocking the Advanced Scouts, research and build the portal, Council Hall.

Note how the other research choices are not required; skip these until after researching at least the Council Hall and the Academies.

Also note that the two lower technologies are for Premium culture buildings. If you do not intend to purchase them, there is no need to complete the research for them.

If you do choose to research any of these optional technologies, you will find there will be plenty of time to add KP to them while accumulating the goods you’ll need for the Atelier, Agriculture, and Factory.

Next, unlock the Academy of the Elvenar. Build them as soon as they are unlocked, up to 8. You may not need to keep all 8, but it is recommended to at least start with as many.

The quests want you to unlock Atelier, then Agriculture, then the Factory. However, in order to unlock the Vault of Wisdom, you will need Crystal Balls and Designs, which are produced in the Agriculture and Factory.

If you want to follow the quests, begin producing Ideas (required to unlock Atelier) right away after placing the Academies.

If you want to begin producing the goods required for Vault of Wisdom right away, begin producing Workforce (required to unlock Agriculture) in two-thirds of your Academies and Ideas in the other one-third of your Academies right away after placing them.


Click each image to view larger.


Following the trend which began in Elementals, we see upgrade levels split into multiple technologies for several building types:

  • Residences (2)
  • Workshops (2)
  • Guest race Portal (2)
  • Guest race production buildings (2)
  • Main Hall (2)


Chapter XV
The Elvenar
KP Coins Supplies Moonstone Platinum Tree
Obsidian Arcane
Mana Orcs Ideas Workforce Sculptures Constructs Crystal
Designs Living
Plants Your Race
Your Race
Other Race
Other Race
Advanced Scouts 85 20,000,000 3,000,000 80,000 75,000 55,000
Squad Size Upgrade 52* 20 10,000,000 1,000,000 30,000
Council Hall 85 35,000,000 2,500,000 75,000 80,000 70,000
Flow of Magic Statue* 10 5,000,000 500,000 100,000
Squad Size Upgrade 53* 20 15,000,000 1,500,000 32,000
Academy of the Elvenar 100 35,000,000 3,000,000 95,000 90,000 55,000
Dolphin Fountain* 10 6,000,000 500,000 100,000
Factory of the Elvenar 90 100,000 90,000 80,000 90,000 90,000
Agriculture of the Elvenar 90 105,000 95,000 70,000 175,000
Atelier of the Elvenar 90 100,000 95,000 75,000 175,000
Elvenar Style Barracks 95 275,000 10,000 10,000
Vault of Wisdom 110 250,000 10,000 10,000
Elvenar Harp Player Statue 95 270,000 10,000 10,000
Elvenar Style Amory 100 355,000 5,750 5,250
Squad Size Upgrade 54* 25 20,000,000 2,000,000 50,000
Improved Vault of Wisdom 115 345,000 5,500 5,500
Elvenar Style Residences 100 350,000 5,250 5,750
Diverse Mercenary Camp 105 190,000 165,000 2,200 5,850 5,250
Improved Council Hall 125 235,000 5,200 5,200 5,800 5,800
City Expansion 46* 100 225,000 5,700 2,750 4,900
Elvenar Style Workshops 110 200,000 155,000 3,500 5,700 4,150
Forest Warden 100 170,000 6,300 7,000 6,800
Improved Academy of The Elvenar* 25 30,000,000 2,000,000 500,000
Advanced Vault of Wisdom* 30 20,000,000 3,000,000 500,000
Elvenar Style Main Hall 130 160,000 165,000 6,300 7,150 7,350
Vallorian Champion 110 125,000 120,000 115,000 8,500 8,500
Improved Dwarven Steel Manufactory 125 215,000 8,600 8,750 8,500
Improved Elvenar Marble Manufactory 125 210,000 6,200 6,100 7,000 7,000
Improved Growing Planks Manufactory 125 205,000 8,700 8,500 8,750
Frog Prince 115 240,000 6,850 7,100 6,300 6,400
Improved Elvenar Style Residences 135 280,000 8,750 8,850 8,700
Wolf Shrine 125 260,000 8,500 8,750 8,800
Squard Size Upgrade 55* 30 30,000,000 3,000,000 75,000
Improved Elvenar Style Workshops 125 210,000 8,800 2,700 8,750 7,500
Improved Elvenar Style Main Hall 140 170,000 190,000 8,500 8,900 8,850
City Expansion 47* 130 215,000 220,000 8,900 8,900 8,800
Ascending Street 130 220,000 8,900 8,800 8,900
Ancient Wonders of the Elvenar 150 1,500,000 9,000 9,000 9,000 9,000

* = optional research




Find out how much of the chapter your portal profit instants will help you complete.

Enter the quantity you have of each type of instant. Then click "calculate."

5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 33% 50% 100%
Total Value of Instants (All Race Manifests and Collections)
Level Capacity 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 33% 50% 100% TOTAL
lvl 1 3000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
lvl 2 6000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
lvl 3 7500 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
lvl 4 9000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Your Race
Your Race
Other Race
Other Race
Total Research Costs:90,80093,200135,250133,950
Value of Portal Profits at level 4:0000




Portal profits strategy

In previous chapters, it was possible to complete the majority if not all of the research without ever building settlement buildings, and focusing merely on the Portal.

In The Elvenar chapter, this won’t be possible. Even if you have enough portal profits to get all of the Capped goods needed to satisfy the chapter requirements, it won’t be enough. A significant amount of each other resource type is also required in order to complete the early research.

Beyond the column which immediately follows the 3 basic settlement buildings, the rest of the chapter can be completed with Portal Profits (and Sentient Goods).

In order to reach this point, you will need 10,000 of each of the 6 basic settlement resources: Living Paintings, Sculptures, Crystal Balls, Plants, Designs and Constructs.

Once you have accumulated enough Ideas and Workforce to produce these, you can sell several Academies to make space for more basic settlement buildings. (Use the Pre-Portal Profits calculator below to find out how many Ideas and Workforce you’ll need.)

unlock portal upgrade faster

The sooner you can upgrade your portal past level 2, the better. The technology for the Improved Council Hall can be reached with Portal Profits/Capped goods (and a significant amount of Sentient goods!) past the technology for the Vault of Wisdom:

You can place more Agriculture and Factory buildings to focus on producing Crystal Balls and Designs until you have 10,000 of each. Then, you can sell some to make room for Ateliers.

pre-portal profits calculator

Click below to open the Pre-Portal Profits calculator. Use it to plan your productions based your Council Hall/Portal level, Blooming Trader Guild level, and number of buildings.

choose portal and blooming trader guild level
Portal Level
Blooming Trader Guild Level:

Effective portal bonus: 0%

Effective BTG bonus: 0%


Production outputs are the same for all 3 building types, and all 6 resource types.

  • For each 7 hour production, you will receive 150 goods.
  • For each 21 hour production, you will receive 225 goods.

Production costs are the same for all 3 buildings types.

In order to acquire 10,000 of each resource, you will need the following total goods:


Depending on the number of buildings and the production times used (assuming no time in between), it will take between 13 and 78 days to produce all of the goods.

  • 1 of each building: 39 to 78 days
  • 2 of each building: 19 to 39 days
  • 3 of each building: 13 to 26 days
Ideas & Workforce Production
LevelLevel 1Level 2
Per Academy /3 hrs: 500 775
Per Academy /7 hrs: 750 1150
Enter # of AcademiesLevel 1Level 2
Total /3 hrs: 500 0
Total /7 hrs: 775 0
Number of Ideas needed:
Number of Workforce needed:

It will take between 85 and 132 days to produce them all.

for more detailed results.

Production CycleCosts - ProduceBenefits
Ideas or WorkforceIf S2 requiredIf S1 requiredOutput
/ 7 h8508009000
/ 21 h1275120013500
SentientIdeas or Workforce
Living Paintings10,000Royal Velvet0Ideas0
Crystal Balls10,000Obsidian0Ideas0
Plants10,000Tree Gum0Workforce0
Designs10,000Arcane Ink0Ideas0
Total Required:
TOTAL1st Tier Sentient Goods0Ideas0
2nd Tier Sentient Goods0Workforce0
For each resource# Production Rounds Needed
for 10k of each good:
In Hours:In Days:
Production Buildings7 hours21 hours7 hours21 hours7 hours21 hours
1 of each000000
2 of each000000
3 of each000000

Vault of Wisdom

A Vault of Wisdom is only needed to produce the Capped goods. If you intend to use Portal Profits for all of the Capped goods required, you will not need one. This allows for more layout possibilities.

In roughly the same amount of space for 8 academies (218 tiles compared to 200 tiles), you can fit 2 academies, and 6 of the basic settlement buildings.

Elvenar Spire Encounter with Teleport Spell
Elvenar Spire Encounter with Teleport Spell
Elvenar Spire Encounter with Teleport Spell

Note that if you intend to complete the quests, you will need to build and upgrade at least one Vault of Wisdom to Level 2.


Each of the following building type upgrades are available during the Elvenar chapter. Click each building type for more details.

  • 1st Tier Manufactory upgrades
    • 4 new levels
    • Size change – grows from 4×5 to 5×5
  • Residences
    • 2 new levels
    • Separate technology for each level
    • No size or shape change; remains 5×3
  • Workshops
    • 2 new levels
    • Separate technology for each level
    • Size change – grows from 4×6 to 5×5
  • Main Hall
    • 2 new levels
    • Separate technology for each level
    • Size change – 8×7 to 8×8


  • Military
    • Unit Upgrades
      • Forest Warden
      • Vallorian Champion
      • Frog Prince
    • Squad Sizes
      • 4 new optional squad size upgrades
    • Armory
      • 2 new levels
      • Orientation Change – from 4×7 to 7×4
    • Mercenary Camp
      • 4 new levels
      • Size and orientation change – from 6×4 to 5×5
    • Barracks
      • 4 new levels
      • Size change – from 5×8 to 7×7
    • No new Training Grounds upgrades


Here are each of the new culture items the Elvenar Chapter brings us.

Culture Buildings

Total Time
Per Sq
Per Hr
Total Per Sq Total Per Sq
Elvenar Harp Player 1×1 1 750 750
Wolf Shrine 1×3 3 2,300 767
Premium Buildings
Dolphin Fountain 6,000 5×5 25 55,000 24 92 13,000 520
Flow of Magic Statue 480 2×1 2 1,600 800 1,500 750




Elvenar Chapter (XV)
#Quest NameQuest RequirementCan Decline?Other
1Reaching out to new landsResearch Advanced ScoutsNo28000
2Strange visitorsRecruit a huge amount of UnitsNo1x
3Strange visitorsSpend 10 Knowledge PointsNo1x
4Strange visitorsBuy 8 Knowledge PointsNo2x
5Strange visitorsResearch Council Hall No1x
6Strange visitorsHave a Council Hall at level 1 or higherNo1x 14 hours
7Visit of The AscendedAccept 2 trade offers from Players or the WholesalerNo1x 10
8Visit of The AscendedBuy 5 Knowledge Points No2x 5 hours
9Visit of The AscendedGain 3 Enchantment itemsNo30000
10Visit of The AscendedGain 600 Spell FragmentsNo1x
11Visit of The AscendedProduce Beverages 10 timesNo2x 2 hours
12Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Academy of the ElvenarNo1x
13Disciples of the ElvenarHave an Academy of the Elvenar at level 1 or higherNo1x 25%
14Disciples of the ElvenarCollect 2000 Ideas from the Academy of the ElvenarNo1x 25%
15Disciples of the ElvenarProduce [Tier 1 Boost][3 hr] 12 timesNo1x
16Disciples of the ElvenarGive Neighborly Help 5 times No1x 5
17Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Atelier of the Elvenar No1x 14 hours
18Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Agriculture of the ElvenarNo32000
19Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Factory of the ElvenarNo1x 10
20Disciples of the ElvenarGain a big amount of SuppliesNo1x
21Disciples of the ElvenarHave an Atelier of the Elvenar at level 1 or higher
Have an Agriculture of the Elvenar at level 1 or higher
Have a Factory of the Elvenar at level 1 or higher
22Disciples of the ElvenarProduce Bread 18 times
Produce Basket of Groceries 5 times
No1x 8 hours
23Disciples of the ElvenarCollect 10 RelicsNo1x
24Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Vault of WisdomNo1x 14 hours
25Disciples of the ElvenarHave a Vault of Wisdom at level 1 or higher No1x 10
26Disciples of the ElvenarProduce 8 Toolboxes No2x
27Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Improved Vault of WisdomNo34000
28Disciples of the ElvenarHave a Vault of Wisdom at level 2 or higherNo1x 8 hours
29Disciples of the ElvenarGain 15 Relics No1x
30Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Improved Council HallNo2x 5 hours
31Disciples of the ElvenarGain or Use Enchantments 5 timesNo1x
32Disciples of the ElvenarHave a Council Hall at level 3 or higherNo1x 10
33Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Elvenar Style Main Hall No3x
34Disciples of the ElvenarHave a Main Hall at level 34 or higher No1x 8 hours
35Disciples of the ElvenarRecruit a huge amount of Units No1x
36Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Improved Dwarven Steel ManufactoryNo36000
37Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Improved Elemental Marble ManufactoryNo1x 14 hours
38Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Improved Growing Planks ManufactoryNo1x
39Disciples of the ElvenarHave one of these Manufactories at level 28 or higher:
Dwarven Steel, Elemental Marble or Growing Planks.
No1x 8 hours
40Disciples of the ElvenarGain 10 Vision Vapor No1x 10
41Disciples of the ElvenarGain a fair amount of [T1 Boost]No2x
42Disciples of the ElvenarProduce Beverages 30 timesNo1x
43Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Improved Elvenar Style Residences No1x 8 hours
44Disciples of the ElvenarHave a Residence at level 35 or higher OR
Have a Premium Residence at level 15 or higher
No1x 10
45Disciples of the ElvenarUse Enchantments 5 timesNo38000
46Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Improved Elvenar Style Main HallNo1x 14 hours
47Disciples of the ElvenarHave a Main Hall at level 35 or higher No1x
48Disciples of the ElvenarProduce Advanced Tools 20 times No1x 15
49Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Ascending Street No1x 8 hours
50Disciples of the ElvenarHave 10 Ascending StreetsNo1x 10
51Disciples of the ElvenarBuy 10 Knowledge PointsNo1x 14 hours
52Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Ancient Wonders of the Elvenar No1x
53Disciples of the ElvenarSell the Council Hall.
If you have already sold it, you can sell any type of Portal.


The two new Ancient Wonders for the chapter are:

  • Vortex of Storage – 3×6
    • Increases portal storage for guest races
    • Boosts Sentient Goods production
  • Thermal Spring of Youth – 7×3
    • Boosts Residence population
    • Adds Culture
Vortex of Storage

Thermal Spring of Youth


We hope you enjoyed this preview of The Elvenar chapter! Stay tuned for the full guide to come!

We’ll also continue to update more here as we play through the chapter and gather feedback about it from other players, so check back often!

~Happy Gaming~



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