Spire of Eternity: Is It Worth It?

by Guest Author: Mykan

The Spire of Eternity is a weekly event and many players are divided regarding its value, particularly in terms of cost, type and randomness of rewards. However, with the multiplayer feature, this had a major impact on the spire.

First, some language to clarify:

  • The spire has 3 maps, each has a different background and a different boss
    • Map 1: Gateway
    • Map 2: High Halls
    • Map 3: Laboratory
  • Each map has a 4 sections and each section has 3 peasant encounters and a guard or boss (last one) encounter.


There are 3 ways to earn prizes:

  1. Chest with random prizes for each encounter
  2. Bonus chests. These have a random chance to appear (10 or 20%) and vary in value of rewards
  3. Multiplayer rewards. These are the 100% guaranteed rewards when you and your fellowship qualify for them

So what are you likely to get if you do the spire?

While there is some randomness, some things are basically a given if you play each week, and there are some noteworthy items.

Definite Prizes

First, expect to get a lot of spell fragments, so many you will eventually not need to disenchant stuff.

You will also get a reasonable amount of combining catalysts from encounter chests and multiplayer rewards.

Time instants – and a lot of them, especially 1, 2 and 5 hours (100% with multiplayer rewards)

Diamonds from multiplayer rewards – not huge, but they add up, just like a Wishing Well or a Genie (Spire’s beefed-up version of wishing well).

Portal Profits – 10% instant with multiplayer but other options from encounters including a chance at a 50% instant

Possible Prizes

Standouts but smaller chance are –

Editor’s Note: If you win a Magic building, it will be for the current chapter you are in. This is also true for chapters where Magic buildings cannot be upgraded until unlocking the first applicable tech in research; you will receive the level of your current chapter regardless of whether the research has been completed.

Bonus chests that randomly appear – don’t under estimate these! They are icing on the cake, especially gold and purple chests.



Spire costs seem expensive at first and squad sizes seem to get ridiculous in size very quickly. However, the first section can be auto-fought reasonably easily with minimal loss and that is without special military boost buildings. After section 1 your best bet is likely to be diplomacy.

Map 1 is actually fairly cheap. Diplomacy is like the logic game, “Mastermind,” except here you get a few choices and 3 “guesses”.

  • Map 1 can be done with minimal repeat attempts due to lower difficulty.
  • Map 2 peasant encounters are ok but guard and boss encounters can take more attempts
  • Map 3 is challenging, some luck is needed or a willingness to spend diamonds for extra guesses


There are several ways rewards from the spire can help your game.

  1. Lots of Spell Fragments and Combining Catalysts allowing you to run crafting in your Magic Academy almost non-stop. This provides a lot of choice in terms of KP, instants (time, coin, supplies), and cool buildings. It also means turning over the Mystical Object which has some cool stuff including 500 diamonds.
  2. Guaranteed Diamonds – while not a huge amount, these can be saved for desired spending or used to offset extra guesses on bosses or map 3. Chances are you will win the odd random Diamond reward from encounters too. If you’re a hoarder, between the Spire, the Genie, and crafting, you increase your possible Diamond intake to add to any Wishing Wells or spending you might do. A great way to get some extra expansions or magic buildings.
  3. Magic buildings – you need to be in it to win it. A 10% chance to win a building means 1 magic residence every 10 weeks in theory (depending on luck, bit longer for a workshop). These buildings make a big difference to your space needs. If you are in a fellowship that can achieve 10 tournament chests a constant flow of blueprints will let you upgrade them for free!
  4. Time instants – These are an awesome reward, in many ways it is a reward of your choice, use them to:
    • Rush scouts
    • Get more goods by rushing production (great for extra sentient goods with Magical Manufacturing spells)
    • More troops
    • More crafting – gotta spend those Combining Catalysts and Spell Fragments!
    • More Enchantments
    • If you can rush it, you can have more of it. This is a prize that you can customize to you and your city.
  5. This still isn’t counting the mix of coin and supply instants (helps you do more Spire), Dwarven Armorer and Genie, or the unique spire set which produces even more free Spell Fragments, Combining Catalysts and Sentient goods. The bonus chests have more of the same but in better quantities and probabilities. Free stuff and good stuff at that.


This can vary by person and by stage in the game. Considering Map 1 is pretty simple, I would say map 1 which includes a 10% shot at a Magic Residence is definitely worth it. I would highly recommend everyone go for at least map 1.

Map 2 is a little trickier, but I feel the prizes are still worth the cost. The guaranteed prizes are pretty attractive and the rewards from each section and bonus chest really should offset any costs you incur.

If you have a good supply of resources, definitely give map 2 a go. Most people who do maps 1 and 2 say they are worth it.

Map 3, due to the heightened cost, is a tougher one and people’s view of it can vary a lot. You will need to make more of a judgment call on this one. It can be influenced by where the multiplayer prizes land, as these are 100% guaranteed (when conditions are met), so value might vary week to week.

Your perspective may also vary depending on where you are at in the game. If end tech (done with all chapters), then you should be stockpiling many resources used in the Spire that make the costs much lower (like seeds; spend them in the Spire or they decay – make use of them!).

Give it a whirl, watch the rewards roll in, and see how you can use them to make your city grow even faster and better!

Enjoy ~Mykan~



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