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Story quest Lists

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*Please be aware that quests listed may not all appear to all players or in the same order to all players; precise quests offered may vary based on game-play decisions made.

Dwarves (VI)
Quest NameQuest RequirementCan Decline?CoinsSupplies
1Reaching OutResearch Dwarven Portal SiteNo80000-
2HomecomingBuild Dwarven Portal SiteNo20,0006,000
3A Dry ThroatProduce Beverages 1 timesNo10,000-
4ProvidingProduce Bread 10 timesNo40,0004,000
5Creating SpaceResearch City Expansion 21No70,0001,000
6Construction of a New HomeGain 1,000 SteelNo50,0003,000
7Construction of a New HomeProduce Simple Tools 10 timesNo90,000-
8Dwarven RoadsResearch Portal TracksNo90,000-
9Financial SupportGain 50,000 CoinsNo30,0006,000
10Granite is a Dwarf's Best FriendResearch Granite MineNo10,0008,000
11Mine ShaftsPlace 1 Granite MineNo20,0007,000
12Connecting the VillageHave at least 1 piece of Portal TracksNo30,0006,000
13Exciting GraniteGain 100 GraniteNo10,0008,000
14Dwarven MarbleResearch Dwarven Style Marble ManufactoryNo-9000
15Dwarven PlanksResearch Dwarven Style Planks ManufactoryNo80,0001,000
16Dwarven SteelResearch Dwarven Steel ManufactoryNo30,0007,000
17Upgrading ProductionHave a 2 Tier Boosted Manufactory at level 16 or higherNo60,0003,000
18The Copper ForgeResearch Copper FoundryNo20,0007,000
19Copper is a Dwarf's Best FriendProduce Copper Coins 10 timesNo100,000-
20Long live the KingProduce 1 Dwarven StatueNo40,0006,000
21Thirsty GuestsProduce Beverages 100 timesNo110,000-
22Ancient GroundsResearch Ancient GroundsNo10,00010,000
23A Place to BeBuild Ancient GroundsNo-11,000
24SupplyingGain 5,000 SuppliesNo60,0006,000
25Big PlansGain 100K CoinsNo-12,000
26Big PlansResearch Dwarven Style Main HallNo90,0002,000
27Sparkling RoadsResearch Dwarven Style StreetNo50,0006,000
28Sparkling RoadsBuild Dwarven StreetNo50,0006,000
29Cultural AccomplishmentsResearch Tavern and TempleNo120,000-
30The Wayfarer's TavernBuild Wayfarer's TavernNo80,0004,000
31Improving your RoofsResearch Dwarven Style Residential BuildingsYes20,0006,000
32Upgrading the Portal SiteHave the Dwarven Portal site at level 2 or higherYes20,0006,000
33Improving your RoofsHave 1 Residence at level 16 or higherYes40,0004,000
34Dwarven CraftsmanshipResearch Dwarven Style WorkshopsYes8,000-
35Dwarven CraftsmanshipHave 1 Workshop at level 16 or higherYes20,0007000
36Dwarven Art of WarResearch Dwarven Style BarracksYes30,0006000
37Dwarven CraftsmanshipHave 2 Workshops at level 16 or higherYes10,0008000
38Dwarven DanceProduce 5 Advanced ToolsYes90,000-
39Dwarven DanceGain 1,000 SteelYes80,0001,000
40Dwarven DanceGain 1,000 PlanksYes20,0007,000
41Crimson DanceResearch Sword AcrobatYes50,0005,000
42Assembling the AcrobatsTrain 100 Sword AcrobatsYes30,0007,000
43Crimson AcrobatsFight and win in 5 encountersYes-10,000
44Improving your RoofsHave 2 Residences at level 16 or higherYes10,00010,000
45Dwarven Art of WarResearch Squad Size Upgrade 17Yes100,000-
46Dwarven Art of WarResearch Dwarven Style ArmoryYes50,0006,000
47Granite GolemsGain 500 GraniteYes30,0008,000
48Granite GearResearch Granite GolemYes120,000-
49Learning to MoveTrain 30 Granite Golems Yes-12,000
50Celebrating GraniteProduce 30 Beverages Yes120,000-
51Throne Halls Produce 3 ToolboxesYes100,0002000
52Throne Halls Gain 500 GraniteYes40,0008000
53Throne Halls Produce 25 Simple Tools
Produce 25 Beverages
54Throne Halls Produce Copper Buckles 10 timesYes70,0005000
55Golden Throne HallsGain 150K CoinsYes-12000
56Glorious Trhone HallsProduce 3 Baskets of Groceries
Produce 30 Beverages
57Advanced TacticsTrain 500 unitsYes30,0003,000
58Sufficient GoodsGain 4,000 goodsYes30,0003,000
59Using Surplus GoodsPlace 5 trade offersYes25,0002,500
60Trading WellAccept 6 trade offersYes20,0008,000
61Improving CultureBuild 3 culture buildings Yes35,0006,500
62More CultureGain 100 culture Yes15,0008500
63Increasing PopulationGain 100 population Yes90,0001,000
64Spiritual ReinforcementsTrain 150 SorceressesYes40,0002,000
65Advanced TacticsTrain 300 UnitsYes200003000
66Sufficient GoodsGain 2500 GoodsYes300002000
67Using Surplus GoodsPlace 5 Trade Offers Yes250002500
68Trading WellAccept 6 trade offersYes200005000
69Improving CultureBuild 3 Cultural BuildingsYes300005000
70More CultureGain 100 culture Yes200006000
71Increasing PopulationGain 100 population Yes600002000
72Spiritual ReinforcementsTrain 100 SorceressesYes200003000
Total Rewards3,118,000346,000
Fairies (VII)
Quest NameQuest RequirementCan Decline?CoinsSuppliesOther
1New Dwarven GroundsResearch Advanced ScoutsNo100,0003,000200
2New Dwarven GroundsSell your Dwarven Portal SiteYes60,0007,000-
3Reviving The LeafTrain 30 SorceressesNo130,000--
4Reviving The LeafResearch Fairy Portal SiteNo80,0005,000-
5Reviving The LeafHave the Fairy Portal SiteNo-13,000-
6Queen sidheGain 200 ElixirNo100,000--
7DefianceProduce Beverages 10 timesNo70,0006,000-
8DefianceProduce Bread 10 timesNo100,0003,000-
9Farewell, My FriendProduce Simple Tools 10 timesNo90,0004,000-
10Her MajestySpend 20 knowledge PointsNo20,0009,000-
11NatureProduce Basket of Groceries 10 timesNo40,0008,000-
12FatoResearch Flower LaneNo70,0006,000-
13Grooves and FlowersHave at least 1 Flower LaneNo120,000--
14Natural CultureResearch Trees and lampionsNo50,0008,000-
15Embracing ReplacingHave Culture Bonus of 125% maximumYes140,000---
16Lampion of Lifehave at least 1 Cocoon Lampions buildingNo120,000--
17Troublesome SomethingProduce Beverages 1 timesNo-13,000-
18Scroll of DutyGain 1 ScrollNo--1x Dwarven Bullwark
19Scroll of DutyGain 1 Magic DustNo80,0005,000-
20FarmingResearch Day FarmNo20,00011,000-
21Financial ExpertiseGain 100K coinsNo--3x
22FarmingHave at Least 1 Day FarmNo30,00010,000-
23Impressing Her Lovely MajestyProduce Sunflowers 5 timesNo--3x
24A Velvet DopeProduce Velvet 3 timesNo60,0007,000-
25StorageHave the Fairy Portal at Level 2 or higherNo-12,000-
26The Chain of Simple EconomicsProduce Sunflowers 10 timesNo140,000--
27Extensive FarmingHave at least 2 Day Farms No40,0009,000-
28Harvest of the MoonResearch Night FarmNo60,0007,000-
29Harvest of the MoonHave 1 Night Farm No130,000 -
30Harvest of the MoonGain 2000 Crystal No--1x Mountain Halls
31Harvest of the MoonProduce Nightshade 10 timesNo100,0003,000-
32Green Upgradinghave the Fairy Portal at Level 3 or higher No--3x
33Living Like a FairyResearch Fairy Style ResidenceNo40,0009,000-
34Living Like a FairyHave 1 Residence at Level 18 or HigherNo60,0007,000-
35Farminghave 1 Day Farm at Level 3 or HigherNo100,000--
36Night FarmingHave 1 night Farm at Level 3 or HigherNo-14,000-
37Reconstructing ResidencesHave 2 Residences at Level 18 or HigherNo90,0004,000-
38An Unexpected Giftproduce Cocoons 15 timesNo20,00012,000-
39InsomniaProduce Dream Sheep 15 timesNo80,0005,000-
40A blossoming Main HallResearch Fairy Style Main HallNo50,0008,000-
41Divine GraftingProduce Ambrosia 5 timesYes140,000--
42A Promising RewardProduce Night Essence 5 timesYes--1x Martial Monastery
43New RoadsResearch Blossom StreetNo 12,000-
44Shade Of The NightProduce Nightshade 20 timesNo20,00011,000-
45Taking Care of BusinessHave the Fairy Portal Site at Level 4 No---
46Fairy ManufacturingResearch Fairy Style Crystal Manufactories No10,00012,000-
47Fairy ManufacturingResearch Fairy Style Scrolls Manufactories No130,000--
48Fairy ManufacturingResearch Fairy Silk ManufactoriesNo130,000--
49Upgrading ProductionHave aTier 2 Boosted Manufactory
at level 16 or higher
50New Napping GroundsResearch Pond of Recreation No150,000--
51New Napping GroundsHave at least 1 Pond of Recreation No90,0004,000-
52Flourish And ExpandResearch City Expansion 31No120,000--
53Ancient WondersResearch Fairies Ancient WondersNo130,000-200
54Bad MemoriesResearch Merceenary Camp
Blossom Mage
55Force of the LeafHave a Mercenary CampYes600007000-
56Blossom MageTrain 40 Blossom MageYes130,000--
57WorkshopsResearch Fairy Style WorkshopsYes-12,000-
58WorkshopsHave a workshop Level 18 or higherYes7,0006,000-
59Fairy FormationsResearch Squad Size Upgrade 22Yes90,0004,000-
60Breeding the SpikeProduce Sunflowers 10 timesYes130,000--
61Breeding the SpikeProduce Cocoons 7 timesYes-14,000-
62Breeding the SpikeProduce Velvet 15 timesYes100,00020,000-
63Breeding the SpikeResearch Drone RiderYes40,00010,000-
64Breeding the SpikeGain 10,000 SuppliesYes70,0006,000-
65Breeding the SpikeTrain 30 Drone Riders Yes-13,000-
66Improving BarracksResearch Fairy Style BarracksYes50,0008,000-
67Improving BarracksHave a Barracks at level 18 or higher Yes120,000--
68The ShrineResearch Shrine and LanternYes30,00011,000-
69The ShrineHave 1 Small Shrine Yes150,000--
70Advanced TacticsTrain 500 UnitsYes30,0003,000-
71Sufficient GoodsGain 4000 GoodsYes30,0003,000-
72Using Surplus GoodsPlace 5 trade OfferesYes25,0002,500-
73Improving CultureBuild 3 Cultural Buildings Yes35,0006,500-
74More CultureGain 100 Culture Yes15,0008,500-
75Increasing PopulationGain 100 Population Yes90,0001,000-
Train 150 SorceressesYes40,0002,000-
Total Rewards3,832,000332,500
Orcs & Goblins
Orcs & Goblins (VIII)
Quest NameQuest RequirementCan Decline?CoinsSuppliesOther
1A New ChapterResearch Advanced ScoutsNo100,0003,000-
2Organic SporesSpend 2 Knowledge Points No130,000--
3Rotten LeftoversProduce Beverages 10 timesNo50,0009,000-
4No Country For Fairy MenProduce Advanced Tools 1 timeNo900005000-
5Organic OdorSpend 3 Knowledge PointsNo150,000--
6The Last FooleryResearch Orcs and Goblins Portal SiteNo80,0008,000-
7A Warm GoodbyeSell your Fairy Portal SiteYes50,0004,000-
8Orcs!Build Orc PortalNo80,0007,000-
9Stinky FlowersMake room for the Orc King (move 1 building) No100,0003,000-
10StompResearch Swamp Trails No70,0006,000-
11Swamp TrailsBuild at least 1 Swamp TrailNo120,0005,000-
12Feed The King!Feed the Orc King (Produce bread 24 times)No30,0005,000-
13Letting Off SteamThe King lets off steam by throwing bricks (Gain 100 Marble)No140,000--
14Upgrading DefensesHave 1 Armory at level 16 or higherNo120,0005,000-
15GuardsTrain 30 TreantsNo60,00010,000-
16Staying On GuardResearch Squad Size Upgrade 24No-15,000-
17Delicious FairiesProduce 1 Basket of Groceries No30,0003,000-
18ArmoriesHave 1 Armory at level 19 or higherNo180,000--
19MushroomsResearch Mushroom FarmNo50,00012,000-
20MushroomsHave at least 5 Mushroom FarmsNo80,0009,000-
21Tasty OnesProduce Hardshroom 1 timeNo-15,000-
22Allowed To ServeHave at least 10 Mushroom FarmsNo80,0005,000-
23Excessive StrengthResearch Orc Style Residences No100,0003,000-
24Stupid WormlingsUpgrade 2 Residences to level 20
or higher
25FungasProduce Hardshroom 3 times No80,0007,000-
26Amazing ArmoriesResearch Armory (Breeding Grounds) No200,000--
27Eat And BreedProduce Psychoshrooms 3 timesNo130,0003,000-
28Breeding GroundsHave 1 Armory at level 20 or higherNo50,0007,000-
29A New ResourceGain 500 OrcsNo-12,000-
30Keep Them BusyResearch Rally Point No130,0004,000-
31Adventureful DestructionHave at least 2 Rally PointsNo90,000--
32Spare Time ActivitiesSend Orcs to Spare Time Activities
1 time
33Wild PartySend Orcs to Wild Party 1 timeNo70,0008,000-
34An Unpleasant SurpriseProduce Advanced Tools 1 timeNo66,666--
35Shrooms of WisdomProduce Shroom of Wisdom 1 timeNo170,000--
36Obstacle CoursesSend Orcs to Obstacle Course 1 timeNo-9,000-
37Raid time!Send Orcs to a Raid 1 timeNo40,0008,000-
38PowershroomsProduce Powershrooms 3 timesNo20,00011,000-
39Powerful OrcsResearch Orc Style WorkshopsNo150,0005,000-
40Powerful WorkshopsHave at least 2 Workshops at level
20 or higher
41Strong Enough?Gain 200 PlanksNo20,0003,000-
42Bigger StructuresResearch Orc Style Main Hall No110,0003,000-
43Amusing ExcursionsProduce Psychoshroom 4 timesNo140,000--
44Wormlings LandsResearch City Expansion 34Yes70,0005,000-
45Boiled FairiesGain 2000 Supplies No80,0006,000-
46Lust For DustGain 1000 Magic DustNo70,0007,000-
47Let the Goblin Handle ItResearch Orc Style Elixir ManufactoryNo90,0009,000-
48Let the Goblin Handle ItResearch Goblins' Magic Dust
49Let the Goblin Handle ItResearch Orc Style Gems
50Let the Goblin Handle ItHave a [T3 Boosted Manufactory] at level 16 or higher No-16,000-
51Uglyful CitiesResearch Wooden Trail No30,0007,000-
52Raid For Orc GlorySend Orcs to Raid 3 timesNo160,000--
53Campfire BBQResearch Campfire BBQ and
Raptor's Nest
54On The Search For BeautyScout 1 Province No90,0005,000-
55Ancient Wonders of the OrcsResearch Ancient Wonders
of the Orcs
No 170,000-200
Total Rewards4,616,666304,000
Woodelves (IX)
Quest NameQuest RequirementCan Decline?CoinsSuppliesOther
1The Next ChapterResearch Advanced ScoutsNo100,0006,000-
2Fool!Move 1 BuildingNo50,00011,000-
3Shut It DownHave not more than 0 Portal SitesYes70,0009,000-
4Understanding ElvenarResearch The Willow and the GateNo90,0007,000-
5The Secret of ManaHave 1 Weeping WillowNo160,000--
6Mana?Gain 1500 ManaNo120,0004,000-
7Correcting MistakesResearch Greetings, Housings and a WellNo80,0008,000-
8Raid For Orc GloryGain 1 ManaNo160,000--
9Raid For Orc GloryGain 1000 OrcsNo180,000--
10Getting Rid Of ItGain 10000 ManaNo-14,000300
11Autumn's GreetingHave at least 2 Autumn's GreetingsNo120,0004,000-
12Comfortable HousingResearch Woodelves Style ResidencesNo100,00010,000-
13The Secret of ManaHave at least 1 Residence at level 22 or higherNo50,0005,000-
14Enhanced New WorldGain 30000 ManaNo130,0003,000500
15Bad TasteResearch Woodelves Style WorkshopsNo180,0004,000-
16Elvarian SpringsHave at least 1 Workshop at level 22 or higherNo140,000--
17Housing NicelyHave at least 20 Residences at level 22 or higherYes500,00050,0001000
18Marble?Gain 1 MarbleNo100,000--
19Marble?Research Woodelves Style Marble ManufactoriesNo130,0002,000-
20Steel?Gain 1 SteelNo90,0009,000-
21Steel?Research Woodelves Style Steel ManufactoriesNo40,00012,000-
22Planks?Gain 1 PlanksNo100,0006,000-
23Planks?Research Woodelves Style Planks ManufactoriesNo160,000--
24Refined WaterProduce Beverages 10 timesNo80,0008,000-
25A New Main HallResearch Woodelves Style Main HallNo-15,000-
26A New Main HallHave your Main Hall at level 22 or higherNo120,0005,000-
27King AelrindelResearch Forest GladeNo100,0009,000-
28Queen AhskahalaHave a Forest GladeNo70,0007,000-
29Welcome!Produce Beverages 1 timeNo150,000--
30Forest TrailsResearch Forest TrailNo700,0006,000-
31Forest TrailsHave at least 8 Forest TrailsNo60,0007,000-
32Unselfish MotivationHave at least 7 Workshops at level 22 or higherYes350,00025,000-
33Forest FabricationsResearch Forest FabricationNo130,000--
34Forest FabricationsHave at least 2 Forest FabricationsNo-14,000-
35Mana TearsProduce Mana Tears 2 timesNo30,00010,000-
36Marble Grafting SiteResearch Marble Grafting SitNo50,0006,000-
37Marble Grafting SiteGain 2000 Mana TearsNo60,0007,000-
38Marble Grafting SiteHave at least 3 Marble Grafting SitesNo200,000--
39Steel Grafting SiteResearch Steel Grafting SiteNo130,000--
40Steel Grafting SiteGain 4000 Mana TearsNo-16,000-
41Steel Grafting SiteHave at least 3 Steel Grafting SitesNo70,0007,000-
42Planks Grafting SiteResearch Planks Grafting SiteNo80,0006,000-
43Planks Grafting SiteGain 6000 Mana TearsNo150,0003,000600
44Planks Grafting SiteHave at least 2 Planks Grafting SitesNo100,000--
45Full FlourishGain 200 Refined Marbe
Gain 120 Refined Steel
Gain 150 Refined Planks
46Full FlourishHave at least 3 Forest Fabrications
Have 2 Forest Fabrications at level 2 or higher
47Wood GhostsProduce Wood Ghosts 1 timeNo70,000--
48Wind ChimesProduce Wind Chimes 1 timeNo 7,000-
49SproutsProduce Treant Sprouts 1 timeNo30,0003,000-
50Forest GladeHave the Forest Glade at level 2 or higherNo160,000--
51Grafting SitesHave at least 6 Marble Grafting Sites
Have at least 6 Steel Grafting Sites
Have at least 4 Planks Grafting Sites
52Forest FabricationsHave at least 4 Forest Fabrications at level 2 or higherNo200,000--
53Woodelves HabitatHave at least 1 Woodelves HabitatNo-10,000-
54Greenery StreetsHave 50 Greenery StreetsNo300,000-600
55RangerResearch RangerNo120,0005,000-
56Woodelves WarfareResearch Squadsize Upgrade 31No150,0003,000-
Total Rewards7,110,000353,000
Sorcerers & Dragons
Sorcerers & Dragons (X)
Quest NameQuest RequirementCan Decline?CoinsSuppliesOther
1King AelrindelResearch Advanced ScoutsNo150,00010,000200
2NecromancerGain 1 ManaNo100,00010,000200
3Queen AhskahalaBuy 3 Knowledge Points No200,000--
4NecromancerSpend 3 Knowledge PointsNo-25,000-
5Dean DurcuResearch Wisdom SquareNo100,00010,000-
6Dean DurcuBuild a Wisdom SquareNo250,000-200
7Dean DurcuResearch CampusNo50,00015,000-
8King AelrindelBuild a CampusNo300,000-10,000
9Alchemy SorceressResearch Alchemy FacultyNo-15,000-
10Alchemy SorceressHave at least 1 Alchemy FacultyNo70,00017,000-
11NecromancerResearch Necromancy FacultyNo150,000--
12NecromancerHave at least 1 Necromancy FacultyNo200,0005,000-
13Dean DurcuResearch Arcane FacultyNo60,00012,000-
14Dean DurcuHave at least 1 Arcane FacultyNo180,0000-
15Elven SorceressHave 2 Necromancy Faculties
Have 2 Alchemy Faculties
Have 2 Arcane Faculties
16NecromancerProduce Crystal Flasks 5 times
Produce Arcane Scrolls 5 times
Have at least 1 Necromancy Faculty at level 2 or higher
17Alchemy SorceressProduce Soul Catchers 5 times
Produce Arcane Scrolls 5 times
Have at least 1 Alchemy Faculty at level 2 or higher
18Dean DurcuProduce Crystal Flasks 5 times
Produce Soul Catchers 5 times
Have at least 1 Arcane Faculty at level 2 or higher
19Dean DurcuProduce Soul Catchers 10 times
Produce Arcane Scrolls 10 times
Produce Crystal Flasks 10 times
20Elven SorceressHave a Campus at level 2 or higherNo100,000-500
21Dean DurcuProduce Necromancers 1 time
Produce Alchemists 1 time
Produce Arcanologists 1 time
22NecromancerGain 100 Alchemy Necromancers
Gain 100 Arcane Necromancers
23Dean DurcuGain 100 Arcane AlchemistsNo23,000--
24Dean DurcuResearch A Library and... a Broomstick?No70,00012,000-
25Elven SorceressHave a Campus at level 3 or higherNo100,00010,00020,000
26Dean DurcuHave 3 Necromancy Faculties
Have 3 Alchemy Faculties
Have 3 Arcane Faculties
27Elven SorceressResearch Sorcerers Style ResidencesNo200,00010,000-
28Dean DurcuProduce Soul Catchers 20 times
Produce Arcane Scrolls 20 times
Produce Crystal Flasks 20 times
29Elven SorceressHave 20 Residences at Level 24 or higherYes50,00040,000500
30Dean DurcuResearch Sorcerers Style WorkshopsNo15,00010,000-
31Dean DurcuHave 5 Workshops at Level 24 or higherYes120,000-1500
32Dean DurcuHave a Campus at level 4 or higherNo250,000--
33Dean DurcuHave 4 Necromancy Faculties
Have 4 Alchemy Faculties
Have 4 Arcane Faculties
34Dean DurcuResearch Sorcerers Style Main HallNo100,000--
35Dean DurcuHave a Main Hall at level 24 or higherNo-20,000-
36Alchemy SorceressResearch Sorcerers Style Crystal ManufactoryNo40,00012,000-
37Dean DurcuResearch Dragon Scrolls ManufactoryNo100,00015,000-
38NecromancerResearch Sorcerers Style Fairy Silk ManufactoryNo200,00010,000-
39NecromancerGain 1000 Alchemy Necromancers
Gain 1000 Arcane Necromancers
Gain 1000 Arcane Alchemists
40Dean DurcuResearch City Expansion 40No-25,000-
41Dean DurcuHave Prof. Juan's Needful Things at least 1 time.No250,00025,000-
Total Rewards4,898,000439,000
Halflings (XI)
Quest NameQuest RequirementCan Decline?CoinsSuppliesOther
1A farewell presentGain 100000 ManaNo50,00010,000200
2A farewell presentResearch Spring GroveNo--1000
3A farewell presentBuild the Spring GroveNo  2
4The seed of friendshipProduce Bread 5 times
Produce Beverages 20 times
No 10,000-
5The seed of friendshipScout 2 ProvincesNo-20,000-
6The seed of friendshipUnlock Improved TraderNo--1,000
7The seed of friendshipUpgrade your TraderNo200,000--
8The seed of friendshipPlace 5 Trade Offers
Accept 5 Trade Offers
9Preparing the groundGain 10,000 Divine SeedsNo--2
10Preparing the groundComplete a ProvinceNo-10,000-
11Preparing the groundUnlock Irrigation CanalNo200,000--
12Preparing the groundHave at least 10 Irrigation CanalsNo---
13Preparing the groundUnlock the Halflings FarmNo--2
14Preparing the groundHave 6 FarmsNo- 2
15Preparing the groundCollect 600 FertilizerNo--2
16Preparing the groundProduce Basket of Groceries 20 timesNo120,000--
17Preparing the groundUnlock AgricultureNo-15,000-
18Preparing the groundHave 6 FieldsNo--
19Crop rotationCollect 5000 GrainNo--300 Fertilizer
20Crop rotationHave 5 Fields Level 2No--10,000
21Crop rotationCollect 1,000 CarrotsNo50,00010,000-
22Crop rotationCollect 200 Tingle BreadsNo--2,500
23Crop rotationHave 2 Farms Level 2
Have 9 Fields
24Crop rotationUnlock City Expansion 41No-10,000-
25Crop rotationHave 4 Fields Level 3
Have 12 Fields
26Crop rotationCollect 400 Tingle Breads
Collect 600 Savvy Soups
27Crop rotationDeliver 1,000 Orcs
Unlock Orc Strategist Promotion
28Crop rotationHave 3 Fields Level 4
Have 15 Fields
29Cultural ExchangeHave a Grape FarmNo--12,000
30Cultural ExchangeResearch Rearranged ResidencesNo200,000--
31Cultural ExchangeHave 20 Residences at level 26 or higherYes--10,000
32Cultural ExchangeHave 3 Grain Fields
Have 3 Carrot Fields
Have 3 Pumpkin Fields
33Cultural ExchangeUpgrade the Spring Grove to Level 2No150,00015,000-
34Cultural ExchangeHave 3 Farms Level 3No120,000-1
35Cultural ExchangeResearch Rearranged Main HallNo--30,000
36Cultural ExchangeUpgrade your Main Hall to level 26 or higherNo--2
37Cultural ExchangeCollect 600 Tingle Breads
Collect 900 Savvy Soups
Collect 1500 Jolly Jellies
38Cultural ExchangeDeliver 20,000 Divine SeedsNo--40,000
39Cultural ExchangeUpgrade the Spring Grove to Level 3No--1
40Cultural ExchangeProduce Beverages 40 times Produce Bread 20 times Produce Basket of Groceries 10 timesNo--3,000
41Cultural ExchangeHave at least 5 Workshops level 26 or higherYes--5
42Experts of ManufactoringGain 5,000 ElixirNo--3
200 Fertilizer
43Experts of ManufactoringResearch Halflings Elixir ManufactoryNo--5,000
400 Fertilizer
44Experts of ManufactoringGain 10,000 Magic DustNo--3
45Experts of ManufactoringResearch Goblins' Magic Dust Manufactory UpgradesNo--5,000
46Experts of ManufactoringGain 15,000 GemsNo100,000-3
47Experts of ManufactoringResearch Gems Manufactory UpgradesNo200,000-5,000
48Busy Bees and Faineant FrogsCollect 10,000,000 CoinsNo-20,000-
49Busy Bees and Faineant FrogsUpgrade the Spring Grove to Level 4No--3
50Busy Bees and Faineant FrogsHave 4 Farms Level 4No--18,000
51Busy Bees and Faineant FrogsResearch Halflings Style Mercenary CampNo150,00015,000-
52Busy Bees and Faineant FrogsResearch Faineant FrogsNo--1,000 Faineant Frogs
53Busy Bees and Faineant FrogsTrain 2,000 Faineant Frogs
Fight and win in 4 Encounters
54The Harvest FestivalHave 30 Country LanesNo--20,000
55The Harvest FestivalHave 2 GrapevinesNo200,000--
56The Harvest FestivalProduce Beverages 4 times
Produce Bread 2 times
57The Harvest FestivalResearch Ranger PromotionNo--1,000 Apples
58The Harvest FestivalGain 200,000 Mana
Deliver 20,000 Divine Seeds
59The Harvest FestivalResearch the Ancient Wonders of the HalflingsNo--1
60The Harvest FestivalGain 20,000 Seeds
Sell your Spring Grove
Total Rewards1,890,000195,000
Elementals Chapter (XII)
Quest NameQuest RequirementCan Decline?CoinsSuppliesOther
1The StormTrain 2,000 Orcs
Produce Beverages 50 times
2The StormDeliver 100,000 ManaNo  1
3The StormSpend 20 Knowledge PointsNo  1
4The StormResearch Advanced ScoutsNo150,0025,000 
5The StormDeliver 20,000 Marble Deliver
20,000 Steel Deliver
20,000 Planks
No  1
6Heirs of the Elvenar?Collect 50,000
Mana Collect 10,000 Seeds
No 30,000 
7Heirs of the Elvenar?Research Elemental Marble ManufactoryNo  2,000
8Heirs of the Elvenar?Collect 30,000 Marble   2
9Heirs of the Elvenar?Collect 10,000,000 CoinsNo 30,000 
10Heirs of the Elvenar?Research Dwarven Steel Manufactory UpgradesNo300,000  
11Heirs of the Elvenar?Collect 30,000 SteelNo  2
12Heirs of the Elvenar?Collect 1,000,000 SuppliesNo  10 min
13Heirs of the Elvenar?Research Growing Planks Manufactory UpgradesNo  20,000
14Heirs of the Elvenar?Collect 30,000 PlanksNo  2
15Sentient GoodsCollect 1000 Sentient Goods of your Normal Boosted GoodNo  1
16Sentient GoodsCollect 10 RelicsNo200,00010,000 
17Sentient GoodsHave 1 [T1 Sentient Goods Boost] Manufactory Level 16 or higherNo  2
18Sentient GoodsHave 1 [T1 Sentient Goods Boost] Manufactory Level 20 or higher and
Research Sentient Production Boost
No  10,000 T1 Goods
19Sentient GoodsHave 1 [T1 Sentient Goods Boost] Manufactory Level 24 or higher and
Upgrade the Trader to level 3
No  5
20Sentient GoodsCollect 10,000 [T1 Sentient Goods Boost}No  5,000
21Elemental ManifestationsResearch the Dimensional PortalNo  25,000
22Elemental ManifestationsBuild the Portal of the ElementsNo200,000  
23Elemental ManifestationsHave 4 CanalsNo 30,000 
24Elemental ManifestationsResearch Early Elemental ManifestationsNo  2,000 Minerals
25Elemental ManifestationsBuild an Air Manifestation
Build a Fire Manifestation
No  2,500
26Elemental ManifestationsBuild an Earth Manifestation
Build a Water Manifestation
No  2,500
27Elemental ManifestationsCollect 100 Air Artifacts
Collect 100 Fire Artifacts
No  1 Spell
28Elemental ManifestationsCollect 100 Earth Artifacts
Collect 100 Water Artifacts
No  1 5-KP
29Elemental ManifestationsResearch Orc Warrior PromotionNo  1,500 "
30Heated CombatTain 3,000 Orc WarriorsYes  10 Minutes
31Heated CombatFight and win 8 encountersYes  3,000 Orc Warriors
32Elemental ManifestationsCollect 10,000 Minerals
and Have 6 Canals
33Elemental ManifestationsHave 2 Air Manifestations
Have 2 Fire Manifestations
No   5%
34Elemental ManifestationsHave 4 Earth Manifestations
Have 3 Water Manifestations
No   5%
35Essence of the AncestorsCollect 200 Elvenar EssencesNo  1
36Essence of the AncestorsResearch Modernized ResidencesNo  2
37Essence of the AncestorsHave 10 Residences at level 28No  5
38Essence of the AncestorsHave 8 CanalsNo   5%
39Essence of the AncestorsHave 5 Earth Manifestations
Have 4 Water Manifestations
No  15,000
40Essence of the AncestorsHave 3 Air Manifestations
Have 3 Fire Manifestations
No  18,000
41Essence of the AncestorsHave Portal of the Elements level 2No  5,000
42Essence of the AncestorsDeliver 100 Elvenar EssencesNo250,000  
43Essence of the AncestorsResearch Advanced Elemetal Manifestations
and Collect 500 Elvenar Essences
No 28,000 
44Essence of the AncestorsHave a Fire Manifestation level 2
Have an Earth Manifestation level 2
No  5 1 Minute
45Essence of the AncestorsHave an Air Manifestation level 2
Have a Water Manifestation level 2
No  2 3 Minutes
46Essence of the AncestorsResearch Street Artists, a Bench and
a Bridge Research a Cafe and a Shrub
47Forging the MasksSpend 10 Knowledge PointsNo  1
48Forging the MasksScout 1 ProvinceNo  1
49Forging the MasksResearch Modernized WorkshopsNo  5 3 Minutes
50Forging the MasksProduce 40 Beverages and
Produce 10 Bread
51Forging the MasksHave at least 5 Workshops at level 20 and
Produce 20 Toolboxes
No  3
52Forging the MasksCollect 25,000 MineralsNo  22,000
53Forging the MasksResearch Vallorian Guard PromotionNo 20,000 
54Heated Combat IITrain 1,000 Vallorian Guards
and Train 1,000 Orc Warriors
Yes   5%
55Heated Combat IIComplete a ProvinceYes  4,000
56An Unsettling MysteryBuy 1 Knowledge PointNo150,000  
57An Unsettling MysterySpend 1 Knowledge PointNo  3
58An Unsettling MysteryResearch a Monument, a Statue and a TempleNo  2
59An Unsettling MysteryHave 1 Monument of a Peaceful PastNo  2
60An Unsettling MysterySpend 50 KPsNo  2 7 Minutes
61An Unsettling MysteryHave the Portal of the Elements at level 3No240,000  
62An Unsettling MysteryHave 1 Torch FountainNo 30,000 
63An Unsettling MysteryDeliver 20,000 [T1 Senteint Goods Boost]No  10,000 Minerals
64An Unsettling MysteryResearch Final Elemental ManifestationsNo200,00020,000 
65An Unsettling MysteryScout 2 ProvincesNo  25,000
66An Unsettling MysteryHave an Air Manifestation level 3
Have a Fire Manifestation level 3
No  2
67Renewing the BondsHave an Earth Manifestation level 3
Have a Water Manifestation level 3
No  10-KP
68Renewing the BondsHave the Portal of the Elements at level 4No  3
69Renewing the BondsResearch the Eternal StreetNo  3
70Renewing the BondsHave 40 Eternal StreetsNo  2 15 minutes and
1 30 minutes
71Renewing the BondsResearch Ghastly BansheeNo 30,000 
72Heated Combat IIITrain 3,000 Ghastly Banshees and
Fight and win in 8 encounters
Yes  1,000 Banshees
1,500 Orc Warriors
500 Vallorian Guards
73Renewing the BondsDeliver 20,000 of each non-boosted sentient goodNo  200
74Renewing the BondsResearch the Ancient Wonder of the ElementalsNo  1x
Total Rewards2,420,000273,000
Amuni Chapter (XIII)
Quest NameQuest RequirementCan Decline?CoinsSuppliesOther
1Temple and the coffinBuy 3 Knowledge PointsNo 50,000 
2Temple and the coffinSpend 50 Knowledge PointsNo300,000  
3Temple and the coffinResearch ArchaeologyNo  1
4Temple and the coffinBuild the Temple of the DunesNo  15,000
5Temple and the coffinDeliver 5,000 OrcsNo  2
6Temple and the coffinUnlock Robust Residences Have 10 Residences level 30No400,000  
7Temple and the coffinUnlock Robust WorkshopsNo 45,000 
8Temple and the coffinHave 5 Workshops level 30 Produce 10 Simple Tools Produce 5 ToolboxesNo  3x 7min
2x 15min
1x 30min
9Temple and the coffinGain 20,000 Divine SeedsNo  5,000
10Temple and the coffinSpend 10 Knowledge PointsNo  10%
11New Goods and new talentsResearch Dune Crystal ManufactoriesNo  5,000 Obsidian
12New Goods and new talentsScout 1 ProvinceNo  5,000
13New Goods and new talentsResearch Dragon Scrolls Manufactory UpgradesNo  5000 Arcane Ink
14New Goods and new talentsGain 200,000 ManaNo  5,000
15New Goods and new talentsResearch Fairy Silk Manufactory UpgradesNo  5,000 Royal Velvet
16New Goods and new talentsPlace 3 Trade Offers Accept 3 Trade OffersNo  5,000
17New Goods and new talentsResearch Sentient Goods Production BoostNo  2 5 hours
18New Goods and new talentsUpgrade your Trader to level 4 Have 1 [T2 Sentient Goods Boost] Manufactory level 12 or higherNo  3,000 Moonstone
3,000 Platinum
3,000 Tree Gum
19New Goods and new talentsGive Neighborly Help 20 Times Have 1 [T2 Sentient Goods Boost] Manufactory level 16 or higherNo  4
20New Goods and new talentsUnlock Goldsmith Technology Have 1 [T2 Sentient Goods Boost] Manufactory level 20 or higherNo  2x 14 hours
21New Goods and new talentsUnlock the Trap Maker Technology Have 1 [T2 Sentient Goods Boost] Manufactory level 24 or hihgerNo  3
22A city for the templeHave 4 Goldsmiths Have 2 Trap MakersNo280,00032,000 
23A city for the templeCollect 5,000 Grave Goods Collect 1,000 Traps Build all 4 Pillars of the TempleNo  2
24A city for the templeHave 8 Goldsmiths Have 4 Trap MakersNo  5%
25A city for the templeUpgrade the Temple of the Dunes to level 2No  1
26A city for the templeHave 1 Bath of Pleasures Produce 20 Baskets of GroceriesNo  2,000 Faineant Frogs
27A city for the templeResearch Faineant Frog PromotionNo 35,000 
28A city for the templeResearch a Last Resort, Palms and a Strange MerchantNo  3,000
29Bastet Sothep VIIGain 30,000 Divine SeedsNo  2
30Bastet Sothep VIICollect 20,000 Grave Goods Collect 4,000 TrapsNo  20,000
31Bastet Sothep VIIBuild all 3 Palm GardensNo400,000  
32Bastet Sothep VIIHave 6 Goldsmiths Level 2 Have 3 Trap Makers Level 2No 48,000 
33Bastet Sothep VIIUnlock Robust Workshops 2No  3
34Bastet Sothep VIIUpgrade the Temple of the Dunes to level 3No  1
35Bastet Sothep VIIProduce 40 Beverages Produce 20 Simple ToolsNo  1-KP
36Bastet Sothep VIIDeliver 20,000 Divine SeedsNo1  
37At the behest of her HighnessHave 50 Divine StreetsNo  25,000
38At the behest of her HighnessBuy 5 Knowledge PointsNo 50,000 
39At the behest of her HighnessSpend 1 Knowledge PointNo  5x 1 minute
40At the behest of her HighnessBuild the Temple of VenerationNo520,000  
41At the behest of her HighnessHave 6 Goldsmiths Level 3 Have 3 Trap Makers Level 3No  10%
42At the behest of her HighnessResearch Poison Dryad Research Robust BarracksNo  2,000
4,000 Dryads
43At the behest of her HighnessGain 5,000,000 CoinsNo 55,000 
44At the behest of her HighnessDeliver 5,000,000 CoinsNo  4x 3 minutes
45At the behest of her HighnessGain 10,000,000 CoinsNo 65,000 
46At the behest of her HighnessDeliver 10,000,000 CoinsNo  3x 7 minutes
47At the behest of her HighnessUpgrade your Main Hall to Level 30No600,000  
48Expensive negotiationsDeliver 20,000 Arcane InkNo  20,000
49Expensive negotiationsDeliver 20,000 Royal VelvetNo  20,000
50Expensive negotiationsDeliver 20,000 ObsidianNo  20,000
51Expensive negotiationsUpgrade the Temple of the Dunes to Level 4No  1 " />
52Expensive negotiationsGain 15,000,000 CoinsNo 40,000 
53Expensive negotiationsDeliver 15,000,000 Coins Collect 100,000 Grave GoodsNo  5
54Expensive negotiationsResearch the Temple of SustainabilityNo300,00030,000 
55The discernment of the goddessBuild the Temple of SustainabilityNo  2,000 Obsidian
2,000 Arcane Ink
2,000 Royal Velvet
56The discernment of the goddessHave 8 Goldsmiths Level 4 Have 4 Trap Makers Level 4No  7,000
57The discernment of the goddessCollect 20,000 TrapsNo  10,000 Grave Goods
58The discernment of the goddessResearch The Venom Drone RiderNo  4,000 Drone Riders
59The discernment of the goddessTrain 5,000 Venom Drone Riders Complete 2 ProvincesYes  1,500 Faineant Frogs
3,000 Dryads
3,000 Drone Riders
60The discernment of the goddessProduce 60 Beverages Produce Bread 30 Times Produce 15 Baskets of GroceriesNo  30,000
61The Story of the AmuniProduce 1 BeverageNo  40
62The Story of the AmuniGain 1 Divine SeedNo  40
63The Story of the AmuniGain 1 ManaNo  40
64The Story of the AmuniBuy 1 Knowledge PointNo  40
65The Story of the AmuniSpend 1 Knowledge PointNo  40
66The Story of the AmuniResearch the Ancient Wonders of the AmuniNo  2
67The Story of the AmuniScout a ProvinceNo 50,0005,000
68The Story of the AmuniComplete a ProvinceNo500,000  
69The Story of the AmuniSell the Temple of the DunesNo  2x 5 hours.
Total Rewards3,300,001500,000
Constructs Chapter (XIV)
Quest NameQuest RequirementCan Decline?Reward
1A shadow in the skyProduce 20 Simple ToolsNo20,000
2A shadow in the skyDeliver 20,000 Divine SeedsNo1x 10
3A shadow in the skyTrain a mighty amount of UnitsNo2,000
4A shadow in the skyBuy 3 Knowledge PointsNo10% 1x
5A shadow in the skyCollect 8,000,000 CoinsNo1x
6A shadow in the skyUnlock the Port of the Central IslandNo1x 5
7A shadow in the skySpend 5 Knowledge PointsNo2x
8A shadow in the skyCollect 10,000 Elixir
Collect 10,000 Magic Dust
Collect 10,000 Gems
No2x 2 hours
9Landing DifficultiesHave a [T3 Boost+1 ] Manufactory at level 4 or higherNo2x 5 hours
10Landing DifficultiesHave a [T3 Boost+1 ] Manufactory at level 8 or higher
Gain 8 Relics
No2x 8 hours
11Landing DifficultiesHave a [T3 Boost+1 ] Manufactory at level 12 or higher
Unlock Advanced Trader 3
No2x 14 hours
12Landing DifficultiesUpgrade your Trader to level 5
Place 5 Trade Offers
Accept 5 Trade Offers
13Landing DifficultiesCollect 15,000 Seeds
Collect 20,000 Elixir
14Landing DifficultiesHave a [T3 Boost+1 ] Manufactory at level 16 or higher
Research Traditional Elixir Manufactory Upgrades
No2x 20 hours
15Landing DifficultiesGain 4,000 Orcs
Collect 20,000 Magic Dust
16Landing DifficultiesHave a [T3 Boost+1 ] Manufactory at level 20 or higher
Research Goblins' Magic Dust Manufactory Upgrades
No2x 20 hours
17Landing DifficultiesGain 100,000 Mana
Collect 20,000 Gems
18Landing DifficultiesResearch Core Cracking Gems ManufactoryNo2x
19A lesson in historyHave a [T3 Boost+1 ] Manufactory at level 24 or higher
Research Sentient Good Production Boost
20A lesson in historyBuild a port for D000-b "Core"No1x
21A lesson in historyCollect 1,000 C001-f "Basic"No200
22A lesson in historyCollect 400 c724-d "Breeze"
Collect 400 c331-m "Blossom"
23A lesson in historyCollect 400 C408-b "Mechatron"
Collect 400 C259-h "Shepherd"
24The Society of the ConstructsUnlock the Ports of the Production IslandsNo1x 5
25The Society of the ConstructsGain 10,000 Silly Soap
Gain 10,000 Alloy Shrooms
Gain 10,000 Cosmic Bismuth
26The Society of the ConstructsBuild a port for D001-o "Engine"
Build a port for D003-r "Assembly"
No2x 2 hours
27The Society of the ConstructsBuild a port for D002-l "Garden"
Build a port for D004-w "Zoo"
28The Society of the ConstructsProduce 50,000 Elvenarian
Collect 1,500 C001-f "Basic"
Have 8 Ports for Production Islands
29The Society of the ConstructsUnlock Evolved Residences
Unlock Evolved Workshops
No2x 5 hours
30The Society of the ConstructsHave 8 Residences level 32
Have 4 Workshops level 32
Have 12 Ports for Production Islands
No1x 15
31The Society of the ConstructsProduce 750 Air FiltersNo200
32The Society of the ConstructsProduct 520 Electric ShocksNo200
33The Society of the ConstructsProduct 670 Rain JellyfishNo200
34The Society of the ConstructsProduct 600 Protein BarsNo200
35The Society of the ConstructsCollect 100 Humanium
Collect 100 Elvarium
36A visit to the Central IslandHave 16 Ports for Production Islands
Upgrade D000-b "Core" to level 2
No2x 8 hours
37A visit to the Central IslandProduct Basket of Groceries 5 timesNo1x 10
38A visit to the Central IslandSpend 50 Knowledge PointsNo2x
39A visit to the Central IslandGain 20,000 Gems
Gain 20,000 Cosmic Bismuth
40A visit to the Central IslandUnlock the First Upgrades of the Production IslandsNo500
41A visit to the Central IslandHave 4 Production Islands at level 2No1x 20 hours
42A visit to the Central IslandScout 1 Province No3x 2 hours
43A visit to the Central IslandProduce Advanced Tools 10 timesNo1x 5
44A visit to the Central IslandGain 80,000 ManaNo5,000
45A visit to the Central IslandCollect 400 Humanium
Collect 400 Elvarium
46A visit to the Central IslandUnlock Evolved Main HallNo30,000
47Fear of contactUpgrade your Main Hall to level 32No40,000
48Fear of contactUnlock the Blossom Princess
Train 5,000 Gruff Orc Warriors
Train 3,000 Blossom Princesses
Yes5,000 Gruff Orc Warriors
3,000 Blossom Princess
49Fear of contactScout 1 Province
Solve 4 encounters
Yes1x 20
50Fear of contactHave 30 Enigma AvenuesNo3x
51Fear of contactUpgrade D000-b "Core" to level 3No3x
52Fear of contactUnlock the Second Upgrades of the Production IslandsNo1x
53Fear of contactHave 8 Production Islands at level 3No4x 1 hour
54Fear of contactHave 16 Production Islands at level 3No4,000
55Fear of contactHave 1 Step Stones
Have 1 Recharge Bay
56The origin of prejudiceUpgrade D000-b "Core" to level 4
Collect 5,000 C001-f "Basic"
No1x 10
57The origin of prejudiceProduce 200,000 Elvenarin
Spend 30 Knowledge Points
No1x 25%
58The origin of prejudiceCollect 20,000,000 Coins
Unlock the Final Upgrades of the Production Islands
No1x 14 hours
59The origin of prejudiceGain 20 Relics
Collect 500 Elvarium
60The origin of prejudiceCollect 20,000 Divine Seeds
Have 4 Production Islands at level 4
No1x 25%
61The origin of prejudiceGain 2,000,000 Supplies
Collect 500 Humanium
62The origin of prejudiceCollect 200,000 Mana
Have 8 Production Islands at level 4
No3x 3
63The origin of prejudiceHave six Manufactories at level 25 or higherNo1 Building (1x1) Butterfly Shrub
64The origin of prejudiceHave 12 Production Islands at level 4No4x
65Attempt of an approachScout 1 Province
Buy 5 Knowledge Points
66Attempt of an approachUnlock Evolved Workshops 2
Have at least 1 Workshop at level 33
67Attempt of an approachUnlock Evolved Residences 2
Have at least 1 Residence at level 33
68Attempt of an approachPlace 10 Trade Offers
Accept 10 Trade Offers
69Attempt of an approachUnlock the Senior Orc Strategist
Solve 4 encounters
No5,000 Gruff Orc Warrior
3,000 Blossom Princess
5,000 Senior Orc Strategist
70Attempt of an approachHave 1 D288-b "Aqueduct"
Gain "Inspiring Meditation" Enchantment 2 times
71Attempt of an approachUpgrade your Main Hall to Level 33
Deliver 1,000,000 Supplies
72The Destiny of Humans and ElvesGive Neighborly Help 25 timesNo25x 3 minutes
73The Destiny of Humans and ElvesDeliver 200,000 Elvenarin
Deliver 20,000 Divine Seeds
74The Destiny of Humans and ElvesDeliver 5,000 C724-d "Breeze"
Deliver 5,000 C408-b "Mechatron"
No5x 45 minutes
75The Destiny of Humans and ElvesDeliver 5000 C331-m "Blossom"
Deliver 5000 C259-h "Shepherd"
No1x 15
76The Destiny of Humans and ElvesUnlock the Ancient Wonders of the ConstructsNo1x 40 hours
77The Destiny of Humans and ElvesSell the Port of D000-b "Core"No200
78The Destiny of Humans and ElvesInvest 100 Knowledge Points in an Ancient Wonder of another playerNo1x 10
79The Destiny of Humans and ElvesScout 1 ProvinceNo1x
The Elvenar
Elvenar Chapter (XV)
#Quest NameQuest RequirementCan Decline?Other
1Reaching out to new landsResearch Advanced ScoutsNo28000
2Strange visitorsRecruit a huge amount of UnitsNo1x
3Strange visitorsSpend 10 Knowledge PointsNo1x
4Strange visitorsBuy 8 Knowledge PointsNo2x
5Strange visitorsResearch Council Hall No1x
6Strange visitorsHave a Council Hall at level 1 or higherNo1x 14 hours
7Visit of The AscendedAccept 2 trade offers from Players or the WholesalerNo1x 10
8Visit of The AscendedBuy 5 Knowledge Points No2x 5 hours
9Visit of The AscendedGain 3 Enchantment itemsNo30000
10Visit of The AscendedGain 600 Spell FragmentsNo1x
11Visit of The AscendedProduce Beverages 10 timesNo2x 2 hours
12Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Academy of the ElvenarNo1x
13Disciples of the ElvenarHave an Academy of the Elvenar at level 1 or higherNo1x 25%
14Disciples of the ElvenarCollect 2000 Ideas from the Academy of the ElvenarNo1x 25%
15Disciples of the ElvenarProduce [Tier 1 Boost][3 hr] 12 timesNo1x
16Disciples of the ElvenarGive Neighborly Help 5 times No1x 5
17Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Atelier of the Elvenar No1x 14 hours
18Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Agriculture of the ElvenarNo32000
19Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Factory of the ElvenarNo1x 10
20Disciples of the ElvenarGain a big amount of SuppliesNo1x
21Disciples of the ElvenarHave an Atelier of the Elvenar at level 1 or higher
Have an Agriculture of the Elvenar at level 1 or higher
Have a Factory of the Elvenar at level 1 or higher
22Disciples of the ElvenarProduce Bread 18 times
Produce Basket of Groceries 5 times
No1x 8 hours
23Disciples of the ElvenarCollect 10 RelicsNo1x
24Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Vault of WisdomNo1x 14 hours
25Disciples of the ElvenarHave a Vault of Wisdom at level 1 or higher No1x 10
26Disciples of the ElvenarProduce 8 Toolboxes No2x
27Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Improved Vault of WisdomNo34000
28Disciples of the ElvenarHave a Vault of Wisdom at level 2 or higherNo1x 8 hours
29Disciples of the ElvenarGain 15 Relics No1x
30Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Improved Council HallNo2x 5 hours
31Disciples of the ElvenarGain or Use Enchantments 5 timesNo1x
32Disciples of the ElvenarHave a Council Hall at level 3 or higherNo1x 10
33Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Elvenar Style Main Hall No3x
34Disciples of the ElvenarHave a Main Hall at level 34 or higher No1x 8 hours
35Disciples of the ElvenarRecruit a huge amount of Units No1x
36Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Improved Dwarven Steel ManufactoryNo36000
37Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Improved Elemental Marble ManufactoryNo1x 14 hours
38Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Improved Growing Planks ManufactoryNo1x
39Disciples of the ElvenarHave one of these Manufactories at level 28 or higher:
Dwarven Steel, Elemental Marble or Growing Planks.
No1x 8 hours
40Disciples of the ElvenarGain 10 Vision Vapor No1x 10
41Disciples of the ElvenarGain a fair amount of [T1 Boost]No2x
42Disciples of the ElvenarProduce Beverages 30 timesNo1x
43Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Improved Elvenar Style Residences No1x 8 hours
44Disciples of the ElvenarHave a Residence at level 35 or higher OR
Have a Premium Residence at level 15 or higher
No1x 10
45Disciples of the ElvenarUse Enchantments 5 timesNo38000
46Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Improved Elvenar Style Main HallNo1x 14 hours
47Disciples of the ElvenarHave a Main Hall at level 35 or higher No1x
48Disciples of the ElvenarProduce Advanced Tools 20 times No1x 15
49Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Ascending Street No1x 8 hours
50Disciples of the ElvenarHave 10 Ascending StreetsNo1x 10
51Disciples of the ElvenarBuy 10 Knowledge PointsNo1x 14 hours
52Disciples of the ElvenarResearch Ancient Wonders of the Elvenar No1x
53Disciples of the ElvenarSell the Council Hall.
If you have already sold it, you can sell any type of Portal.
Embassies (XVI)
#Quest NameQuest RequirementCan Decline?Other
1Visitors from UnurSpend 10 Knowledge PointsNo1x 5
2Visitors from UnurProduce Beverages 15 timesNo3x
3Visitors from UnurAh yes! One more thing.NoCollect 300,000
4Visitors from UnurSolve 4 encountersNo2x 2 hours
5Visitors from UnurProduce 10 BreadNo5x
6Visitors from UnurResearch SenateNo3x
7Visitors from UnurBuild the SenateNo1x
8Visitors from UnurProduce 1,000 Draft LawsNo1x
9Visitors from UnurResearch Fairy EmbassyNo2x
10Visitors from UnurResearch Dwarven EmbassyNo1x
11Visitors from UnurHave both EmbassiesNo10,000
12Irreconcilable positionsCollect 1,500 Dwarven Propositions
Collect 1,500 Fairy Propositions
No1x 25%
13Irreconcilable positionsSpend 20 Knowledge PointsNo3x 1 hours
14Irreconcilable positionsResearch Beer FestivalNo12,000
15Irreconcilable positionsHave at least 5 Beer FestivalsNo5x 10 min
16Irreconcilable positionsProduce 2,000 Strawberry BeerNo3x
17Irreconcilable positionsResearch Tea HouseNo10,000 unit Blossom Mage
18Irreconcilable positionsHave at least 5 Tea HousesNo12,000
19Irreconcilable positionsProduce 2,000 Purple TeaNo3x
20Mediators urgently neededScout 1 ProvinceNo1 5
21Mediators urgently neededCollect 3,000 Dwarven Propositions
Collect 3,000 Fairy Propositions
No20,000 Forest Warden
22Mediators urgently neededResearch Senate level 2No2x 2 hours
23Mediators urgently neededUpgrade the Senate to level 2No10,000
24Mediators urgently neededResearch Dwarven Embassy level 2No2x
25Mediators urgently neededUpgrade the Dwarven Embassy to level 2No1x
26Mediators urgently neededResearch Fairy Embassy level 2No3x
27Mediators urgently neededUpgrade the Fairy Embassy to level 2No1x
28Mediators urgently neededDiscuss 1,000 Dwarven AmendmentsNo12,000
29Mediators urgently neededDiscuss 1,000 Fairy Amendments
Serve 5 Purple Teas
No 100,000 Mana
30Mediators urgently neededResearch Senate level 3No2x 3 min
31Mediators urgently neededUpgrade the Senate to level 3No1,000
32A controversial solutionDonate 500,000 ManaNo1 10
33A controversial solutionDonate 50,000 Divine SeedsNo1 15
34A controversial solutionUnlock the Meditation CircleNo4x
35A controversial solutionBuild the Meditation CircleNo2x
36A controversial solutionCollect 200 InspirationsNo1x
37A controversial solutionSolve 4 EncountersNo5x 3 min
38A controversial solutionHave 4 Manufactories of at least Level 28No1x
39A controversial solutionUnlock Dwarven Embassy and Beer Festival Level 3No4x
40Advanced diplomacyHave 3 Beer Festivals of at least Level 3No1x
41Advanced diplomacyProduce 5,000 Strawberry BeerNo3x 2 hours
42Advanced diplomacyHave 3 Tea Houses of at least Level 3No1
43Advanced diplomacyCollect 5,000 Dwarven Propositions
Collect 5,000 Fairy Propositions
No3x 10%
44Advanced diplomacyHave 8 Residences of at least Level 36No6x
45Advanced diplomacyDiscuss 2,000 Fairy Amendments
Discuss 2,000 Dwarven Amendments
46Advanced diplomacyUpgrade the Senate to Level 4
Upgrade the Meditation Circle to Level 3
No1 Dancing Fountain
47Advanced diplomacyDonate 1,000 Purple Tea
Donate 1,000 Strawberry Beers
No10x 3 min
48Advanced diplomacyHave a [Tier 2 Sentient Boosted] Manufactory Level 29No3x
49Advanced diplomacyProduce 10 Baskets of Groceries
Upgrade at least 4 Workshops to Level 36
No1x 50%
50Doubtful adviceDeclare 2,000 StatutesNo120,000 good
51Doubtful adviceUnlock Main Hall Level 36No2x
52Doubtful adviceUpgrade your Main Hall to Level 36No2x
53Doubtful adviceHave 1 Armory of at least Level 36No15,000
54Family reunionsScout 1 ProvinceNo12,000
55Family reunionsSpend 50 Knowledge PointsNo2x
56Family reunionsGain 1,000 Spell FragmentsNo1x
57Family reunionsGive Neighborly Help 20 timesNo5x
58Family reunionsDo Berry Treading 10 timesNo5x 1 hours
59Family reunionsHave 3 Beer Festivals of at least Level 4No1x
60Family reunionsCollect 40,000,000 CoinsNo4x
61Family reunionsBrew Beer 5 timesNo3x 10%
62Family reunionsSolve 20 Tournament EncountersNo2x 5
63Family reunionsServe Beer 20 timesNo2x
64Family reunionsHave 3 Tea Houses of at least Level 4No1,000
65Family reunionsDry Leaves 5 timesNo20,000
66Family reunionsBrew Tea 10 timesNo20,000
67Family reunionsServe Tea 20 timesNo20,000
68Family reunionsUnlock Workshops Level 37No5x 15 min
69Family reunionsDonate 20,000,000 CoinsNo1x
70Family reunionsInvest 100 Knowledge Points in an Ancient Wonder of another playerNo3x
71Family reunionsUnlock Residences Level 37No1x
72A friendly agreementCollect 1,000 InspirationsNo4x 5%
73A friendly agreementDeclare 5,000 StatutesNo4x 5%
74A friendly agreementCollect 500,000 ManaNoComplete 1 province
75A friendly agreementGive Neighbourly Help 50 timesNo18000
76A friendly agreementProduce 20 beveragesNo2x 5
77A friendly agreementUnlock Polished ManufactoriesNo4x
78A friendly agreementBuy 5 Knowledge PointsNo1x
79A friendly agreementInvest 200 Knowledge Points in an Ancient Wonder of another playerNo200



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