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Story Quest Lists

Click a tab below to view the list of quests for that chapter.

*Please be aware that quests listed may not all appear to all players or in the same order to all players; precise quests offered may vary based on game-play decisions made.

Chapter One
Chapter I
Quest NameQuest RequirementCan Decline?CoinsSuppliesOther
1Another ResidenceHave at least 2 ResidencesNo500100-
2Another WorkshopHave at least 2 WorkshopsNo1,000100-
3More SuppliesStart BeveragesNo150050-
4A Growing CityHave 4 ResidencesNo500150-
5Collect TaxesCollect CoinsNo2,000 -
6More WorkshopsHave at least 3 WorkshopsNo-250-
7Better ResidencesStart to upgrade 2 ResidencesNo--10
8Gather Knowledge in the WorldNegotiate 2 EncountersNo-250-
9Upgrade the Main HallHave a Main Hall at level 2 or higher
Have 2 Luminous Signposts
10The First BreakthroughNegotiate 3 EncountersNo1,000100-
11Prepare for your MagicStart 3 BeveragesNo4,000--
12The Decision: [T1 Boost] or Troops?Unlock [T1 Boost] Manufactory or BarracksNo2,000200-
13Supplies for [T1 Boost] ProductionStart 3 BeveragesNo4,000--
14Research the [T1 Boost] ManufactoryUnlock [T1 Boost] ManufactoryNo3,000400-
15Prepare some CoinsGain 20 CoinsNo-100-
16A [T1 Boost] ManufactoryHave 1 [T1 Boost] ManufactoryNo4,000300-
17Manufacturing [T1 Boost]Start a [T1 Boost] [3 hr Production]No6,000100-
18Solve Encounters for KnowledgeSolve 6 encountersNo6,000100-
19Research all ManufactoriesResearch [T1 Non-boost 1] & [T1 Non-boost 2] ManufactoriesNo--10
20Research MagicUnlock Production Boost technologyNo4,000400-
21Collect more [T1 Boost] RelicsHave 8 [T1 Boost] RelicsNo2,0001,000-
22Magic [T1 Boost] ProductionGain [T1 Boost]No6,000600-
23Research the TraderResearch TraderNo3,0001,000-
24Access to Trade RoutesHave a TraderNo8,000500-
25Trade with LelandTrade with the WholesalerNo2,0001,200-
26Trade with [T1 Boost]Place 1 Trade OfferNo7,000700-
27Research the BarracksResearch the BarracksNo10,000300-
28Troop SuppliesStart 2 BeveragesNo6,000100-
29The BarracksHave a BarracksNo 20025 Sword Dancers
30The First TrainingTrain 1 Sword DancerNo1,000300-
31To Battle!Fight and win an EncounterNo--10
32More UnitsTrain at least 12 UnitsNo1,000300-
33Solve Encounters for KnowledgeSolve 5 EncountersNo6,000100-
34Research BowsUnlock ArcherNo2,000400-
35Preparations for Ranged FightersProduce 3 BeveragesNo1,000300-
36The First ArchersTrain 12 ArchersNo1,000500-
37The First Tactical BattleFight and win an EncounterNo2,000400-
38Explore the World AgainSolve an encounterNo3,000400-
39A Bigger ArmyResearch Squad Size Upgrade 1No1,000500-
40Research ArmoriesResearch ArmoriesNo10,000400-
41The First ArmoryHave an ArmoryNo4,000800-
42Train 18 UnitsTrain 18 UnitsNo7,000700-
43Make Your Army Even BiggerResearch Squad Size Upgrade 2No4,0001,000-
44Produce SuppliesProduce Bread 5 timesNo10,000300-
45Produce SuppliesGain 200 SuppliesNo10,000300-
46Larger ResidencesResearch Advanced ResidencesNo7,000700-
47Preparing ResidencesHave 2 Residences at level 3 or higherNo12,000400-
48Build an ExpansionPlace ExpansionNo8,000800-
49Upgrade ResidencesHave 1 Residence at level 4 or higherNo6,0001,000-
50Upgrade the Main HallHave a Main Hall at level 3 or higherNo10,0001,000-
51New StreetsHave 6 Simple TrailsNo14,000600-
52Build a Flying BoatHave 1 Flying Boat No5,0001,500-
53Culture BonusReach Culture Bonus of 150 %No12,000800-
54Expand City TerritoryFinish the first ProvinceYes3,000300-
55Basic Economy IHave 4 Residences at level 2 or higher
Have 2 Workshops at level 2 or higher
56Complete a ProvinceComplete a ProvinceYes5,000300-
57Basic Economy IIHave at least 10 Residences
Have at least 4 Workshops
58Buy Knowledge PointsBuy 1 Knowledge PointYes2,000400-
59Solve EncountersComplete a ProvinceYes8,000300-
60Bigger BarracksHave a Barracks at level 3 or higherYes2,0002,000-
61Use Neighborly HelpReach Culture Bonus of max. 150 %Yes10,0001,000-
62Upgrade ResidencesHave 3 Residences at level 3 or higherYes10,0001,000-
63Workshop UpgradeHave a Workshop at level 4 or higherYes10,0001,000-
64More [T1 Boost]Have a [T1 Boost] Manufactory at level 3 or higherYes--200 [T1 Boost]
65More CultureReach Culture Bonus of 125 %Yes5,0001,500-
66Using Strengths: [T1 Boost]Gain 100 [T1 Boost]Yes20,000--
67Train TroopsTrain 30 UnitsYes7,500--
68The SorceressBuy 3 Knowledge PointsNo5,0001,500-
69The High Men's HeritageScout 1 ProvinceNo5,0001,500-
70The High Men's HeritageComplete 3 ProvincesYes5,0001,500-
71The Magic AcademyResearch Magic AcademyNo5,0001,500-
72The Magic AcademyBuild Magic AcademyNo5,0001,500-
73The Magic AcademyProduce Power of Provision Enchantment 1 timeNo5,0001,500-
74The Magic AcademyUse Power of Provision Enchantment 1 timeNo5,0001,500-
Total Rewards344,00040,600
Chapter Two
Chapter II
Quest NameQuest RequirementCan Decline?CoinsSuppliesOther
1Ready for Distant ProvincesResearch Advanced ScoutsNo--250
2Leveling UpSolve an EncounterNo20,0001,000-
3Scouting Distant ProvincesScout a Province 3 Provinces awayNo15,0001,500-
4Better WorkshopsResearch Advanced WorkshopsNo30,000--
5Wonderfully big WorkshopsHave 1 Workshop at Level 5 or higherNo30,000--
63 [Tier 1 Boost] please!Produce 3 [tier 1 boost 9 hrs]No7,000-700 T1 Boost
7Small Scale [Boost] ManufactoriesUnlock Advanced [Boost] ManufactoryNo5,0003,000-
8Collect [Boost] RelicsGain 5 [Boost] RelicsNo10,0002,000-
9Peparing [Boost] ManufctoriesHave 1 [Boost] Manufactory at level 5 or higherNo15,000-400 T1 Boost
10Upgraded [Boost] ManufactoriesHave 1 [Boost] Manufactory at level 6 or higherNo15,000-600 T1 Boost
11A Big OrderProduce 2 [tier 1 boost 1 day]No15,0001,500-
12Peddling [Boost]Place 3 Trade OffersNo35,000--
13New Production LevelResearch All Advanced ManufactoriesNo10,0002,500-
14The Whispering TreesHave 1 Spot of Whispering TreesNo18,0001,700-
15Elven LusterHave a Main Hall at level 6 or higherNo18,0001,700-
16Search for More MagicHave 25 [Boost] RelicsNo--1000 [T1 Boost]
17The SamplesAccept 1 Trade OfferNo--3
18Trade PreparationsGain 100 [Boost]No40,000--
19Filthy LucreCollect 1,000 CoinsNo 4,000-
20Magic [T2 Boost]!Have 1 [T2 Boost] ManufactoryNo20,0002,000-
21Intense ResearchResearch each [Non T2 Boost] ManufactoryNo--300 [T2 Boost]
22On the Verge of a BreakthroughGain 5 [T2 Boost] RelicsNo5,0004,000-
23The New Magic is Working!Research a Goods boost technologyNo--100
24Honor the Treants!Have 1 Ancient RunesNo45,000--
25Great GrowthResearch City Expansion 4 and 5No20,0002,500-
26Unknown CreaturesSolve 1 EncounterYes20,0001,000-
27Troops Save Valuable GoodsGain 5 Steel Relics
Fight and win in 5 Encounters
28Increase [Boost] ProductionGain 100 [T1 Boost]Yes5,0002,500-
29Training UpgradeResearch Advanced Barracks
Have a Barracks at level 5 or higher
30Good BusinessPlace 1 Trade OfferYes20,0001,000-
31Secure resuppliesProduce Bread 5 timesYes30,000--
32Gather TroopsHave 150 Sword Dancers
Have 150 Archers
33Mass at the BorderComplete a ProvinceYes5,0002,700-
34More Power to our ArmyResearch Squad Size 4Yes25,000700-
35Space for Bigger ArmiesResearch City Expansion 3Yes5,0002,700-
36Large BarracksResearch Advanced Barracks
Have a Barracks at level 6 or higher
37Solve Encounters in the WorldSolve 6 encountersYes-3,000-
38The Art of the SwordResearch Sword Dancer PromotionYes25,0001,000-
39Train Sword DancersTrain 100 Sword DancerYes5,0003,000-
40New Training TechniquesResearch Advanced ArmoryYes12,0002,000-
41Training UpgradeHave 1 Armory at level 5 or higherYes20,0001,500-
42The New Power of the ElvesResearch Squad Size 6Yes18,0001,700-
43Training a Grand ArmyHave 2 Armories at level 5 or higherYes20,0003,000-
44Local ProductionHave 1 boosted Manufactory at level 7 or higherYes20,0001,000-
45The First Grand ArmyTrain 60 UnitsYes7,0003,000-
46The TestFight and win an EncounterYes--25
47More Intense TrainingHave a Barracks at level 9 or higherYes18,0001,700-
48Using Strenghts: [T1 Boost]Complete 2 [T1 Boost] Manufactory upgradesYes--1200 [T1 Boost]
49The Decision of the TreantsResearch TreantYes2,0004,000-
50The Treants are coming!Have 12 TreantsYes40,000400-
51Staring Danger in the FaceFight and win an Encounter 5 Provinces awayYes--30
52From One Battle to the NextTrain 100 UnitsYes40,000500-
53Powerful ArmoriesHave 3 Armories at level 5 or higherYes25,0002,500-
54Strengthening StrengthsBuild 1 [T2 Boost] Manufactory
Complete 1 [T2 Boost] Manufactory upgrade
Yes--300 [T2 Boost]
55A FavorAccept 5 TradesYes20,0002,500-
56Build More Cultural BuildingsBuild 2 Cultural BuildingsYes10,0003,500-
57Goods are the Key to Everything!Gain 500 GoodsYes10,0001,000-
58Be PreparedTrain 30 UnitsYes15,000--
Total Rewards825,00081,800
Chapter Three
Chapter III
Quest NameQuest RequirementCan Decline?CoinsSuppliesOther
1Gaze YonderResearch Advanced ScoutsNo6,0005,000-
2Uncover New KnowledgeScout 1 ProvinceNo20,0003,500-
3Awaken the Golems!Research GolemNo45,0003,000-
4A Bond with NatureGain 8 RelicsNo35,0004,000-
5Treant ResidencesResearch Superior ResidencesNo50,000700-
6Space to LiveResearch City Expansion 6No3,0002,600-
7Elven Mastery of the BowResearch Archer PromotionNo17,0004,000-
8Elven ClothResearch Advanced Silk ManufactoryNo30,0003,000-
9The Old SagasSolve 5 EncountersNo50,0001,000-
10Marble GolemsGain 300 MarbleNo4,000--
11Search for Greater KnowledgeGain 3 Marble RelicsNo1,0005,000-
12Powerful Earth ConnectionResearch Advanced Crystal ManufactoryNo4,0006,000-
13Bringing Magic TogetherGain 2 Relics of your T1 Boost
Gain 2 Relics of your T2 Boost
14Finding KnowledgeResearch Advanced Scrolls ManufactoryNo35,0003,500-
15Commemorating HiNoBuild Statue of the Sacred SageNo20,0005,200-
16Knowledge MaturesGain 4 RelicsNo12,0006,000-
17True Golems I: Magic DustResearch Magic Dust Manufactories
Gain 3 Magic Dust Relics
18True Golems II: Magic GemsResearch Gems Manufactories
Gain 3 Gems Relics
19True Golems III: Elixir of LifeResearch Elixir Manufactories
Gain 3 Elixir Relics
20True Golems IV: Magic EnergyResearch Good Production BoostNo70,000700-
21True Golems V: The IngredientsGain 500 Goods of your T1 Boost
Gain 200 Goods of your T2 Boost
Gain 50 Goods of your T3 Boost
22Awaken the Golems!Research GolemNo45,0003,000-
23Elven SorceressesResearch SorceressNo1,0009,000-
24Welcome ReinforcementsTrain 12 SorceressesNo55,0002,000-
25Grand Warriors - Grand ArmyResearch Squad Size Upgrade 8No60,0002,000-
26Strengthen Ties to the EarthBuild Mysterious CycloneNo20,0006,000-
27Help from the GolemsResearch Superior WorkshopNo40,0004,000-
28New StreetsResearch Cobbled RoadNo40,0004,000-
29A Gift of the GolemsResearch City Expansion 7, 8 or 9No15,0006,500-
30Supplies of Unimaginable QualityHave 1 Workshop at level 7 or higherNo70,0001,000-
31Barracks for Treants and GolemsResearch Superior BarracksNo25,0005,500-
32Great TidingsSolve 5 EncountersNo50,0003,000-
33The Elven Tower I: PreparationsHave a Main Hall at level 9 or higherNo10,0007,000-
34The Elven Tower II: The ScaffoldingGain 500 PlanksNo60,0002,000-
35The Elven Tower III: Earth ElementsGain 500 Marble
Gain 300 Crystal
36The Elven Tower IV: Looking SkywardResearch Superior Main HallNo10,0007,000-
37Erecting the Elven TowerHave a Main Hall at level 10 or higherNo4,0004,000-
38More Building SuppliesGain 100 Marble
Gain 100 Steel
Gain 100 Planks
39City RestructuringMove 4 BuildingsYes30,0002,500-
40New StreetsHave 10 Cobbled RoadsYes20,0003,800-
41Be PreparedResearch Squad Size Upgrade 7Yes15,0003,000-
42Let More Buildings GrowHave 2 Residences at level 8 or higherYes33,0002,200-
43Make Room for the TreantsComplete 4 Armory upgradesYes20,0005,000-
44Our New ArchersTrain 72 ArchersYes50,0001,500-
45Take up the Bows!Have 288 ArchersYes60,000--
46Tactical Strengths IGain 3 Silk Relics
Fight and win in 3 Encounters
47Moving MountainsHave 36 GolemsYes75,000--
48Tactical Strengths IIGain 3 Steel Relics
Fight and win in 3 Encounters
49A Strong ArmyResearch Squad Size Upgrade 8Yes52,0003,000-
50Grand Training AreasComplete 3 Armory upgradesYes20,0006,000-
51[variable by boost]Have a [T2 Boost] Manufactory at level 4 or higherYes30,0004,000-
52[variable by boost]Gain 200 [T2 Boost]
Place 1 Trade Offer
53The Special IngredientGain 200 [T2 Boost]Yes10,0006,000-
54Staying StrongHave 2 [T2 Boost] Manufactories at level 5 or higherYes--1000 [T2 Boost]
55Feel the QualityGain 400 [T2 Boost]Yes5,0007,000-
56[variable by boost]Have a [T3 Boost] ManufactoryYes20,0005,500-
57Making Room for MagicResearch City Expansion 8, 9 or 10Yes42,0004,200-
58Superior Magic AbilitiesHave 2 [T3 Boost] ManufactoriesYes--200 [T3 Boost]
59Always Be Prepared!Train 100 UnitsYes10,0001,500-
60Goods are the Key to Everything!Gain 750 GoodsYes15,0002,500-
Total Rewards1,662,000210,900
Chapter Four
Chapter IV
Quest NameQuest RequirementCan Decline?CoinsSuppliesOther
1The Key to the Power of ElvenarResearch Advanced ScoutsNo40,0004,000-
2The Magic of the ElvenarSpend 1 Knowledge PointNo30,0005,000-
3Magic ArmoriesGain 200 Magic DustNo70,0001,000-
4Magical TrainingResearch Superior ArmoryNo25,0005,500-
5Magic Dust of the ElvesResearch Advanced Magic Dust ManufactoryNo50,0003,000-
6Magical TreantsResearch Treant PromotionNo75,000500-
7Superior ElixirsResearch Advanced Elixir ManufactoryNo5,0007,500-
8Creating Superior MagicGain 500 Elixir
Gain 500 Magic Dust
9The Discovery of the GolemsResearch Advanced Gems ManufactoriesNo50,0004,000-
10Room for MagicResearch City Expansion 10 or 11No20,0007,000-
11Remember the Fratricidal WarHave 1 Splendid Stone of ArtNo80,0001,000-
12Unraveling SecretsComplete 1 Armory upgradeYes30,0006,000-
13Magical ArmoriesGain 200 Magic Dust
Gain 3 Magic Dust Relics
14Harmonized ProductionResearch Superior Marble Manufactory
Research Superior Steel Manufactory
Research Superior Planks Manufactory
15Achieving Perfection in UnityHave 1 Superior [T1 Boost] ManufactoryNo--5000 [T1 Boost]
16Message to the WorldPlace 1 Trade OfferNo200007,000-
17Room for GrowthResearch City Expansion 11 or 12No500005,000-
18A Place for RemembranceResearch City Expansion 13 or 14No40,0006,000-
19The Temple of AgesHave 1 Temple of AgesNo20,0008,000-
20Arrival of the SorceressesTrain 33 SorceressesNo90,0001,000-
21Arrival of the BrothersTrain 3 Golems
Train 3 Treants
22Taking EffectResearch squad size upgrade 11No10,0009,000-
23The Ritual IGain 7 RelicsNo60,0004,000-
24The Ritual IIGain 33 Culture
Gain 33 population
Train 33 Sorceresses
25The Temple MasterResearch Squad Size Upgrade 12No45,0006,500-
26On a Mysterious ScentProduce Bread 8 timesNo35,0006,500-
27Mystical DiscsProduce Advanced Tools 8 timesNo20,0008,000-
28Ancient CirclesBuy 3 Knowledge PointsNo70,0003,000-
29Arcane RunesResearch Elven Ancient WondersNo50,0005,000-
30Linked sourcesScout 1 ProvinceNo15,0008,500-
31Hidden SecretsComplete a ProvinceNo--1 Crystal Lighthouse
1 Martial Monestary
32Rune ShardsUse a Rune ShardYes80,0002,000-
33Scouting for ShardsScout 3 ProvincesNo25,0007,500-
34Shard HuntingComplete 3 ProvincesNo40,0006,000-
35Going OnGain 100k CoinsNo10,0009,000-
Total Rewards1,488,000168,000
Chapter Five
Chapter V
Quest NameQuest RequirementCan Decline?CoinsSupplies
1The Path to EnlightenmentResearch Advanced ScoutsNo5,00011,000
2The Search for WisdomSpend 1 Knowledge PointNo55,0005,000
3Power to the GolemsGain 333 Gems
Gain 3 Gems Relics
4Magical GolemsResearch Golem PromotionNo75,0004,000
5Veins of the CityResearch Ornate StreetsNo25,0009,000
6Pulsating VeinsHave 5 Ornate StreetsNo15,00010,000
7The Magic Current IResearch City Expansion 15No60,0005,500
8The Magic Current IIHave 1 Altar of the ForefathersNo35,0008,000
9Elven CraftsmanshipResearch all Crafted Goods Superior ManufactoriesNo25,0009,000
10Room for PerfectionResearch City Expansion 16, 17 or 18No60,0006,000
11The Perfect [T2 Boost]Have 1 Superior [T2 Boost] ManufactoryNo10,00011,000
12The AscentResearch Sorceress PromotionNo40,0008,000
13Focusing Magic EnergyHave 42 SorceressesNo20,00010,000
14Magical StrengthResearch Squad Size Upgrade 14No90,0004,000
15Perfect Magical GoodsResearch all Magical Goods Superior ManufactoriesNo100,0006,000
16A Place for MagicResearch City Expansion 18 or 19No50,0007,000
17Magic of the Highest OrderHave 1 Superior [T3 Boost] ManufactoryNo30,00010,000
18Garden of HarmonyResearch Garden of Harmony No70,0007,000
19Room for HarmonyResearch City Expansion 20Yes50,0009,000
20Achieving HarmonyHave a Garden of HarmonyNo40,00010,000
21Soul ConnectionTrain 33 SorceressesNo60,0008,000
22Magic Takes EffectResearch Squad Size Upgrade 15No125,00012,500
23The Powerful SorceressesTrain 100 Sorceresses Yes80,0002,000
24The Most Perfect ResidenceHave a Level 15 ResidenceYes100,0004,000
25The Most Perfect WorkshopHave a Level 15 WorkshopYes40,00010,000
26The Most Perfect ManufactoryHave a Level 15 ManufactoryYes60,0008,000
27Advanced TacticsTrain 200 UnitsYes20,0002,000
28Sufficient GoodsGain 1500 GoodsYes10,0003,000
29Using Surplus GoodsPlace 5 Trade OffersYes40,0003,000
30Trading WellAccept 6 Trade OffersYes20,0005,000
31Improving CultureBuild 3 Cultural BuildingsYes20,0005,000
32More CultureGain 100 CultureYes10,0006,000
33Spiritual ReinforcementsTrain 50 Sorceress IIYes10,0003,000
Total Rewards1,480,000229,500



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