On Beta: Gathering of the Phoenix Cults

The latest Elvenar event, the Gathering of the Phoenix Cults has started today, March 5th on Beta! It has not yet been announced for live worlds. We’re still working on the full guide, but here are some highlights in the meantime. You can also learn more, here: Forum Announcement Quests The limited quest line format […]

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Spire of Eternity: Is It Worth It?

by Guest Author: Mykan The Spire of Eternity is a weekly event and many players are divided regarding its value, particularly in terms of cost, type and randomness of rewards. However, with the multiplayer feature, this had a major impact on the spire. First, some language to clarify: The spire has 3 maps, each has […]

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Spire: Multiplayer Coming Soon!

Play the Spire of Eternity with your fellowship, and win more prizes! The Spire of Eternity Multiplayer feature is now available on Beta, but has not yet been announced for live worlds. Update 12/11: It has now been announced that the Spire Multiplayer feature will be released to live worlds 12/15! summary View Multiplayer Overview […]

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Spire: New Buildings!

There are several new buildings that can be won in the Spire: Dwarven Armorer: adds culture and increases unit health by 50% Trading Station: adds culture and portal profit instants Genie: adds culture and a mystery prize Moonstone Libary Set: adds culture, and many other great resources including Spell Fragments and Combining Catalysts Dwarven Armorer […]

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Friendship Day

July 30th is Friendship day! Elvenar is celebrating by offering 10 Ensorcelled Endowment enchantments to each account (the first world logged into) along with additional special offers! You can purchase this special building, which produces Ensorcelled Endowment Enchantments every 24 hours. Several packages are offered: You can also receive up to 10 Neighborly Help reward […]

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Fellowship Adventures: Update!

Elvenar Fellowship Adventures

The long awaited update for the Fellowship Adventures quest system is finally here! If you have been playing the Fellowship Adventure since the first introduction in August of 2017, you may be quite familiar with the most common complaint overheard by players: the endless cycle of declining quests! Worry no more, the Elvenar development team […]

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