On Beta: Gathering of the Phoenix Cults

The latest Elvenar event, the Gathering of the Phoenix Cults has started today, March 5th on Beta!

It has not yet been announced for live worlds.

Elvenar Gathering of the Phoenix Cults

We’re still working on the full guide, but here are some highlights in the meantime.

You can also learn more, here: Forum Announcement


The limited quest line format is used for this event, and there are also daily quests.

Elvenar Gathering of the Phoenix Cults


The random chests system returns with this event. The typical 9 chest colors are used, and similar balancing in terms of chest costs and prizes. Some new prizes appear as well!

Elvenar Gathering of the Phoenix Cults

Chest details

to see more chest details.

summary chart

ChestCostFeathersDailyCoinssuppliesenchantmentsKPAW KPRSPPUnit InstantsMore Feathers
TypeEssenceFeathersEssence per FeatherDaily Exclusive51051x 2x 1112051030120LMLRMAHMHR2050100200500
Light wood19119.005%  50%          15%  15%15%     
Dark wood29129.005% 40%      45%         10%    
Bronze26126.0010% 50% 40%                   
Green27127.005%  50% 45%                  
Blue32132.005%40%          45%        10%  
Sea Green39139.0010%     40%   20%         30%   
Gold/Orange53226.5015% 35%       40%          10%  
Red84328.0025%      33%       15%15%     12% 
Purple160626.6730%       25%  25% 15%         5%

costs and odds

The following chart shows cost per single item in Essence, when considering both the probability of winning each item, including extra Essence, and the cost per attempt.

The lower the value/cost, the better choice it is.

Click any column header to sort the table.

ChestActualAdj.FeatherDaily Exclusive1% Coins1% Supplies1 IM1 MM1 KP1 AW KP1 RS1% Portal Profit1 LM1 LR1 MA1 HM1 HRMore Essence
Light wood191919.0380.0 7.6      126.7  126.7126.7 
Dark wood292727.0540.06.8    12.0       13.5
Bronze262626.0260.05.2 65.0           
Green272727.0540.0 10.8 30.0          
Blue322222.0440.011.0     48.9      2.2
Sea Green392424.0240.0    60.012.0       1.6
Gold/Orange534321.5286.712.3    10.8       4.3
Red846020.0240.0    16.5    400.0400.0  2.5
Purple16013522.5450.0    27.018.0 45.0     5.4

Evolving Building

There is a new Evolving building – The Coldfire Phoenix!

Win Coldfire Phoenix Artifacts to evolve it higher levels so it becomes even more powerful!

Elvenar Coldfire Phoenix Artifact

This building gives population, culture, coins, and then depending on the stage and chapter level of the building, it can also give supplies, third tier goods, mana, seeds, or first tier sentient goods!

Basic ProductionElvenar Phoenix 2020 /
Early Stages /
Mid Stages / / / Elvenar Phoenix 2020 /
Final Stages

NOTE: The actual good produced for each stage will vary based on your boost.



Pet food effect

When you feed the ColdFire Phoenix, it will award you with additional KP each time you send a scout. The higher the stage, the more KP! At stage 10, each scout awards 14 KP.

Elvenar Gathering of the Phoenix Cults

The effect lasts for 24 hours per pet food.

New Instant Type

There is a new type of instant that can be won in some chests during this event! Find them in the red and light wood chests.

Elvenar Instants Unit
Elvenar Instants Unit
Elvenar Instants Unit
Elvenar Instants Unit
Elvenar Instants Unit
Elvenar Instants Unit
Elvenar Instants Unit
Elvenar Instants Unit
Elvenar Instants Unit
Elvenar Instants Unit

The instant provides a ‘Platoon’ of units, or 5 squads, from your barracks, and is available for each of the 5 unit classes.

Phoenix Instants from 2019

But what about instants for last year’s coveted Phoenix pets, Fire Phoenix, Aureate Phoenix, and Storm Phoenix?

Phoenix Artifact 2019

You can get these, too! A few will be offered as quest rewards at various points in the quest line. You will have a chance to win up to 3.

Grand Prizes

Grand prizes alternate between Coldfire Phoenix Artifacts and other small rewards:

  • 20 Ancient Knowledge Instant
  • 10% Portal Profit Instant
  • 15 Knowledge Points
  • 100% Supplies Instant
  • 3 Rune Shards
  • 10% Portal Profit Instant
  • 20 Ancient Knowledge Instant
  • 100% Coins Instant

Check back soon for more details!

~Happy Gaming~