Now on Beta: Spire of Eternity

The Spire of Eternity has now arrived on Beta!

Some of the features are still limited, as it is still in initial phases, and the development team is actively seeking feedback from beta players to make further improvements.

Enter the Spire by clicking on the Spire building in your city.

Complete a series of chests through negotiation or battle. Each one offers one prize out of a few possibilities, the % chance for winning each one is listed.

Help Screens

Check out the help screens within the Spire to read more about how it works:


Some of the battles are rather difficult; there are 2 waves to defeat with the same 5 squads of the units you choose.

New Building Set

As you work through the Spire and its levels, you can win a new building set!

New Building Set you can win in the Spire of Eternity! Buildings provide items such as supplies, mana, sentient goods, standard goods, spell fragments, and combining catalysts!

Check back soon for more details!