Misty Forest 2021

Elvenar Misty Forest Elvenar Misty Forest Elvenar Misty Forest Elvenar Misty Forest Elvenar Misty Forest Elvenar Misty Forest
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The misty Forest

The Elvenar event, “Misty Forest ” began on beta September 30th, 2021 and will continue through October 22nd, 2021.

It has not yet been announced on live worlds.

Please keep in mind that there can always be differences in event layouts, balancing and prizes between Beta and Live release.



Dear Humans and Elves,

The mists have returned once again, to flood the city and the woods around it. You see familiar candlelight coming from the woods. Is it her, is it not? You get closer, and you hear a familiar woman’s voice.
The time of the year when the paths between the spiritual world and ours connect has finally returned! Mrs. Sniffles has long awaited this moment! She has discovered a magical place in the forest where animal spirits gather, and she is in need of their mystical help to prepare a brew that is one of a kind!

“AAha!! This is one of the strongest spiritual events in the continent, and I have prepared a very special ritual for the occasion, just you wait, and see!”

She looks very focused, while she traces the last intricate lines that complete a glowing magical circle on the ground. Motes of light come up from the earth, and then you see them – ghosts, no, spirits! – coming closer all around you, and they seem happy!

Will you be able to make your way through the Misty Forest, collect the Magic Ingredients in the woods and help her with her ritual, and potion brewing?


This event uses a new mechanism and it offers an evolving building for a prize.

  1. Collect Magic Ingredients by completing quests and finding them around your city.
  2. Use the Magic Ingredients to buy light sources from the Witch’s Shop
  3. Clear the mist out of the Forest using the light sources to find Friendly Spirits, Light sources, and Lost Items (Chests).
  4. Collect the Friendly Spirits to help the Witch rebuild her hut to reveal the next Grand Prize.

Misty Forest

COLLECT MORE Magic Ingredients

Most events include an offer early on to purchase a special building that will add 1 extra event currency for each time you collect one from around the city.

Stash Outpost - 2x2
Chapter / Other
TotalPer Tile
1 22055+1 Event Currency
with each collection
from around the city
2 25063
3 31078
4 35088
5 400100
6 500125
7 630158
8 760190
9 1440360
10 1,760440
11 2,200550
12 2,600650
13 3,200800
14 3,900975
15 4,5001,125
16 5,6001,400
17 6,5001,625
18 7,7001,925

Elvenar The Sorcerers' Pilgrimage

Using Magic Ingredients

Use Magic Ingredients to purchase Light Sources from the Witch’s Shop, in order to clear the mist out of the Forest for a chance of one of several prizes.

Misty Forest


Using Light Sources

Use Light Sources to clear the mist from the forest. There are 3 kinds of light sources: Candles, Lanterns, and Flash Flask

It is very important to remember you cannot simply randomly click around the tiles to reveal them. Many people found it easier to go from the far left, and move your way towards the right.

Misty Forest Candles

The Candles are used to clear one tile at a time.

Misty Forest Lanterns

The Lanterns are used to clear a vertical column of tiles at a time. Keep in mind if there are any obstacles present with in the column, they are blocked.

Misty Forest Candles

The Flash Flask are used to clear all surrounding tiles, for a total of 8 tiles. Remember, if the surrounding tile is already revealed, it will still be counted as part of the 8 tiles.

There are a total of 12 Lost Items (Chests) to be revealed, in addition to Friendly Spirits and Light Sources.

Misty Forest

There is no set order or pattern; the next Lost Item (Chest) will be revealed randomly with each tile of clear mist.


Check out the Lost Items (Chest) page for more details!



Daily Prize Shuffle

Introduced in this event, Misty Forest 2021, is the ability to shuffle your daily prize for a new one!

For every 5 Friendly Spirits you collect, you will gain a Reroll charge. To change the Daily Prize, simply press the “Reroll button”, and once you confirm your choice, you will see your Daily Prize Change for the day. The great news is, using the Friendly Spirits to re-rol your Daily prize does not consume any of your Friendly Spirits, they will still count towards your league placement and prize progress.

It is important to know that the Reroll charges resets by the end of the day, meaning, you cannot save a reroll to use the following day. If the Daily prize resets for the daily, you will have to gain 5 new Friendly Spirits in order to gain the ability to re-roll once again.

Misty Forest


League Hobby

This event, the Leagues system is back again!

In the event, you will earn event currency and each time you spend them, you are rewarded league points. These points will accumulate to indicate progression in the League System throughout the whole event. It is a way to track overall progress in the event, and grants extra rewards for participation.

League Rewards

The greater your progress in your world, the higher bonus rewards can be collected. You will participate in a different league in each world in which you play.

There are Five levels with in the League System:

  • Hobby League: This is the beginner’s level.
  • Iron League: Contains the top 50% of event currency spenders on your world.
  • Bronze League: Contains the top 20% of event currency spenders on your world.
  • Silver League: Contains the top 5% of event currency spenders on your world.
  • Gold League: Contains the top 1% event currency spenders on your world. The elite level!
League Table: Possible Rewards
Hobby: Beginner Iron: Top 50% Bronze: Top 20% Silver: Top 5% Gold:Top 1%
5x 10x
Evolving Artifacts
Evolving Artifacts

The number needed for each league changes often, and usually is rising, as players in your world spend their event currency.

In the last hour of the event, this number will be finalized, so that some players can improve their standing without pushing another player out of the running.

At the event of the event, rewards are given based on your league standing. Good luck!


Past Daily Exclusives

Previous daily exclusives from past halloween event, Misty Forest 2020, will make cameos. Make sure to check them out! Misty Forest Zodiac 2020!





Elvenar Misty Forest Elvenar Misty Forest Elvenar Misty Forest Elvenar Misty Forest Elvenar Misty Forest Elvenar Misty Forest
Overview Lost Items Evolving Building Quests Grand Prizes Daily Prizes
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