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Halflings Overview elvenar halflings elvenar halflings elvenar halflings
Overview & Preparation Production Buildings & Goods Research Settlement Layout Quests
elvenar halflings elvenar halflings elvenar halflings elvenar halflings elvenar halflings
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Halflings Production

The GOODS used for this chapter are:

The new BUILDINGS for this chapter are:

In the Halflings chapter, not only do we get new buildings, but the way the buildings work together is again different from any previous chapter.

There is a portal and a ‘road’, but not all buildings connect to the ‘road.’ Only the first type of building does, and then the 2nd building type must be connected to the first.

For the first time ever we have a new level for the Trader. Once unlocked in research, the trader can be upgraded to level 2. Once upgraded, it will begin to produce ‘Divine Seeds.’


Read on to learn more about the special goods and advanced resources needed throughout the Halflings chapter.

Permanent Advanced Resources

The following advanced resources which are not exlusive to the Halflings will be required this chapter.


Mana continues to be required this chapter. It will be needed for:

  • Research (in fairly large amounts)
  • Producing the first of the new guest race resources you’ll need (Magic Fertilizer)
mana on demand

If you haven’t already, strongly consider building the Dragon Abbey Ancient Wonder now that you’ve unlocked it in research, and upgrade it as quickly as you can!

This Ancient Wonder helps tremendously with mana; whenever you need some more, you can simply place some enchantments!

You’ll receive mana with each one placed. The amount of mana you will receive for each enchantment is based on the number of provinces completed and the level of the wonder.

Divine Seeds

A new advanced resource is added with the Halflings chapter: Divine Seeds.

Divine Seeds will remain a permanent resource of the game beyond the Halflings chapter, similar to how the Orcs chapter added Orcs, and the Woodelves chapter added Mana.

Divine Seeds are produced automatically by the trader once it is upgraded to level 2.


Divine seeds are produced by the trader in the same way that coins are produced by residences; they accrue at a steady rate up to a maximum amount/length of time, and early collection is available after a minimum amount of time has passed. Collecting often is strategic to avoid stalled production.

There is an even stronger incentive to collect more often when it comes to divine seeds. Each time you collect, you receive a ‘collection bonus’ in addition to the amount accrued.

divine seeds production

Elvenar Divine Seeds Production

The basic production is determined by multiplying the total number of provinces completed by the level of your Main Hall.

Elvenar Divine Seeds Collection Bonus

The collection bonus is determined by multiplying the total number of Ancient Wonder levels in your city by the level of your Main Hall.

The Collection Bonus is not included in the production amount shown in the trader but will be added when you collect.

This collection bonus amount is received with each collection. The amount is static; it is not affected by the amount accrued. The more often you collect, the more divine seeds you can gain in a day.

To improve divine seeds production, you’ll want to increase the following, in order of greatest to lowest impact:

  1. Frequency of collection
  2. Level of Main Hall
  3. Number of Ancient Wonder Levels
  4. Number of Provinces Completed

Just like mana, divine seeds will decay by 10% each night.

Elvenar Divine Seeds Decay

New temporary guest-race resources

We have 3 levels of guest race goods this chapter:

Building Goods
  • Produced in Halfling Farms
  • Used to build or upgrade fields
  • Begin producing right away!
  • Elvenar Magic FertilizerMagic Fertilizer
Production Goods
  • Produced by Halfling Fields
  • Used to produce research goods
  • Also used to upgrade farms
  • Elvenar Halflings GrainGrain – lvl 1
    Elvenar Halflings CarrotCarrots – lvl 2
    Elvenar Halflings PumpkinPumpkins – lvl 3
    Elvenar Halflings AppleApples – lvl 4
Research Goods
  • Produced in Halfling Farms
  • Used to unlock research
  • Also used to upgrade portal
  • Elvenar Halflings Tingle BreadTingle Bread
    Elvenar Halflings Savvy SoupSavvy Soup
    Elvenar Halflings Jolly JellyJolly Jelly


Each research good needs different production goods to produce:

Elvenar Produce
Goods Calculator

Here is a calculator you can use to see more details on production by farm and portal level, and to calculate how many of each type of good you need for all the research in the chapter.


Read on to learn about the production buildings for the Halflings chapter.


New this chapter comes the ability to upgrade the trader.

After unlocking the research for improved trader, you’ll want to upgrade it as soon as you can accumulate enough mana to do so.

Elvenar Halflings Trader


Upgrading the trader will add 950 points to its existing point value of 50 for a total of 1,000.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While you are upgrading your trader, you will NOT be able to use it. When the chapter was first released, the “T” hotkey to access the trader was still working, however, that was an unintentional glitch; you will not have access to the trader while you wait for the construction to complete.


Read on to learn about the settlement buildings for the Halflings chapter.

Portal – Spring Grove

The first building to research and build is the Spring Grove, which is the portal building of the Halflings Chapter.

Elvenar Spring Grove

Level 1

Elvenar Spring Grove

Level 2

Elvenar Spring Grove

Level 3

Elvenar Spring Grove

Level 4

Spring Grove Information
Elvenar Halflings Tingle BreadElvenar Halflings Savvy SoupElvenar Halflings Jolly JellyElvenar Halflings Tingle BreadElvenar Halflings Savvy SoupElvenar Halflings Jolly Jelly
12x319h 20m2,000,00036,000---1,3802,1003,400-
23x420h 32m2,300,00040,0009001,3702,2002,1003,1005,20020%
34x521h 32m2,400,00041,0001,3702,0003,4002,8004,1006,90040%
45x622h 52m2,700,00047,0001,8202,7004,5003,4005,2008,60060%

As with previous guest race chapters, upgrading the portal building adds a production boost to the other guest race production buildings. If you have the Blooming Trader Ancient Wonder, the portal is further boosted by the applicable percent.

This boost increases the output, but does not increase the number of resources required to start each production.

Upgrading the portal building also increases the storage capacity for the Research Goods. There is no storage limit for the building or production Goods.

Halflings Farms

After building the Spring Grove and unlocking the Irrigation Canal, you’ll want to unlock and start building the Halflings Farms.

Elvenar Halflings Farm

Level 1

Elvenar Halflings Farm

Level 2

Elvenar Halflings Farm

Level 3

Elvenar Halflings Farm

Level 4

The Halflings Farms are 3×3 and do not grow in size as they are upgraded.

Halfling Farm Information
Elvenar Halflings Tingle BreadElvenar Halflings Savvy SoupElvenar Halflings Jolly JellyElvenar Magic Fertilizer/12hElvenar Halflings Tingle Bread/6hElvenar Halflings Savvy Soup/6hElvenar Halflings Jolly Jelly/6h
13x311h 9m1020k101k---100203050
23x311h 51m1150k114k300--150304575
33x312h 24m1180k117k-450-2004060100
43x313h 11m1330k132k--7402505075125

As soon as you unlock the Halflings farm, start building quite a few of them. Begin producing Magic Fertilizer once they are built.

How many halfling farms do I need?

The recommended minimum number of Halfling Farms to build is 6. This is based on the chapter quests; 6 is the highest quantity the quests will ask for.

If you’d like to progress more quickly through the beginning of the chapter, you may consider building more like 6-8 or even more while you have plenty of space. This will help with initial fertilizer production. As you need more space to place more fields, or as you complete some upgrades, sell a few off.

6-8 Farms is the suggested range to start; as they are upgraded, 4-6 becomes plenty.


The more farms you have to produce fertilizer in the beginning the better. You’ll need a good amount of it to build and upgrade the fields.

You’ll also need Divine Seeds for this, however. There’s no point to having more farms than you can keep in production if your divine seeds are limited.


After unlocking the Halflings Farm in research, unlock ‘Agriculture’ so you can build some Grain Fields.

You’ll need Fields to produce the goods that will fuel further production in the Farms.


Fields produce goods in the same way that Residences produce coins; the goods accrue at a steady rate over time up to the maximum production time, and ‘early collection’ is available after a set minimum.

The type of good that each field produces will be based on its level.

Fields are 4×4 at all levels.

Elvenar Halflings Grain Field

Produces Elvenar Halflings Grain
: 6 hrs
: 5 hrs

Elvenar Halflings Carrot Field

Produces Elvenar Halflings Carrots
: 9 hrs
: 7.5 hrs

Elvenar Halflings Pumpkin Field

: 15 hrs
: 12.5 hrs

Elvenar Halflings Apple Field

: 12 hrs
: 10 hrs

Grain Field Information
Elvenar Magic FertilizerElvenar Halflings GrainElvenar Halflings CarrotElvenar Halflings PumpkinElvenar Halflings Apple
14x43h 28m4105,900108/h---
24x43h 41m5005,100-20/h--
34x43h 51m5904,400--3/h-
44x44h 06m6803,600---12/h

Start with a few at level 1. As you can afford to, add some more, and then upgrade a couple level 1s to level 2.

Add more, and then upgrade some 2s to 3, and some 1s to 2, always keeping some 1s and 2s, and so on, until you have plenty of each.

How many Fields do I need?

The quests advise that you’ll want to start with at least 6, adding more over time up to 15. It is recommended to make room for more if you can.

15 Fields is the suggested minimum;
Start with at least 6 and
add more as you upgrade a few at a time.


Each of the research goods are needed throughout the last research of the chapter.

This means you’ll need to plan your production very carefully, or be sure to keep at least some of each level field in your city until the end of the chapter.

Upgrading Fields too soon could lead to running out of Grain or Carrots, and being unable to produce Tingle Bread or Savvy Soup.

Make sure you can produce enough of each good to satisfy all of the research needs.

Upgrading too many fields too quickly could prove to be a costly mistake!


Should you find yourself in such a situation, unless you have enough room to simply add more, you would need to sell high level fields in order to build more low level fields, which can be expensive!


Halflings Overview elvenar halflings elvenar halflings elvenar halflings
Overview & Preparation Production Buildings & Goods Research Settlement Layout Quests
elvenar halflings elvenar halflings elvenar halflings elvenar halflings elvenar halflings
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