Getting Started in Elvenar

Getting Started In Elvenar

Welcome To
The Game Of Elvenar

Welcome, Elves and Humans, we’re glad you’re here! If you’ve found our site, you must be
playing Elvenar! Maybe you’re just getting started – if so, you’re in the right place!

This guide will provide a walkthrough of the game of Elvenar and all the things you need to know to be off to a great start and well on your way to your very own Elven Empire!

  • If you are a brand new player and have just barely begun the tutorial, or are about to try Elvenar for the first time, start in the Apprentice section.

  • If you’ve got the basics down already, but you’re still relatively early on in the game and ready to take your city to the next level, check out the basic strategy pages in the menu.
Elvenar Elves City
Elvenar Human City


  • Know where you are
  • Servers
  • Worlds
  • Know your resources
  • Start your city strong

Know where you are

Knowing where you are is helpful so you know how to tell other players in the community
how to find you in the game, to get help, join a fellowship, or more.

There are several servers and several worlds on each server, and each of these is an identical
but completely separate game with a unique world map, ranking, players, fellowships, etc.

Look at the URL at the top of your game –
Look at the part that is before the .elvenar – that tells you where you’re at so you know
how to find others to play with who are in the same world on the same server.

Game Server

First two letters tell you what game market (often referred to as ‘server’ by other players) you’re playing in:

  • us = US server
  • en = English server
  • zz = beta server
  • and many more


The number tells you what world you are on within that server:

  • 1 = Arendyll (or BETA1 on Beta… there’s only one world there.)
  • 2 = Winyandor
  • 3 = Felyndral
  • 4 = Khelonaar
  • 5 = Elcysandir
  • 6 = Sinya Arta
  • 7 = Ceravyn

Now that you know where you’re at, check out the “Fellows & Fellowships” category in
the community section to find one for the server and world you are in.



Use the wiki! The wiki is a great place to learn game basics. Every fact about every item in
the game just about is listed there. Get familiar with it early to set yourself up for success
when you need to find something out later on!


Check the forums for game news and updates! (Or just visit our home page!)

Elvenar Wiki Shortcut

You can get to the forum and the wiki right from
within your game!


For game basics with a bit more explanation and some strategy advice thrown in, be sure
to read the basic strategy guides of the site!


Be sure to check out the “More Resources” in the site navigation bar for more great tools
and resources!


Read the ‘Apprentice’ walk-through to find some great beginners’ tips for fast early advancement to start your city out strong! Click the image below to start.

Elvenar Getting Started Apprentice

Earn your trader in your first playing session!

Elvenar human trader building
Elf human trader building



~Good Luck, and happy gaming!~




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