General Event Tips

Quest event tips

In every quest event, we tend to see the same types of quests in various forms.

The tips below will help you do better in any Elvenar event, regardless of the specific quests which may appear!


Typical Quests

The same types of quests tend to be offered with each quest event in Elvenar, though not all events include all types of quests.

    Typical event quests include variants of the following:

  • Production quests
    • Produce x number of (any workshop production)
    • Produce x number of (any first tier manufactory production)
  • Magic Academy quests
    • Gain or use x number of enchantments
    • Gain x number of Combining Catalysts
    • Gain x number of Spell Fragments
    • Gain x number of Vision Vapor
  • Map quests
    • Complete x number of encounters or x number of tournament encounters
    • Complete a province
    • Scout a province
    • Gain x number of relics
  • Building quests
    • Upgrade x number of buildings to level y or higher
    • Move a building
  • Knowledge point quests
    • Spend x Knowledge Points
    • Buy x Knowledge Points
    • Invest x Knowledge Points into an Ancient Wonder
  • Other
    • Provide Neighborly Help x times
    • Gain / Recruit / Train some units
    • Gain coins
    • Gain supplies
    • Research a technology


Elvenar Event Quest List

The full quest list is available for each event well in advance; check out the specific event pages to see the lists!

Some players like to use a spreadsheet or other list to plan out their strategy and time each item; some like to wing it, but still want to at least have a sense of what they need to allow time for.

Whatever your playing style, being familiar with what to expect ahead of time always helps to be more prepared!


One general theme is quests that ask us to produce things of various production cycles.  3 hours, 9 hours, or 1 day or longer.

You may not like taking up your high production buildings with the longer production times, or you might like to prepare ahead to always have some ready.

It’s not uncommon during quest events to see cities like this:

Elvenar Event Tips

Many level one temporary workshops and boosted manufactories are being used
to run the productions for the quests and prepare in advance.


For some cities this is an easy solution – no problem, plenty of space for a few extra level 1 manufactories and workshops!

For others, however, the very thought of this may seem impossible.  With an extra critical eye and a little creativity, however, one might be surprised by what they can find room for!

Fill Road-end Spaces

Elves have it a little easier if they are a planks or marble producer; making room for a building that only takes up 2 squares is easy.  (Same for Human Marble producers.) Road ends, or other strips of otherwise unusable space can often be easily converted from culture or road space.

It can be more challenging to find room for larger buildings, of course.  Examine your city for space optimization opportunities and culture that is soon to be outdated.

If you have a high available culture balance to afford it, sell a culture building or two that is near replacement soon anyway.  Then  you will also have space ready for the event building(s) you’re working to win!


It can be really easy to lose track of which production is which if we’re working ahead with temporary production buildings.

Be sure to double check the productions that are ready before collecting them by hovering over the building and viewing the pop-up display:


It can also be really easy to collect a production too early if it finishes before you have the quest up for it. Here’s a trick to save yourself from this terrible fate:

Elvenar event tips


Once the productions are finished, disconnect the road until you want to collect them. Once you get the quest you were saving them for, reconnect the road, and they will still be ready and waiting to be collected.


Other common quests in these kinds of events are quests asking you to obtain a lot of relics, scout provinces, or complete encounters.

Sometimes the quests are nice, and give us a choice of options. Sometimes, they’re not very nice, and we’re just stuck waiting if we’re further advanced in the game with really long scout times.

If you have a more advanced city, make sure to always have at least 2-3 provinces scouted but incomplete so that you don’t get stuck on quests like these!

For relics, your best bet is usually to just time it right so that you can get these from tournament play. Save map encounters for quests that require encounters specifically, and not just relics.

Elvenar Neighborly Reward Help Chest

You can also get relics from Neighborly Help Reward Chests! This method is limited and not guaranteed, but can sometimes come in handy.


Another common quest in these kinds of events are quests asking you to upgrade ‘x’ buildings to level ‘y’ or higher.

Usually, these are shorter upgrades.  Where we’ve seen quests asking for longer upgrades, these were paired with other choices that were equally long, such as scouting, earning many relics, unlocking a technology, or something similar.

When dealing with shorter upgrades, it’s helpful to know which buildings are the fastest to build and upgrade.


Shortest upgrades are the smallest buildings.  For elves, this is planks or marble manufactories.

Initial build:  40 seconds
Upgrade 1 to 2:  6 minutes
Upgrade 2 to 3:  20 minutes
Upgrade 3 to 4:  25 minutes
Upgrade 4 to 5:  31 minutes
Upgrade 5 to 6:  38 minutes

Initial build:  40 seconds
Upgrade 1 to 2:  6 minutes
Upgrade 2 to 3:  20 minutes
Upgrade 3 to 4:  25 minutes
Upgrade 4 to 5:  31 minutes
Upgrade 5 to 6:  1 hour 17 minutes (advanced)

If a larger building is being asked for, just time it with an upgrade you were going to do anyway, or just remember the basic rule that the smaller the building and the lower the level, the shorter the upgrade time.



For humans, the smallest building available is marble manufactories.


Initial build:  40 seconds
Upgrade 1 to 2:  6 minutes
Upgrade 2 to 3:  20 minutes
Upgrade 3 to 4:  25 minutes
Upgrade 4 to 5:  1 hour 35 minutes (advanced)



Elvenar Enchantments

An event quest favorite – we’re bound to see one or more of quests asking us to gain or use enchantments.

Keep some producing, and save collecting them for when this quest comes up.

NOTE OF CAUTION: If there are still enchantments producing, you will NOT see the name of the enchantment you are about to collect when you hover over the Magic Academy; you will see the name of the enchantment that is still in production. Be sure the one you need is the one that’s ready!

Magical Manufactoring isn’t ready to be collected, it’s what’s currently in production. The enchantment that is ready to be collected does not show; we have to keep track of which one it is from remembering what we set and in what order.

You can also store up several enchantments at once, even more than you have production slots for, by keeping them producing without collecting any. You can do this by accessing the Magic Academy through your inventory:

Elvenar Gain Enchantments

Now, another enchantment can be produced so that 3 can be saved instead of only 2.

You can of course use this technique to store up as many as you need for an upcoming quest.


Time these types of quests with tournaments. Tournaments are a great source for enchantments!

Elvenar Neighborly Reward Help Chest

Don’t forget, another way you can get enchantments is by collecting neighborly help reward chests! This method is limited and not guaranteed, but can sometimes come in handy.


Elvenar Enchantments

Save up some Inspired Meditation enchantments so you can store more at a time.

Then, don’t spend Knowledge Points until you’re getting close to capping out so that you can be prepared for a quest like this if it comes up.

Also, keep plenty of Ancient Knowledge Instants handy!  Spending these will also count as spending knowledge points.


We hope you found these tips helpful for your next Elvenar Event!

~Good luck, and happy gaming!~


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