Fellowship Adventures: Update!

The long awaited update for the Fellowship Adventures quest system is finally here!

If you have been playing the Fellowship Adventure since the first introduction in August of 2017, you may be quite familiar with the most common complaint overheard by players: the endless cycle of declining quests! Worry no more, the Elvenar development team finally improved this with the latest iteration. Below, you will find a summary of how the new quest system works.

First, you will notice the quest giver icon has changed:

FA Icon

When you click on the new quest giver icon, you will notice a complete overhaul of badge acquisition immediately. We no longer have one quest per badge, now all quests are available at once! Gone are the days of cycling through all the badges to get to the one you want.

The progress of each individual badge will be represented by an exclamation mark on the badge type..

This means you can work on all badges simultaneously; you are not limited to just two at a time!

Once you have completed the requirements of a badge or multiple badges, they will be highlighted in green and display a checkmark. You will then be able to claim each completed badge by clicking on it to acknowledge its completion, as shown here:

While you can work on all badge types simultaneously, only one of each badge can be worked on at a time. You must collect a completed badge before any actions for another badge of the same type will count.

For example: You cannot complete two Farmer’s Delight Badges at once by collecting 10 Baskets of Groceries; you would need to collect 5, then collect the badge, and then collect 5 more in order to receive 2 badges. Any productions collected while a completed badge is pending collection will not be counted.

The latest update to the Fellowship Adventures is a wonderful addition that makes it easier to collect badges, keep your inventory organized, and compete for great prizes with your fellowship!

We hope you found this overview helpful, check back soon for more details!