Elvarian Games

Elvenar Games 2021 Elvenar Games 2021 Elvenar Games 2021 Elvenar Games 2021 Elvenar Games 2021 Elvenar Games 2021
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All About
Elvarian Games

The Elvenar event, “Elvarian Games” began on beta June 22nd, 2021 and will continue through July 15th, 2021.

It has not yet been announced on live worlds.

Please keep in mind that there can always be differences in event layouts, balancing and prizes between Beta and Live release.



Dear Humans and Elves,

Hold your (sea)horses! This year your city is hosting the Elvarian Games! In this underwater sports spectacular, seahorses will race through the hoops to be the first to reach the end points. While you watch the games, you’ll learn more from our mega fan Rufus, a dwarf that is completely obsessed with the Elvarian Games and sits by you in the stands explaining and participating in the events around.


This event uses the familiar “shuffle” mechanic we saw in Winter Magic 2019, offers an evolving building for a prize, and a slight twist on the Quest format.

  1. Collect Seahorse Food by completing quests and finding them around your city.
  2. Swim through different Hoops using Seahorse Food. The Hoops contain a variety of rewards.
  3. Gain progress towards the end of the Track by swimming your athletes through the different Hoops.
  4. Each Seahorse Food will earn you 1-3 Progress.
  5. Finish the Track and unlock the next Grand Prize.

Elvarian Games

COLLECT MORE Seahorse Food

Most events include an offer early on to purchase a special building that will add 1 extra event currency for each time you collect one from around the city.

Stash Outpost - 2x2
Chapter / Other
TotalPer Tile
1 22055+1 Event Currency
with each collection
from around the city
2 25063
3 31078
4 35088
5 400100
6 500125
7 630158
8 760190
9 1440360
10 1,760440
11 2,200550
12 2,600650
13 3,200800
14 3,900975
15 4,5001,125
16 5,6001,400
17 6,5001,625
18 7,7001,925

Elvarian Games

Using Seahorse Food

Use Seahorse Food by investing them into Hoops for a chance of one of several prizes.

There are a total of 6 Hoops, and 3 are presented at a time. Each time you open a Hoop, 3 new ones are presented.

The Elvarian Games

There is no set order or pattern; the next chests will be selected randomly with each appearance, except for the end of a run. If there is less than 3 points on the Progress bar the rings offered will scaled accordingly.


Check out the Hoop Options page for more details!



League Hobby

This event, the Leagues system is back again!

In the event, you will earn event currency and each time you spend them, you are rewarded league points. These points will accumulate to indicate progression in the League System throughout the whole event. It is a way to track overall progress in the event, and grants extra rewards for participation.

League Rewards

The greater your progress in your world, the higher bonus rewards can be collected. You will participate in a different league in each world in which you play.

There are Five levels with in the League System:

  • Hobby League: This is the beginner’s level.
  • Iron League: Contains the top 50% of event currency spenders on your world.
  • Bronze League: Contains the top 20% of event currency spenders on your world.
  • Silver League: Contains the top 5% of event currency spenders on your world.
  • Gold League: Contains the top 1% event currency spenders on your world. The elite level!
League Table: Possible Rewards
Hobby: Beginner Iron: Top 50% Bronze: Top 20% Silver: Top 5% Gold:Top 1%
5x 10x
Evolving Artifacts
Evolving Artifacts

The number needed for each league changes often, and usually is rising, as players in your world spend their event currency.

In the last hour of the event, this number will be finalized, so that some players can improve their standing without pushing another player out of the running.

At the event of the event, rewards are given based on your league standing. Goodluck!



Elvenar Games 2021 Elvenar Games 2021 Elvenar Games 2021 Elvenar Games 2021 Elvenar Games 2021 Elvenar Games 2021
Overview Chest Options Evolving Building Quests Grand Prizes Daily Prizes
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