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Settlement For

The total space needed for the settlement of the Elementals remains similar to previous guest races at around 20% of your city space (based on a city with only and all required expansions.)

*Where ‘Required’ is defined as 93 based on the following assumptions:

  • 6 starting expansions
  • 43 research expansions earned by mid-way through the chapter
  • 44 province expansions for 303 provinces completed by mid-way through the chapter.
    • 280 Provinces are required to enter Elementals
    • 320 Provinces are required to enter the next chapter

If the full settlement is built based on what is recommended by the quests, it will use 456 tiles, or, 19.61% of the 2,325 tiles in 93 grid expansions.

Of course the exact amount required for any individual city will depend on how many ‘extra’ expansions it has. If a city has more than the average province expansions, and/or has purchased a few premium expansions, it can be more like 17-18%. With all possible expansions purchased, it can be as low as 15%.



Settlement buildings and how they are connected together are as follows.


Based on the required quests for the chapter, the full Settlement Layout will require:

  • 1 Portal – Grows to 8×8
  • 8 Canals – 2×6 or 6×2
  • 3 Air Manifestations – 6×4
  • 3 Fire Manifestations – 4×6
  • 5 Earth Manifestations – 4×4
  • 4 Water Manifestations – 3×6


The portal must be connected to the Main Hall with a road.

The Canals do not require a connection to either the Main Hall or the Portal in order to produce Minerals, but they are also needed to connect the Manifestations to the Portal.

The Manifestations must be connected to a Canal that is connected to the Portal.


The full settlement is a total of 456 squares, or, 18.3 expansions worth of space if every square is filled. Since you will have some spaces and gaps (you can fill these with some of the lovely new small culture buildings!), you will want to plan 19-20 expansions of space for the settlement.

Don’t worry if you cannot fit the entire settlement right away; you will add buildings a few at a time, up to the full settlement, as you can make room by either selling other buildings, completing upgrades that reshape your city, or adding more space as you complete provinces and research.

Your city will change shape as you upgrade the T1 Manufactories and Residences, allowing for more room to place more buildings as you progress through the chapter.

Quests will guide you through placing a few manifestations at a time until you reach the full size.


There will be many layout options based on the two directional canals and the various shapes of the buildings, surely far more than what we’ve captured here, but these should give you some ideas to get started.


This is the default view most people will see in architect, unless they have changed it in the settings to select “rotated view.”


This is the view if it has been changed in the settings, and “rotated view” has been selected.




Each of these layouts were created with Elven Architect. Use it to plan your own layout in your own city!

If you’d like a copy of your own city, don’t forget you can create one with the Magic Button!



Overview & Preparation Production Buildings and Goods Research Settlement Layout Quests
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