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Quests, preferences and strategy all guide our research choices. Read on for more about the decisions you may encounter during the Elementals chapter.



The first decision we’ll face is which 1st Tier (T1) manufactory type to research.


The manufactory upgrades allow us to turn our T1 manufactories into S1 (sentient tier 1) manufactories.

For this reason, we may want to upgrade our Sentient Boosted manufactory type, first.

It may not make much difference which you choose, however, your Standard Boosted or your Sentient Boosted, since all 3 must be researched in order to reach the Production Boost research. It is best to have the boost unlocked before producing any Sentient Goods, anyway.

More important is that we have an S1 manufactory upgraded to level 24 by the time we unlock the production boost research so we can make use of it right away.


If you’re following the quests, you’ll unlock the Production boost, first.

Elementals Research Tree


We think this is great advice whether you’re worried about completing quests or not! Before you can have many goods to trade, you need to be able to produce more of them.

The sooner you unlock the Production boost, the better, so you can begin producing a fair amount and have plenty to trade by the time you unlock the trader upgrade. Not to mention, seeds are expensive! It’s more efficient to not waste any on non-boosted productions.


Once the production boost and trader upgrade have been unlocked, it’s time to work on unlocking and building the settlement.


In most chapters, we want to unlock the Portal, first. However, in this chapter, it may be a more strategic decision to research and build this chapter’s version of portal “roads”, first, which are the Canals. This way we can get a head start producing Minerals.

Elementals Research Tree

After the portal, then we need to unlock the technology to build the manifestations.

We’ll have to complete the Squad Size Upgrade technology first, however, in order to access the technology for the manifestations.


Remember that when you upgrade a squad size, this will have a direct impact on the number of squads you have and your Tournament Costs.

You will see a slight decrease in the number of squads you have since it will now take 120 more units (Squad Size 40*3 = 120 units added) to fill each one. Your Tournament costs will increase since your Squad Size determines the catering prices and squad sizes for each province and round.

For these reasons, some recommend avoiding this type of research mid-tournament. This may or may not be necessary, but something to consider.

Either way, the research must be completed to move forward, and the increased squad size is inevitable. You may find no point in putting it off. If you are a regular tournament player and/or fighter in general, however, you may like to at least be mindful of this impact and prepare in advance by training and/or retaining a few more squads than usual.

The Early Elemental Manifestations and the Orc Warrior Promotion technologies are the last two that will not require Elvenar Essence to move past.

Early Elemental Manifestations and
Orc Warrior Promotion
are the last technologies that will
not require Elvenar Essence to unlock.



Complete the manifestation research, first and then start building some right away, one of each if you can. This may or may not be challenging depending on how well you’re already producing and trading the S1 goods.

The next research we recommend prioritizing is the residence upgrades. It will take some focus as it requires some Essence, meaning you will need to get one of each Manifestation built and producing enough Artifacts to make some in the time you can fill it with KP. It is worth the effort, however.

Elementals Research Tree

You will need to be able to start upgrading your residences as soon as you can, and you will need some available space not yet filled up with settlement buildings to be able to accommodating the shifting about that comes with a changing shape and size. Completing the first upgrades quickly will help you gain more usable space so you can then grow your settlement to its large size.

Even if you are an avid fighter, it’s worth choosing the Modernized Residences technology over the Orc Warrior Promotion for these reasons. You may likely end up researching the Orc Warrior Promotion slightly earlier anyway if you accumulate a lot of KP and need somewhere to put it, there is no harm in this case as it won’t take away any resources you’ll need for the Modernized Residences. It’s still a good idea, however, to focus KP on the Modernized Residences first so that you can unlock it as soon as you have the Essence to do so.


Once you reach the point where you will need Essence to progress any further, just like with most other chapters, we are going to be challenged to choose whether we want to spend our resources on completing Research or building up the settlement. In order to make essence, you will have to slow down on the artifacts that are needed to upgrade the portal and artifact buildings.

The decision is somewhat easier for us in this chapter, as we can’t actually upgrade the manifestations without unlocking more technology. Each manifestation level requires a new technology to access. We can, however, upgrade our Portal with only Artifacts and Minerals, which is the more important building to upgrade, anyway.

Only Coins, Supplies, Minerals and Artifacts
are needed to upgrade the portal.
Upgrade it to level 4 as quickly as you can.


Focus on producing the artifacts needed for the portal upgrades. Save making much more Essence for when you can produce it more efficiently with the increased production boost provided by the higher level portal.

Upgrade the portal to level 4 as quickly as you can so that you get more Artifacts for your seeds and mana, and more Essence for your Artifacts.

It may feel counter-intuitive in the moment, and it can be hard to pass up making faster progress on research, but it is the quickest and most efficient way to complete the chapter in the long run.


From there, the order you research will likely come down to your own preferences, or you may like to follow the quests.

Even if you’re not too concerned with completing the quests, they do tend to offer a good guide for how to get through the chapter. You may like to refer to the Chapter Quest List to see a recommended research order.


To see a chart with research details, be sure to check out the By the Numbers page.



Overview & Preparation Production Buildings and Goods Research Settlement Layout Quests
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