Elementals Quests

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Quests for

Quest NameQuest RequirementCan Decline?CoinsSuppliesOther
1The StormTrain 2,000 Orcs
Produce Beverages 50 times
2The StormDeliver 100,000 ManaNo  1 Rune Shard
3The StormSpend 20 Knowledge PointsNo  1 Marble Relic 1 Steel Relic 1 Planks Relic
4The StormResearch Advanced ScoutsNo150,0025,000 
5The StormDeliver 20,000 Marble
Deliver 20,000 Steel
Deliver 20,000 Planks
No  1 Rune Shard
6Heirs of the Elvenar?Collect 50,000 Mana Collect 10,000 SeedsNo 30,000 
7Heirs of the Elvenar?Research Elemental Marble ManufactoryNo  2,000 Devine Seeds
8Heirs of the Elvenar?Collect 30,000 Marble   2 Marble Relics
9Heirs of the Elvenar?Collect 10,000,000 CoinsNo 30,000 
10Heirs of the Elvenar?Research Dwarven Steel Manufactory UpgradesNo300,000  
11Heirs of the Elvenar?Collect 30,000 SteelNo  2 Steel Relics
12Heirs of the Elvenar?Collect 1,000,000 SuppliesNo  Time Instant 10 min
13Heirs of the Elvenar?Research Growing Planks Manufactory UpgradesNo  20,000 Mana
14Heirs of the Elvenar?Collect 30,000 PlanksNo  2 Planks Relics
15Sentient GoodsCollect 1000 Sentient Goods of your Normal Boosted GoodNo  1 Broken Shard
16Sentient GoodsCollect 10 RelicsNo200,00010,000 
17Sentient GoodsHave 1 [T1 Sentient Goods Boost] Manufactory Level 16 or higherNo  2 KPs
18Sentient GoodsHave 1 [T1 Sentient Goods Boost] Manufactory Level 20 or higher and
Research Sentient Production Boost
No  10,000 T1 Goods
19Sentient GoodsHave 1 [T1 Sentient Goods Boost] Manufactory Level 24 or higher and
Upgrade the Trader to level 3
No  5 Manufactory Spells
20Sentient GoodsCollect 10,000 [T1 Sentient Goods Boost]No  5,000 Sentient Boosted Goods
21Elemental ManifestationsResearch the Dimensional PortalNo  25,000 Mana
22Elemental ManifestationsBuild the Portal of the ElementsNo200,000  
23Elemental ManifestationsHave 4 CanalsNo 30,000 
24Elemental ManifestationsResearch Early Elemental ManifestationsNo  2,000 Minerals
25Elemental ManifestationsBuild an Air Manifestation Build a Fire ManifestationNo  2,500 Divine Seeds
26Elemental ManifestationsBuild an Earth Manifestation Build a Water ManifestationNo  2,500 Divine Seeds
27Elemental ManifestationsCollect 100 Air Artifacts Collect 100 Fire ArtifactsNo  1 KP Spell
28Elemental ManifestationsCollect 100 Earth Artifacts Collect 100 Water ArtifactsNo  1 5-KP AW Instant
29Elemental ManifestationsResearch Orc Warrior PromotionNo  1,500 Orcs
30Heated CombatTain 3,000 Orc WarriorsYes  Time Instant 10 Minutes
31Heated CombatFight and win 8 encountersYes  3,000 Orc Warriors
32Elemental ManifestationsCollect 10,000 Minerals and
Have 6 Canals
33Elemental ManifestationsHave 2 Air Manifestations
Have 2 Fire Manifestations
No   5% Coin Instant
34Elemental ManifestationsHave 4 Earth Manifestations
Have 3 Water Manifestations
No   5% Supplies Instant
35Essence of the AncestorsCollect 200 Elvenar EssencesNo  1 Broken Shard
36Essence of the AncestorsResearch Modernized ResidencesNo  2 Power of Provision Spells
37Essence of the AncestorsHave 10 Residences at level 28No  5 KPs
38Essence of the AncestorsHave 8 CanalsNo   5% Supply Instant
39Essence of the AncestorsHave 5 Earth Manifestations
Have 4 Water Manifestations
No  15,000 Mana 1,500 Devine Seeds
40Essence of the AncestorsHave 3 Air Manifestations
Have 3 Fire Manifestations
No  18,000 Mana 2,000 Devine Seeds
41Essence of the AncestorsHave Portal of the Elements level 2No  5,000 Crystal 5,000 Scrolls 5,000 Silk
42Essence of the AncestorsDeliver 100 Elvenar EssencesNo250,000  
43Essence of the AncestorsResearch Advanced Elemetal Manifestations and
Collect 500 Elvenar Essences
No 28,000 
44Essence of the AncestorsHave a Fire Manifestation level 2
Have an Earth Manifestation level 2
No  5 Time Instants 1 Minute
45Essence of the AncestorsHave an Air Manifestation level 2
Have a Water Manifestation level 2
No  2 Time Instants 3 Minutes
46Essence of the AncestorsResearch Street Artists, a Bench and a Bridge Research a Cafe and a ShrubNo200,000  
47Forging the MasksSpend 10 Knowledge PointsNo  1 Crystal Relic 1 Scrolls Relic 1 Silk Relic
48Forging the MasksScout 1 ProvinceNo  1 KP
49Forging the MasksResearch Modernized WorkshopsNo  5 Time Instants 3 Minutes
50Forging the MasksProduce 40 Beverages and
Produce 10 Bread
51Forging the MasksHave at least 5 Workshops at level 28 and
Produce 20 Toolboxes
No  3 Power of Provision Spells
52Forging the MasksCollect 25,000 MineralsNo  22,000 Mana
53Forging the MasksResearch Vallorian Guard PromotionNo 20,000 
54Heated Combat IITrain 1,000 Vallorian Guards and
Train 1,000 Orc Warriors
Yes   5% Supply Instant
55Heated Combat IIComplete a ProvinceYes  4,000 Devine Seeds
56An Unsettling MysteryBuy 1 Knowledge PointNo150,000  
57An Unsettling MysterySpend 1 Knowledge PointNo  3 Culture Spells
58An Unsettling MysteryResearch a Monument, a Statue and a TempleNo  2 Goods Spells
59An Unsettling MysteryHave 1 Monument of a Peaceful PastNo  2 KPs
60An Unsettling MysterySpend 50 KPsNo  2 Time Instants 7 Minutes
61An Unsettling MysteryHave the Portal of the Elements at level 3No240,000  
62An Unsettling MysteryHave 1 Torch FountainNo 30,000 
63An Unsettling MysteryDeliver 20,000 [T1 Senteint Goods Boost]No  10,000 Minerals
64An Unsettling MysteryResearch Final Elemental ManifestationsNo200,00020,000 
65An Unsettling MysteryScout 2 ProvincesNo  25,000 Mana
66An Unsettling MysteryHave an Air Manifestation level 3
Have a Fire Manifestation level 3
No  2 Elixir Relics
67Renewing the BondsHave an Earth Manifestation level 3
Have a Water Manifestation level 3
No  10-KP AW Instant
68Renewing the BondsHave the Portal of the Elements at level 4No  3 Dust Relics
69Renewing the BondsResearch the Eternal StreetNo  3 Gems Relics
70Renewing the BondsHave 40 Eternal StreetsNo  2 Time Instants 15 minutes and 1 Time Instant 30 minutes
71Renewing the BondsResearch Ghastly BansheeNo 30,000 
72Heated Combat IIITrain 3,000 Ghastly Banshees and
Fight and win in 8 encounters
Yes  1,000 Banshees
1,500 Orc Warriors
500 Vallorian Guards
73Renewing the BondsDeliver 20,000 of each non-boosted sentient goodNo  200 Diamonds
74Renewing the BondsResearch the Ancient Wonder of the ElementalsNo  1 Broken Rune Shard
Total Rewards 2,420,000 273,000
Overview & Preparation Production Buildings and Goods Research Settlement Layout Quests
Culture Other Upgrades Military Updates Ancient Wonders By the Numbers