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In Chapter XII, the Elementals come to our cities!

This guide will provide a quick review of some Elementals basics already in the wiki for the sake of convenience, as well as some general strategic recommendations based on what we’ve learned by reading the wiki, crunching some numbers, playing through the chapter, and gathering player feedback.



The Elementals are a very old and mystical race that lives in another dimension. Their boisterous power of nature is bound into magic masks that enable them to take a stable shape. For instance, they can use the masks to appear in a humanoid shape to interact with other races (remember the Masquerade event?). Without their masks, they would not be much more than uncontrolled fire, water, air and earth, so the masks are quite vital to their cultural existence.

Unfortunately, they lack the precise knowledge how to build these masks on their own. That is why they lived in a kind of symbiosis with the Elvenar. The mighty, god-like Elvenar helped them to create the masks, and in turn the Elementals used their power to build up glorious cities and also legendary armies. No other race would dare to threaten the Elvenar when they are supported by such a powerful force.

Every few centuries, the Elementals have to revisit Elvenar to renew their masks – and their collaboration and friendship with the Elvenar. That is why they suddenly pop up in your town, expecting you to be the Ancient Elvenar. When they find out that you are indeed not the Elvenar, they start to worry a lot about their own future. They decide to build up a Settlement in your town to help you regain access to the knowledge of your ancestors – ultimately to help them to survive.

In the process, they teach you the basics of how to produce Sentient Goods, a technique that future Guest Races will further improve. The Elementals start with showing you how to produce Platinum, Moonstones and Elven Tree Gum using the Divine Seeds. This will enable you to progress through the Tech Tree and unlock improved versions not only of your own buildings, but also of the Settlement Buildings, which are unlocked level by level this time. Thus, as a player, you can watch step by step in the Settlement, how the instable Elementals of the beginning slowly regain control of their shape and build more and more stable structures and in the end proper buildings.

Can you save the Elementals before they cease to exist and turn into pure elements? And can you prove to be the true heir to the Elvenar?





  • 1 Research Expansion
    • (No additional expansion rows added)




  • Ancient Wonders
    • Sunset Towers
      • Adds Divine Seeds to Neighborly Help reward chests
      • Reduces Divine Seeds decay rate
    • Victory Springs
      • Increases Training Grounds speed
      • Increases Light Melee damage
Elvenar Elementals
Elvenar Elementals
Elvenar Elementals


Elvenar Elementals


As you near the end of the Halflings chapter, there are a few things that you can do to prepare your city for the Elementals.


It is necessary between just about every chapter to do a re-evaluation of your layout and look for space optimization opportunities. ​

Preparing for the Elementals is no different. Take a look at the layout suggestions to get an idea of the type of area you’ll want to leave room for.

If you’re like many players, you may not have had much room to be very neat or tidy as you worked through fitting in the Haflings Settlement and upgrading workshop last chapter.

Take the opportunity after you sell off your Halfling settlement and while you work on the first few researches to optimize as well as possible.


Seeds and Mana will be needed in heavy supply.  Hopefully by now you’ve placed and upgraded some Ancient Wonders or nice event buildings to help with this. 

  • Ancient Wonders to help with Mana:
    • Maze of the Dark Matter
    • Dragon Abbey (our favorite!)
  • Ancient Wonders to help with Seeds:
    • Elvenar Trade Center

Make sure you have a nice stockpile going into the chapter for the first researches and some mean initial quests asking you to ‘pay’ some relatively high amounts of both.


The biggest change that the Elementals chapter brings that requires preparation is the addition of a new Sentient Good boost.

To prepare for the chapter, you will want to start building and upgrading 1-2 manufactories for your boosted good +1 by the time you start the last Halflings research.

  • If your Standard Boost is Marble, build Steel.
  • If your Standard Boost is Steel, build Planks.
  • If your Standard Boost is Planks, build Marble.

You will also want to be sure you have plenty of relics for your Standard Boost + 1.

You will want to prepare to really reconsider your city needs and layout.

The Elementals settlement is very big; you will need no fewer than 456 grid squares which equates to 18.3 expansions’ worth of space in order to fit the full settlement.

This will likely take some considerable changes to your city layout and the number of other buildings you decide to keep.



Overview & Preparation Production Buildings and Goods Research Settlement Layout Quests
Culture Other Upgrades Military Updates Ancient Wonders By the Numbers

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