Craftsman Challenge

A new Craftsman Challenge could be coming soon!

Challenges are mini event features that last for 3 days. There are different challenges that may run, the next one we are expecting is a Manufacturing Challenge.

A Manufacturing Craftsman Challenge began on Beta on October 29th, 2019. If previous patterns hold true, we can look forward to it beginning on live worlds on Tuesday, November 12th.

You will earn medals by producing goods in your manufactories and using your enchantments. The medals go towards milestones to win rewards.

Play the Challenge

The Challenge is available to both browser and mobile players. When a Challenge is running, you will see the following icon in your game next to your player profile:

Elvenar Craftsman Challenge

Click on the icon to see an overview of how to gain medals, and how many medals it takes to reach each prize. Hover over the sacks of gold to see each prize description.

Elvenar Manufacturing Challenge

Earn Medals

Earning Medals is very easy. When you complete an action worth medals, medals are automatically added to your balance.

Win Rewards

The total number of Medals needed to complete the challenge is shown at the end of the progress bar, along with the Grand Prize. You can also earn prizes at milestones along the way.

When you reach a milestone, a pop-up will appear showing you what you’ve won.

The rewards which were available for the last Craftsman Challenge that ran on Beta were as follows:

270 Medals 810 Medals 1620 Medals 2970 Medals 5400 Medals
1x 1 Ancient Knowledge 1x 3 Ancient Knowledge 1x 7 Ancient Knowledge 1x 10 Ancient Knowledge 1x 15 Ancient Knowledge

Tips for Craftsman Challenge

Here are some tips to earn metals for the Craftsman Challenge:


Hold off casting enchantments until the event begins. Cast as many as you can afford, even several per building, they will stack and they will not go to waste!


Build several small level 1 Manufactories. Note there is no requirement that productions must be for your boosted good; any manufactory will do. Build the smallest type to fit more into the same space.

  • Elves
    • Planks
    • Marble
  • Humans
    • Marble

Prepare to earn as many Medals as you can by setting productions in advance. Set manufactories for 2 days or 1 day, depending on how far you are preparing in advance.

Production Medals Productions Required for 5400 Medals
3 hr 10 540
9 hr 20 270
1 day 40 135
2 day 60 90

Once the Challenge begins, set the shortest productions you can depending on how often you are able to play; the shorter the production time, the more Medals can be gained per hour.

~Good luck, and Happy Gaming!~