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The Constructs have arrived! Chapter XIV was released on beta on February 5th, and it’s coming to live worlds on February 18th.

Read below for a preview/summary of everything we can see about the Constructs so far with just some beginning pieces of research completed.

Check back often for updates! We will continue to add more details as we play more through the chapter and gather more players’ feedback.



Once you complete the first research of the chapter, “Port of the Central Island,” you will get two pop-up windows.

The first congratulates you for unlocking the portal, and the second officially welcomes you to the chapter, presenting 4 new portrait options.


Soon after the Amuni have left your town, a giant floating island appears above your town and stays there as if waiting for something to happen. At first, people are very scared and imagine how this island could destroy your town if it were to crash to the ground. Then mysterious beings appear, sent from the island. They seem to be friendly and introduce themselves as the Constructs. They call the Elvenar the High Men, who created the Constructs from of all kinds of materials. They see their creators in you and are at least as surprised about you not recognizing them as you are about their sudden appearance.

The Constructs were once developed by the “High Men” to make infertile land fertile again – a countermeasure to the rise of the Amuni. Unfortunately, this last creation wasn’t finished completely when the drought arrived in the cities of the High Men. The Constructs were created to be self-sustaining and ever-evolving, just following the orders of the High Men but ultimately leading independent lives. So when the drought took over and the Elvenar High Men were close to extinction, they sent the Constructs to the skies where they should safely evolve over time until, one day, when their construction would be auto-completed, they would come back down to Unur to start with the task they had been created for.

When the Constructs returned to Unur, there was only desert as far as they could see. Their creators were nowhere to be found – extinct or disappeared? This question remained unanswered. So, the Constructs, sad at heart but determined to fulfill their destiny, started to bring back fertility to Unur, silently hoping that once their work was done, their creators would return. However, no-one ever came. The years passed, Unur regained its fertility step by step, countless new types of flora and fauna surfaced on the land and the Constructs evolved and diversified even further. Still, none of the mighty races that lived on Unur before the big drought reappeared. So, the Constructs started to extend their search further, using their most evolved floating islands to look beyond the borders of Unur, and finally crossed the great ocean to find another continent – the continent you call Elvenar. When they arrived at your continent, they detected the desert that started growing out of your city and also life forms that resembled those of the High Men. Could they finally have found their creators?

Check out this video from Elvenar all about the Constructs chapter:


We get the third and final tier for Sentient Goods (S3 goods) this chapter.

Just like with previous chapters, we will unlock a production boost and want to build at least one manufactory for our standard boosted good type +1.

If your Standard Boost is: Your Sentient Boost will be:
Elixir Alloy Shrooms (Sentient Magic Dust)
Magic Dust Cosmic Bismuth (Sentient Gems)
Gems Silly Soap (Sentient Elixir)

You can get a head start by building and upgrading the manufactory type of your Sentient Boost, so that once you unlock the third tier upgrades, you can upgrade to level 24 right away and begin producing S3 goods.

Each Tier 3 Manufactory type is 5×5 at level 24.

Sentient goods will be required in larger quantity than Standard goods going forward, so you can afford to replace a Standard Tier 3 (T3) with your new S3, rather than add to your total number of Manufactories.

Keep in mind that producing sentient goods will require Divine Seeds. Depending on your current seeds output, supporting more than 1 may be difficult. With liberal use of the Magical Manufactoring enchantment, however, you can easily avoid needing to!

1 Sentient-boosted Manufactory
will be sufficient for the average player.

If you are one who likes to push higher production, and are already producing more than the average amount of seeds, then you might consider building 2.

3 will be difficult for the majority of players to afford in space, population and seeds.


As with every previous tier of Sentient Goods, our trader needs an upgrade for us to trade the new goods.

A fair amount of population and culture will be required. Upgrading the trader does not have any effect on the production of Divine Seeds. It will simply allow for the trading of S3 goods, and add an S3 wholesaler option once the production boost is unlocked.

There is no change to the size of the Trader when upgraded; it remains 5×5.


The settlement for the Constructs chapter includes:

  • 1 x Portal: D000-b “Core” (7×8 at level 1, and does not grow as it is upgraded)
  • 16 x Ports
    • 4 x D001-o “Engine” – 5×6
    • 4 x D002-l “Garden” – 7×4
    • 4 x D003-r “Assembly” – 6×4
    • 4 x D004-w “Zoo” – 4×5

The full settlement size then will come to 464 tiles / 18.6 Expansions, making it similar in size or smaller than recent chapters.

  • Amuni: 472 tiles / 18.9 expansions for full settlement based on quest requirements
  • Elementals: 456 tiles / 18.3 expansions for full settlement based on quest requirements.


It is a good idea to build the portal right after unlocking the research. This is because new this chapter, our portal not only stores goods, but it produces some as well. You will need the goods it produces in order to produce the other goods you need in the ports.

You will need some of your boosted S3 goods and some Divine Seeds in order to build the portal

Upgrading the portal will increase the production amount of the constructs, as well as add a production bonus to the ports and increase capacity for the research goods.


The ports can be built with Divine Seeds and your non-boosted S3 goods.

The Ports work like Set Buildings. There are no roads to connect Ports to the Portal; you connect them simply by placing them so that they make contact with either the Portal, or any other connected Port.

The more unique Port types each one makes contact with, the larger production boost you get, on top of any applicable Portal production boost.


The goods production for this chapter is very complex; more complex than any previous chapter.

So far, the most complex chapters have only involved 3 layers of goods.

  • Sorcerers & Dragons
    1. Apprentices were required to produce
    2. Undergraduates which were required to produce
    3. Research goods – Graduates
  • Elementals
    1. Minerals were required to build the production buildings which produced
    2. Artifacts which were needed to produce
    3. Research good – Elvenar Essence

There are 4 layers of goods in this chapter; 5 if you consider the layer within the layer of the “Constructs”:

  1. Constructs are required in order to produce the level 2 goods
    • “Basic” are required in order to produce the other types of constructs:
      • “Breeze”
      • “Blossom”
      • “Mechatron”
      • “Shepherd”
  2. Elvenarin, along with some constructs, is required to produce the level 3 goods, Nutrients.
  3. Nutrients, along with some more constructs, are required to produce the level 4 research goods.
    • Air Filters
    • Rain Jellyfish
    • Protein Bars
    • Electric Shocks
  4. Research Goods
    • Elvarium
    • Humanium
  • Portal upgrades require Elvarium and Humanium (in addition to Divine Seeds and S3 goods.)
  • Port upgrades require Elvenarin and Nutrients.


The portal produces “Constructs” in the way that units are trained in training buildings. You have a queue of 5 slots; you can choose which goods to fill those slots with.

The first good type, “Basic,” is needed in order to produce any of the other 4 types/colors. It is made from mana.

Start out producing lots of these! Once you have produced a good amount, then start producing some of each of the other types.

The production ratio for “Basic” to other is 1:1; you will need 140 “Basic” constructs in order to produce 140 of any other type.

Note that upgrading the portal will increase the number of Constructs you can produce in a one-hour production slot, but the production ratio remains 1:1 for basic to other at each level.

The portal boost from the Blooming Trader Guild Ancient Wonder, however, does apply, as seen in these images.


Each port produces Elvenarin, two of four types of Nutrients, and either Elvarium or Humanium.

  • “Engine”
    • Elvenarin
    • Electric Shocks, Rain Jellyfish
    • Humanium
  • “Garden”
    • Elvenarin
    • Protein Bars, Electric Shocks
    • Elvarium
  • “Assembly”
    • Elvenarin
    • Air Filters, Protein Bars
    • Humanium
  • “Zoo”
    • Elvenarin
    • Rain Jellyfish, Air Filters
    • Elvarium


Each port can receive up to a 250% link bonus, depending on how many other Port types it makes contact with. Hover over the link bonus icon at the top of any production window to see what bonus is applying.

It is possible to arrange the 16 Ports in a way where each and every one of them earns the maximum link bonus. The way you arrange the ports will have a significant impact on your ability to produce a great enough amount of goods to progress through the chapter at a reasonable rate.


Here are just a few of several ways the ports can be laid out to achieve the maximum link bonus on each building.

There are many other variations that follow along the same themes shown.

The portal is not included in these layouts for simplicity’s sake, but know that you can place it anywhere that touches at least one of any of the ports and it is 7×8.

  • = D001-o “Engine”
  • = D002-l “Garden”
  • = D003-r “Assembly”
  • = D004-w “Zoo”


Each of these layouts were created with Elven Architect. Use it to plan your own layout in your own city!

If you’d like a copy of your own city, don’t forget you can create one with the Magic Button!



The first research we complete unlocks the Portal. Then, we get to choose much earlier than usual if we’d like to upgrade manufactories, trader, or production boost.

The order you choose to research these may depend on how quickly you wish to get to the first upgrades. As with the Amuni chapter, even Magic Buildings cannot be upgraded until the technology is unlocked for the first upgrade level of the applicable building type.

  • Only the Trader must be researched to reach the Residence upgrades.
  • Only the Production Boost must be researched to reach the Workshop upgrade, or the Squad Size upgrade.
  • All 5 technologies must be researched in order to access Ports of the Production Islands.


Click each image to view larger.


Following the trend which began in Elementals and continued in Amuni, we see upgrade levels split into multiple technologies for even more building types:

  • Residences (2)
  • Workshops (2)
  • Guest Race Production Buildings (3)
  • Main Hall (2)


Luckily, the increased need for Divine Seeds that comes with now a third Sentient good Manufactory has been offset by the fact that none of the technologies this chapter will require Divine Seeds.

We also get some relief on Mana, also missing from the research requirements. This is helpful since we’ll need quite a bit to produce the Constructs.

Sentient goods are the only requirements for research this chapter, in addition of course to the Guest Race research goods, and in some rather decent quanities.

Chapter XIV –
KP Moonstone Platinum Tree Gum Obsidian Arcane Ink Royal Velvet Silly Soap Alloy Shrooms Cosmic Bismuth Humanium Elvarium
Port of the Central Island 100 20,000 25,000 28,000 22,000
Advanced Trader 3 81 26,000 20,000 30,000
Traditional Elixir Manufactory 70 28,000 31,000  
Goblins’ Magic Dust Manufactory 68 33,000 27,000
Core-Cracking Gems Manufactory 69 27,000 29,000
3rd Tier Sentient Production Boost 87 24,000 28,000 22,000
Evolved Residences 85 29,000 25,000
Ports of the Production Islands 65 23,000 28,000
Evolved Workshops 91 25,000 26,000
Squad Size Upgrade 48 57 30,000
A Gift, Tendrils and a Silo 65 23,000 10,000 12,000   100 150
Squad Size Upgrade 49 60 8,000 13,000 200
An Archive and some Fountains 73 22,000   100 200
Gruff Orc Warrior 55 28,000 14,000 200 200
Evolved Armory 91 28,000       150 250
First Upgrades of the Production 67 35,000 13,000 500 500
Evolved Main Hall 85 30,000 12,000 600 300
Squad Size Upgrade 50 49 28,000 300 400
Enigma Avenue 82 26,000 10,000 250 500
Blossom Princess 58 31,000 300 600
Second Upgrades of the Production 66 24,000 10,000 700 700
City Expansion 45 58 9,000 10,000 11,000 1,100 800
Final Upgrades of the Production 77 29,000 1,000 900
Evolved Training Grounds 83 30,000 800 1,100
Stones, a Bay and a Research Center 74 32,000 13,000 1,200 1,000
Evolved Workshops 2 88 26,000 12,000 1,700 1,300
Evolved Residences 2 93 32,000 14,000 1,200 1,800
Senior Orc Strategist 61 30,000 1,300 1,600
Sqaud Size Upgrade 51 52 34,000 1,800 1,000
An Aqueduct and a Spy 75 27,000 14,000 1,900 1,700
Evolved Main Hall 2 90 31,000 1,400 1,800
Ancient Wonders of the Amuni 120 18,000 20,000 23,000 2,000 2,000


Find out how much of the chapter your portal profit instants will help you complete.

Enter the quantity you have of each type of instant. Then click “calculate”

5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 33% 50% 100%



Total Value of Instants (In Both Humanium and Elvarium)
Level Capacity 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 33% 50% 100% TOTAL
lvl 1 270 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
lvl 2 690 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
lvl 3 1260 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
lvl 4 2200 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Research Costs: 18,800 Humanium & Elvarium
Upgrade Costs: 1,990 Humanium & Elvarium
TOTAL REQUIRED: 20,790 Humanium & Elvarium
Value of Portal Profits at level 4: 0 Humanium & Elvarium
Remaining: 0 Humanium & Elvarium


Each of the following building type upgrades are available during the Constructs chapter. Click each building type for more details.

  • 3rd Tier Manufactory upgrades
    • 4 new levels
    • Size change – grows to 5×5
  • Residences
    • 2 new levels
    • Separate technology for each level
    • Size and Shape change – becomes 5×3
  • Workshops
    • 2 new levels
    • Separate technology for each level
    • No size or shape change; remains 4×6
  • Main Hall
    • 2 new levels
    • Separate technology for each level
    • No new size or shape change


  • Military
    • Unit Upgrades
      • Gruff Orc Warrior
      • Blossom Princess
      • Senior Orc Strategist
    • Squad Sizes
      • 3 new squad size upgrades, with one optional
    • Armory
      • 2 new levels
      • Size and shape change – from 7×3 to 4×7
    • Training Ground​s
      • 4 new levels
    • No new Barracks or Mercenary Camp upgrades


Here are each of the new culture items the Constructs Chapter brings us.

Culture Buildings

Total Time
Per Sq
Per Hr
Total Per Sq Total Per Sq
A Promising Gift 1×4 4 730 9 20 910 228 350 88
Climbing Tendrils 2×1 2 300 15 10 1,040 520
D027-h “Archive” 3×4 12 7,600 633
Step Stones 1×2 2 1,160 580
Recharge Bay 3×1 3 1,050 6 58 450 150
D088-b “Aqueduct” 4×6 24 20,000 18 46 7,100 296
Premium Buildings
D310-a “Silo” 3,600 3×5 15 2,900 36 54 11,500 767
Dancing Fountains 960 4×1 4 4,200 12 88 1,170 293
D118-e “Research” 3,800 4×4 16 12,400 775 11,500 719
C034-a “Spy” 240 1×1 1 1,300 1,300 950 950


Constructs Chapter (XIV)
Quest NameQuest RequirementCan Decline?Reward
1A shadow in the skyProduce 20 Simple ToolsNo20,000
2A shadow in the skyDeliver 20,000 Divine SeedsNo1x 10
3A shadow in the skyTrain a mighty amount of UnitsNo2,000
4A shadow in the skyBuy 3 Knowledge PointsNo10% 1x
5A shadow in the skyCollect 8,000,000 CoinsNo1x
6A shadow in the skyUnlock the Port of the Central IslandNo1x 5
7A shadow in the skySpend 5 Knowledge PointsNo2x
8A shadow in the skyCollect 10,000 Elixir
Collect 10,000 Magic Dust
Collect 10,000 Gems
No2x 2 hours
9Landing DifficultiesHave a [T3 Boost+1 ] Manufactory at level 4 or higherNo2x 5 hours
10Landing DifficultiesHave a [T3 Boost+1 ] Manufactory at level 8 or higher
Gain 8 Relics
No2x 8 hours
11Landing DifficultiesHave a [T3 Boost+1 ] Manufactory at level 12 or higher
Unlock Advanced Trader 3
No2x 14 hours
12Landing DifficultiesUpgrade your Trader to level 5
Place 5 Trade Offers
Accept 5 Trade Offers
13Landing DifficultiesCollect 15,000 Seeds
Collect 20,000 Elixir
14Landing DifficultiesHave a [T3 Boost+1 ] Manufactory at level 16 or higher
Research Traditional Elixir Manufactory Upgrades
No2x 20 hours
15Landing DifficultiesGain 4,000 Orcs
Collect 20,000 Magic Dust
16Landing DifficultiesHave a [T3 Boost+1 ] Manufactory at level 20 or higher
Research Goblins' Magic Dust Manufactory Upgrades
No2x 20 hours
17Landing DifficultiesGain 100,000 Mana
Collect 20,000 Gems
18Landing DifficultiesResearch Core Cracking Gems ManufactoryNo2x
19A lesson in historyHave a [T3 Boost+1 ] Manufactory at level 24 or higher
Research Sentient Good Production Boost
20A lesson in historyBuild a port for D000-b "Core"No1x
21A lesson in historyCollect 1,000 C001-f "Basic"No200
22A lesson in historyCollect 400 c724-d "Breeze"
Collect 400 c331-m "Blossom"
23A lesson in historyCollect 400 C408-b "Mechatron"
Collect 400 C259-h "Shepherd"
24The Society of the ConstructsUnlock the Ports of the Production IslandsNo1x 5
25The Society of the ConstructsGain 10,000 Silly Soap
Gain 10,000 Alloy Shrooms
Gain 10,000 Cosmic Bismuth
26The Society of the ConstructsBuild a port for D001-o "Engine"
Build a port for D003-r "Assembly"
No2x 2 hours
27The Society of the ConstructsBuild a port for D002-l "Garden"
Build a port for D004-w "Zoo"
28The Society of the ConstructsProduce 50,000 Elvenarian
Collect 1,500 C001-f "Basic"
Have 8 Ports for Production Islands
29The Society of the ConstructsUnlock Evolved Residences
Unlock Evolved Workshops
No2x 5 hours
30The Society of the ConstructsHave 8 Residences level 32
Have 4 Workshops level 32
Have 12 Ports for Production Islands
No1x 15
31The Society of the ConstructsProduce 750 Air FiltersNo200
32The Society of the ConstructsProduct 520 Electric ShocksNo200
33The Society of the ConstructsProduct 670 Rain JellyfishNo200
34The Society of the ConstructsProduct 600 Protein BarsNo200
35The Society of the ConstructsCollect 100 Humanium
Collect 100 Elvarium
36A visit to the Central IslandHave 16 Ports for Production Islands
Upgrade D000-b "Core" to level 2
No2x 8 hours
37A visit to the Central IslandProduct Basket of Groceries 5 timesNo1x 10
38A visit to the Central IslandSpend 50 Knowledge PointsNo2x
39A visit to the Central IslandGain 20,000 Gems
Gain 20,000 Cosmic Bismuth
40A visit to the Central IslandUnlock the First Upgrades of the Production IslandsNo500
41A visit to the Central IslandHave 4 Production Islands at level 2No1x 20 hours
42A visit to the Central IslandScout 1 Province No3x 2 hours
43A visit to the Central IslandProduce Advanced Tools 10 timesNo1x 5
44A visit to the Central IslandGain 80,000 ManaNo5,000
45A visit to the Central IslandCollect 400 Humanium
Collect 400 Elvarium
46A visit to the Central IslandUnlock Evolved Main HallNo30,000
47Fear of contactUpgrade your Main Hall to level 32No40,000
48Fear of contactUnlock the Blossom Princess
Train 5,000 Gruff Orc Warriors
Train 3,000 Blossom Princesses
Yes5,000 Gruff Orc Warriors
3,000 Blossom Princess
49Fear of contactScout 1 Province
Solve 4 encounters
Yes1x 20
50Fear of contactHave 30 Enigma AvenuesNo3x
51Fear of contactUpgrade D000-b "Core" to level 3No3x
52Fear of contactUnlock the Second Upgrades of the Production IslandsNo1x
53Fear of contactHave 8 Production Islands at level 3No4x 1 hour
54Fear of contactHave 16 Production Islands at level 3No4,000
55Fear of contactHave 1 Step Stones
Have 1 Recharge Bay
56The origin of prejudiceUpgrade D000-b "Core" to level 4
Collect 5,000 C001-f "Basic"
No1x 10
57The origin of prejudiceProduce 200,000 Elvenarin
Spend 30 Knowledge Points
No1x 25%
58The origin of prejudiceCollect 20,000,000 Coins
Unlock the Final Upgrades of the Production Islands
No1x 14 hours
59The origin of prejudiceGain 20 Relics
Collect 500 Elvarium
60The origin of prejudiceCollect 20,000 Divine Seeds
Have 4 Production Islands at level 4
No1x 25%
61The origin of prejudiceGain 2,000,000 Supplies
Collect 500 Humanium
62The origin of prejudiceCollect 200,000 Mana
Have 8 Production Islands at level 4
No3x 3
63The origin of prejudiceHave six Manufactories at level 25 or higherNo1 Building (1x1) Butterfly Shrub
64The origin of prejudiceHave 12 Production Islands at level 4No4x
65Attempt of an approachScout 1 Province
Buy 5 Knowledge Points
66Attempt of an approachUnlock Evolved Workshops 2
Have at least 1 Workshop at level 33
67Attempt of an approachUnlock Evolved Residences 2
Have at least 1 Residence at level 33
68Attempt of an approachPlace 10 Trade Offers
Accept 10 Trade Offers
69Attempt of an approachUnlock the Senior Orc Strategist
Solve 4 encounters
No5,000 Gruff Orc Warrior
3,000 Blossom Princess
5,000 Senior Orc Strategist
70Attempt of an approachHave 1 D288-b "Aqueduct"
Gain "Inspiring Meditation" Enchantment 2 times
71Attempt of an approachUpgrade your Main Hall to Level 33
Deliver 1,000,000 Supplies
72The Destiny of Humans and ElvesGive Neighborly Help 25 timesNo25x 3 minutes
73The Destiny of Humans and ElvesDeliver 200,000 Elvenarin
Deliver 20,000 Divine Seeds
74The Destiny of Humans and ElvesDeliver 5,000 C724-d "Breeze"
Deliver 5,000 C408-b "Mechatron"
No5x 45 minutes
75The Destiny of Humans and ElvesDeliver 5000 C331-m "Blossom"
Deliver 5000 C259-h "Shepherd"
No1x 15
76The Destiny of Humans and ElvesUnlock the Ancient Wonders of the ConstructsNo1x 40 hours
77The Destiny of Humans and ElvesSell the Port of D000-b "Core"No200
78The Destiny of Humans and ElvesInvest 100 Knowledge Points in an Ancient Wonder of another playerNo1x 10
79The Destiny of Humans and ElvesScout 1 ProvinceNo1x


The two new Ancient Wonders for the chapter are:

  • D111-a “Timewarp”
    • Enhances Sentient Relic boost (like Mountain Halls for Standard goods)
    • Reduces amount of time between tournament rounds
  • D222-z “Simia Sapien”
    • Reduces Sentient good Decay
    • Boosts Unit Production



We hope you enjoyed this preview of the Constructs chapter! Stay tuned for the full guide to come!

We’ll also continue to update more here as we play through the chapter and gather feedback about it from other players,so check back often!

~Happy Gaming~



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