Grand Prizes

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Grand Prizes
Carnival Event

The ‘Grand Prizes’ work differently in this event compared to events in the past.

The first difference noticeable right away is that it takes fewer currencies, flags in this case, for each one, and there are different types; they are not all unique to the event theme.



Every 20 flags earns another grand prize building.

The screen will update with each flag you earn to show your progress towards the next building.

The grand prizes are a mix of set buildings and expiring buildings. A different set building is offered as every other choice among a rotation of:

After all 5 set buildings are obtained, the buildings would continue to be offered for as many as a player can earn, in the order shown above, alternating between the two groups of four.


Banquet – #1 – 20 total Flags

  • Adds culture
  • Produces supplies every 24 hours.
  • Produces a Knowledge Point and a Broken Shard with high enough link bonus.


Festive Fireworks – #2 – 60 total Flags

  • Adds culture
  • Produces coins every 24 hours.

Festive Fireworks

Revelers Fountain – #3 – 100 total Flags

  • Adds Culture
  • Produces Supplies / 3rd Tier Goods / Mana every 24 hours.

Revelers Fountain

Marching Band – #4 – 140 total Flags

  • Adds culture
  • Produces Supplies / 3rd Tier Goods / Mana / Seeds every 24 hours.


Jesters Tavern – #5 – 180 total Flags

  • Adds culture
  • Produces 3rd Tier Goods
  • Produces Knowledge Point with high enough link bonus

Jesters Tavern

The prize that you receive is based on the chapter you are in when it is placed into your inventory.

You MUST complete the
first research of a chapter
in order to be considered as
being “in” that chapter!

Once you’ve accepted the prize into your inventory, its value will not change. This is still true even if you have not yet placed it in your city.

For more details about benefits offered by each building by chapter, be sure to check out the Set Buildings page.


***NOTE: The candy rewards for later quests were updated just prior to the live release on 2/22. This page DOES now reflect these updates.***

We are never guaranteed to receive all of the grand prizes or set buildings during any event, even if we finish all of the quests.


It is usual and expected that a high degree of luck and/or purchasing extra event currencies is needed in order to win every grand prize. Or, since the addition of ‘double days’ to the more recent events, we needed to adjust our strategy and spend most of our currencies on these days, limiting our chances to try for our favorite daily exclusive prizes.

While it is still true for this event that there is no guarantee to win all 5 set buildings, it appears more in players’ favor than usual. It is easier this event for players to be able to win all of the set buildings without having to adjust their strategy for double days, or purchase additional event currency.

That’s not to say, however, that it will be easy; it will still be quite challenging and require focus and daily playing to win all 5.


180 total flags are needed to obtain all 5 set buildings. When including the probability of winning more flags, and the price of each chest choice, we arrive at an average cost per flag of 19 candies.

From there we can calculate the number of candies required to afford enough flags to win all 5 set buildings.


When we examine how many candies it is possible to obtain, we can see we don’t get quite enough from the quests and a modest daily pickup rate alone.

Modest daily pickup assumption; assumes 12 per day.

Picking up many extra candies from around our city will be key to being able to obtain enough.

High daily pickup assumption; assumes 24 per day.


It can be considered likely to win all 5 set buildings without investing in extra currencies, but it will require:

  • Completing all sequential and daily quests.
  • Having at least average luck in winning extra candies from event chests.
  • Collecting 16-18 candies consistently each day from around your city, where at least 4-6 of them pay 2 or 3 candies.


Once you log in to your city after the event starts, candy will begin dropping at an average rate of 1 per hour.

6 is the most that can accumulate at once, however. Candies will continue to drop hourly, but only the most recent 6 will remain for collection.

If you are regularly collecting the candies, and never letting them max out at 6, you can collect quite a lot in a single day.

16-18 is a rather high goal, but not unreasonable; 3 times per day. Once right away in the morning, and then twice more 6 and 12 hours later.

1, 2, or 3 candies can be collected from each one, but of course receiving only 1 is far more frequent.


As with previous events, an offer is presented early on in the event to purchase a special building that will add 1 Candy for each time you collect one from around the city.

Event Outpost - 2x2
Chapter / Other
TotalPer Tile
1 22055+1 Event Currency
with each collection
from around the city
2 25063
3 31078
4 35088
5 400100
6 500125
7 630158
8 760190
9 1440360
10 1,760440
11 2,200550
12 2,600650
13 3,200800
14 3,900975


It has been stated there will not be any double days this event. This is great news! This means that we no longer have to feel limited in choosing between the daily prize we really want, or saving up for double days to have a better chance at the grand prizes.

Our chances are the same regardless of which days we choose to spend the most candies on, so we can spend them on the days we like the daily prize the most, without hurting our chances at more grand prizes.



Overview Set Buildings Sequential Quests Daily Quests Quests by Chapter Grand Prizes Daily Prizes