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All About
Carnival Event

The Elvenar event, “Carnival” runs on beta from February 6, 2019 through February 26th, 2019.

It has now been announced that it will begin on live worlds February 22, 2019.


Check out this page for more tips and tricks:


Dear Humans and Elves,

It seems your city is getting restless. Halflings are picking the first fruits of the year and start running around with them, sorcerers are conjuring up all kinds of fireworks and here and there, an occasional Orc is busy building stages. Once you start investigating the source of all this hassle, it becomes clear what causes it: Carnival is about to start!

Check out this video from Elvenar about the event:


“Carnival” quest event is similar to the Winter Magic event we had this past winter.

Just like with other large events, we have two quest lines:

  • The top quest giver offers the sequential quests; you can complete these as fast as you can to earn Candies. See the full list here

  • The second quest giver offers the daily quests. One new quest is presented each day. There is no time limit to complete it, but you can’t get more than 1 new quest per day. Earn 35 Candies for each one completed. See the full list here


We can also collect additional Candies from around the city. We can earn 1, 2, or 3 additional candies for each one we click.


Candies can be found around your city in the same locations that Neighborly Help Reward Chests appear.

The following map from Mykan’s guide shows the possible locations where they can appear:


We spend Candies by investing them into chests for a chance of one of several prizes, and to earn “Flags” towards the grand prizes.


There are a total of 9 chests, and 3 are presented at a time. Each time you open a chest, they spin, and 3 new chests are presented.

Event Window

There is not a set ratio of candies to flags; each chest gives a different amount of Flags per Candies.

This may make a difference in which chests to choose. Some pay very good Flags per Candies, some do not, but offer higher chances at other great prizes.


***NOTE: The candy prices for some chests were updated early in the day on 2/19. This page DOES reflect these updates.***

The ‘best’ choice for each player will depend on their goals, and which items they want to win the most.

GoalBest Chest
Lowest CostDark Wood, Light Wood, Green
Daily PrizePurple, Green, Bronze, Blue
Coin InstantsBronze
Supply InstantsOrange
Time InstantsLight Wood
Portal ProfitsSea Green
FlagsDark Wood, Purple

The following chart shows cost per single item in Candies, when considering both the probability of winning each item, including extra Candies, and the cost per attempt.

The lower the value/cost, the better choice it is.

ChestsCostCandy per (lower = better)
ChestActualAdj.FlagDaily Exclusive1% Coins1% Supplies1h Speed Boost1% Portal Profit1 KP1 RS
Light wood202020.0400.0 7.65.6   
Dark wood2416.516.5330.04.1    36.7
Bronze232323.0230.01.8    57.5
Green252222.0220.0 8.8  7.3 
Blue473718.5246.72.8   7.0 
Sea Green483819.0760.09.5  8.4  
Gold/Orange483316.5330.0 7.4 16.5  
Red473718.5246.72.8 11.7   
Purple715117.0170.05.2  11.3  


Click the name of any treasure chest for more details.

  • Best choice for time instants.
  • 2nd worst choice for daily exclusive prizes.
  • Best choice for Rune Shards.
  • Mediocre choice for daily exclusive prizes.
  • Best choice for Coin Instants.
  • 3rd best for daily exclusive prize.
  • Worst choice for Flag/Grand Prizes.
  • Worst choice for supplies instants.
  • 2nd best choice for daily exclusive prizes.
  • Mediocre choice for flag/grand prizes.
  • Best choice for KP.
  • Decent choice for daily exclusive prize.
  • 2nd best choice for coin instants.
  • Worst choice for daily exclusive prize.
  • Best choice for portal profit instants.
  • Worst choice for coin instants.
  • Best choice for supply instants.
  • Worst choice for portal profit instants.
  • 3rd best choice for flag/grand prizes.
  • Worst choice for time reduction instants.
  • Decent choice for daily exclusive prize.
  • Second best choice for coin instants.
  • Best choice for daily exclusive prize.
  • 2nd best choice for flags/grand prizes.
  • 2nd best choice for portal profit instants.


Listed below are each of the other new buildings that will be offered on various days throughout the event as the daily exclusive prize.

Buildings in addition to those listed here may also be offered, including repeats from previous events as this is not uncommon, but included here are only those buildings introduced for the first time during this event.

The prize that you receive is based on the chapter you are in when it is placed into your inventory.

You MUST complete the
first research of a chapter
in order to be considered as
being “in” that chapter!

Once you’ve accepted the prize into your inventory, its value will not change. This is still true even if you have not yet placed it in your city.





Event Outpost - 2x2
Chapter / Other
TotalPer Tile
1 22055+1 Event Currency
with each collection
from around the city
2 25063
3 31078
4 35088
5 400100
6 500125
7 630158
8 760190
9 1440360
10 1,760440
11 2,200550
12 2,600650
13 3,200800
14 3,900975



Overview Set Buildings Sequential Quests Daily Quests Quests by Chapter Grand Prizes Daily Prizes