Elvarian Carnival 2020 Grand Prizes

Elvenar Carnival 2020 Elvenar Carnival 2020 Elvenar Carnival 2020 Elvenar Carnival 2020 Elvenar Carnival 2020 Elvenar Carnival 2020 Elvenar Carnival 2020
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Grand PrizesElvenar

The Grand Prize mechanics are similar to those of recent events.

We can win various expiring buildings and Valentines Artifacts, which can be used to evolve the Valentine Float building to more powerful stages. Learn more about the buildings on the Evolving Buildings page.



As Chests are opened, flags begin filling in the Garland. Once the Garland is complete (every 20 flags) a Grand Prize is earned.

You can also see the next couple of prizes queued up; once the first Grand Prize is won, the next available prize will be the first of the two displayed beneath “Next.”

The grand prizes are a mix of Valentines Artifacts and expiring buildings. A Valentine Artifact is offered as every other prize among a rotation of:

Click any building for more details.



The rotation repeats for as many grand prizes as a player can win. Similar to previous events, after enough artifacts are won to fully evovle the evolving building, an additional Valentine Float building will appear in the rotation.

The prize that you receive is based on the chapter you are in when it is placed into your inventory.

You MUST complete the
first research of a chapter
in order to be considered as
being “in” that chapter!

Once you’ve accepted the prize into your inventory, its value will not change. This is still true even if you have not yet placed it in your city.

For more details about benefits offered by each building by stage and by chapter, be sure to check out the Evolving Buildings page.



How many artifacts can be won?

Update 1/31/20: From the forum announcement: “We are making a change to the Elvarian Carnival quests on Beta today: we will, for this event, not use the randomized quests. Instead, we will be using a questline that will be the same for all players, as we have done previously. We are making this change because of both feedback that we’ve received from the community during past events, as well as data that we have for these.”

Update 1/31/20: The information below has now been updated to account for the changes which took place on beta today.

It is never guaranteed or even intended for players to receive all of the rewards available. There are always some elements of strategy and luck involved.


The average player with average luck who completes all quests will be able to expect to win about 7 Valentines Artifacts for a stage 8 Valentine Float. More than this will require some or all of the following:

  • Above average daily collections around the city
  • Above average luck in winning additional Candies when opening chests
  • Always choosing the chest with the lowest cost of candy per flag of the options presented
  • Investing in additional event currencies

The average player who completes
all quests will win approximately
7 Valentines Artifacts

Additional artifacts may be offered in future events. If historical trends continue, we may be able to look forward to an opportunity to win up to 2 more Valentines Artifacts in the next Fellowship Adventure that occurs following the event.


Adding all of the Candies that will be available in quests and from around the city, we can estimate how many Artifacts we can expect to be able to win if we complete all of the quests.

Modest daily pickup assumption; assumes 18 per day.


The first artifact costs 20 Flags, and then each additional costs 40; 20 for the next expiring building in the rotation, and then 20 for the next artifact.

When we examine the costs of each chest, the Flags paid, and then adjust for the probability of winning some extra Candies as a chest prize, we find the average cost of a single Flag is approximately 22.9 Candies.

From there we can calculate how many grand prizes we can win without any bonus quests, and then estimate how many bonus quests would need to be completed in order to win more.

First, we find how many Flags will be earned on average with the total candies available:

Then we can divide that number by the cost of each Grand Prize in Flags:

Last, we divide the total number of Grand Prizes by 2, since only every other Grand Prize is an Artifact, but round up since the first one offered is an Artifact.

Of course, all of this is based purely on averages and some precision is lost when rounding. It is possible some players could have better or worse luck turning Candies into Artifacts.


Once you log in to your city after the event starts, Candies will begin dropping at an average rate of 1 per hour.

6 is the most that can accumulate at once, however. Candies will continue to drop hourly, but only the most recent 6 will remain for collection.

If you are regularly collecting them, and never letting them max out at 6, you can collect quite a lot in a single day.

16-18 is a rather high goal, but not unreasonable. It only takes 3 times per day; Once right away in the morning, and then twice more 6 and 12 hours later.

1, 2, or 3 Candies can be collected from each one, but of course receiving only 1 is far more frequent.



Elvenar Carnival 2020 Elvenar Carnival 2020 Elvenar Carnival 2020 Elvenar Carnival 2020 Elvenar Carnival 2020 Elvenar Carnival 2020 Elvenar Carnival 2020
Overview Chest Options Evolving Building Quests Daily Quests Grand Prizes Daily Prizes
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