Almost here: Spire of Eternity!

The Spire of Eternity is arriving soon on live worlds!

The Spire of Eternity will be available each week from Sunday through Friday.

It will arrive to live worlds for the first time however on Monday, August 26th, and last through Saturday, August 31st.

Play the Spire!

The Spire is available on both browser and mobile to all players who are in chapter III or later.

Enter the Spire by clicking on the Spire building in your city.

Complete a series of encounters through negotiation or battle. Each one offers one prize out of a few possibilities, the % chance for winning each one is listed.

Spire Encounters

There are a total of 48 encounters with each weekly Spire:

  • There are 3 levels
  • Each level has 4 stages
  • Each stage has 4 Encounters

For each encounter, you will need to get past the guard to win the loot in the treasure chest. You can choose to battle, or attempt to convince the spirits through Diplomacy.

Magic Barriers

After each stage, you will have to pass a Magic Barrier, which will take some time. If you do not want to wait for the countdown timer, however, you can use diamonds or Speed Boosts.




Some of the battles are rather difficult; there are 2 waves to defeat with the same 5 squads of the units you choose.

After the first wave, the units you haven’t lost yet will go into the next wave to defeat the next set of enemies.


Not up for battle? Try convincing the spirits to give you the reward, instead!

In the new diplomacy mini-game, you will need to use logic of process of elimination to figure out which spirits need which items.

You will get three turns to guess which spirit needs which resource with each Diplomacy attempt.

You can choose which resources to offer, and then the spirits will tell you if the item was the one they needed, if it’s needed by someone else, or if nobody needs the item.

Mystery Chests

Each time you solve an encounter, there is a chance that a mystery chest could appear!

Rare, Epic, or Legendary chests can appear anywhere within the current spire level. Click it to receive its prizes!

Once one appears, you will also have a new indicator appear on the screen, which you can click to be directed to the chest. It will show you how many chests you still have to collect (if there is more than 1.)



New Buildings!

Click here to see details for all the new buildings you can win in the Spire of Eternity!

There are several new buildings that can be won in the Spire:

  • Dwarven Armorer: adds culture and increases unit health by 50%!
  • Trading Station: adds culture and portal profit instants!
  • Genie: adds culture and a mystery prize!
  • Moonstone Library Set: adds culture, and many other great resources including Spell Fragments and Combining Catalysts!

Check out this video from Elvenar all about the Spire of Eternity: